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How to Change Blizzard Name Completely?

Blizzard is world known for critically acclaimed games. They create epic entertainment experiences for all its members.

No matter where you located are or who you are, you can become a member. Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Embraces 8 core values that show in players’ actions every day. These core values are:

  • Gameplay First
  • Commit to Quality
  • Play Nice; Play Fair
  • Embrace Your inner Greek
  • Every voice matters Learn and Grow
  • Think Globally
  • Lead Responsibility.

Change Blizzard Name

How to change the blizzard name completely?

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This website is a gaming service platform that is used to purchase and play from Blizzard’s broad library of games. Moreover, Blizzard embraces multiplayer gaming and features social chats.

A player has to use a gamer tag, which is called a BattleTag. This battle tag helps to identify your Blizzard account in games, website, and community forums and you can be found online easily.

Just one BattleTag can be linked with a Blizzard account. For BattleTag, you can select any name you want according to the naming rules given by Blizzard and you don’t have to be exclusive because every BattleTag is allocated a numeric ID, which automatically creates a unique identity.

Furthermore, if you want to change your BattleTag, Blizzard allows you once for free and again you will be charged a fee for this, which is currently $10 per BattleTag change on the Blizzard Entertainment platform.

BattleTag naming rules by Blizzard

Blizzard provides you a lot of free will when generating your name, but when you decide to change your BattleTag, you need to pursue these conventions:

  • Your BattleTag must contain 3-12 characters.
  • The numbers allowed but you can’t start a name with a number.
  • You have no permission to use any spaces and special symbols.

battletag required to change

  • Your changed BattleTag should follow the online code of conduct given by Blizzard that is you should prohibit rude and offensive language.

Therefore, to change your BattleTag either for free or at cost, you need to open a web browser go to your Blizzard account settings, and in your account details find settings for the BattleTag.

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How to change your Blizzard name on a PC?

  • Open your web browsers go to the Blizzard website.

username and password

  • You will find “My Account” at the top right-hand corner of the page, then log in with your Battle.net credentials.
  • Click on your BattleTag at the right-hand corner on top of the page.

Change Blizzard Name

  • There is a dropdown menu, go to the “Account Settings.”
  • Choose “Account Details”, you find in the navigation pane on the left side of the page.
  • Click “Update”, in the BattleTag menu of the main page.

Change Blizzard Name

  • Then here you can enter new BatteTag and select or click on “Change Your BattleTag.”
  • If you are changing your BattleTag the first time, then the change will appear instantly.
  • And if you’ve at least once, previously changed your name, now you will need to pay a changing fee for a new BattleTag to proceed.

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From the Blizzard shop, you can buy a BattleTag change service, which takes 24 hours for processing.

  • After completing your purchase, you can now go to the Blizzard Account Management and complete the process of BattleTag changing as this change is not giftable.

Now people can see or identify you with your new BattleTag name. Your new BatteTag must need to follow the BattleTag naming policy and code of conduct provided by Blizzard.

Those who violate these policies will have changed by customer service itself and your fee for BattleTag change will not be refunded.

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