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How to Remove Avast’s Signature from Gmail?

Desktop protection, application security, firewall, obviously a pro, anti-spyware, and even anti-spam are all included in Avast antivirus.

Antivirus Avast software is among the several commonly used antivirus applications on the platform, which means it fully defends your computer from malicious digital media.

Even if you have antivirus Avast downloaded on your computer, it has a “Mail Protection Feature” that searches your email address regularly for malware or spam scams.

Once Antivirus software identifies this form of message in your Email address, it automatically blocks it. With your records, we can notify you which Avast software also hides a few of your Gmail user’s account varying durations.

When technology advances, do violent threats indeed, finding it essential to protect your machine or computer with a powerful virus protection tool including Avast, which can protect your computer against viruses as well as other possible threats.

Avast is one of the most widely used antivirus programmers, but it is downloaded on almost every computer for the simple reason that it is secure.

It is, like all free stuff, has a price tag. Avast also recently modified its email to include a footer notice which you can submit, also recognized as just an Avast address book. This functionality is also formed by design, and you’ll have it whether you want it or never.

What is the meaning of an email signature?

Remove Avast's Signature from Gmail

The signature frame, also known as an email signature, is a unique text sequence applied to a bottom of even an email address.

An email signature is a sequence of code that displays at the bottom of an email address immediately. It’s being used to give people your contact details, including your username, job description, phone number, and email account.

Dlete the Avast Email Signature from emails

Remove Avast's Signature from Gmail

Unless you’re an Avast customer who chooses to delete the Avast signature from your Email address, the details below will help you.

To disable the Avast email message in Gmail and any other mailbox browser, read the directions below, which differ mainly depending on the Avast antivirus edition you’re utilizing.

Phase 1

  • Throughout the device toolbar, right-click that Avast button and select “Enable Avast customer interface.”

Remove Avast's Signature from Gmail

Phase 2

  • From the upper-right edge choose Menu, instead of Settings.
  • If users can’t find Menu, look for a shift or cog symbol in the options.

3rd Phase

  • Make sure you’re throughout the General tab also on the left.
  • Manually uninstall “Allow Avast email signature” throughout the environment.

Remove Avast's Signature from Gmail

Phase 4

  • The exit icon the setup, press the OK icon.
  • Reboot both your email programmed and that internet browser.
  • Your incoming emails must no longer include the Avast email signature.

(Outdated Version)

Disable Avast (Outdated Version) via Gmail:

If you need an earlier version of its Avast antivirus programmed downloaded on your device, you must delete Avast via Gmail using the following procedures.

  • To begin opens the Avast antivirus software on your computer.
  • Go over to the “Menu bar,” then.
  • Then, under that same Avast Options Menu, move to either the “Active Security Section.”

Remove Avast's Signature from Gmail

  • Then, go to the Email Protector Button and select the “Customize” feature, which appears next to it.
  • While clicking the modify button, go over to the edge of that program’s screen and click the “Action Tab,” instead, check the box button that says “Upload notice into another clear text (Outgoing).”

That Avast signature will also no longer be attached to the incoming emails now that you’ve deleted this function. It will permanently delete the Avast email message.

(latest edition)

If you have the most recent edition of Avast downloaded on your device and decided to uninstall Avast via Gmail, follow the instructions below:

  • To begin, you must first launch the Avast antivirus software.

Remove Avast's Signature from Gmail

  • Then, find and press the “Settings” list; instead, pick the General section, which appears at the edge of the Avast options menu.
  • You should also see a choice called “Activate Avast message signature,” which you should unselect.
  • But after, press the “OK” icon before restarting your device.


Since the Avast address signature serves as just a commercial for the application, it’s best to disable it permanently. But if you implemented the instructions correctly, Avast would no longer require the address.

This setup can be customized for either input and output emails. If you’re still having trouble removing Avast via Gmail, give a call; they have such a team of professionals ready to help in resolving the query.

Antivirus applications like Avast’s automatic email signatures are sometimes highly irritating. But do you agree that taking a trustworthy email signature will improve the message response level while also supporting your product?

Individuals can generate their custom professional email signature within only 5 minutes using our secure email signature creator. That’s only five minutes to advertise your company for every email they receive.


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