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How to Root My Android Phone? What is Root?

While your Android isn’t in a similar kind of prison an iPhone lives in, rooting can assist you with breaking out.

It is an undeniable fact that if you have ever searched anything about Android on the internet, you would have seen and read about rooting it for sure. Root My Android Phone.

There was a time when a lot of Android smartphones were unable to live up to their potential, and the only solution was to root them.

There was horrible software, applications that you would never utilize ran amok, and wasted a lot of your data and battery life as well. The experience was overall very bad.

The reasons are that every Android phone is running the Linux kernel and middleware that is very similar to a Linux distribution that you would install on a computer, rooting them was the only way to allow all the users to try and fix them on their own.

If any guy doesn’t know what rooting is, let me tell you about it.

What is Root?

Root My Android Phone

Just like we are users, the root is the superuser. Let me explain that to you.

Just like I mentioned above that your android phone uses Linux permissions and file system ownership as well.

When you sign in, you are a user and then you are allowed to do certain things based on user permissions for you.

Applications you install are also provided a type of user ID, and those apps have permission to do certain things to your smartphone.

To root of my android phone without a PC is also a user. The only difference is that the root user, which is a superuser, has the permission and power to do anything to any file that is located anywhere in the system.

Permission to do anything includes everything that you want to do, like if you want to uninstall an application that is forced on us or things that you don’t want to do which can put your Android smartphone in an unusable and unstable state.

When you get to do things with superuser permission, you have the power to do anything you want.

Root My Android Phone

Whenever you root my android phone with pc, you are just simply adding a typical Linux function that was removed before.

A small file that is named su is placed in your system that giver permissions so that another user can run it easily.

The file named su stands for ‘Switch User’. If you run this file without any other restrictions, it will switch all your credentials and permissions from a standard user to that of a superuser that I explained before.

After this happens, you will be in complete control and you will be able to add anything, remove anything, and access some functions on your Android phone or tablet that you couldn’t reach ever before.

All of this knowledge is very important, think of it as it is something that you should consider carefully before you begin with the procedure of rooting your android smartphone.

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How to Root Your Android Phone?

Root My Android Phone

The procedure of rooting your android phone depends on which Android phone you are having.

As you guys know that there are more than 12,000 different types of Android smartphone models from a lot of different manufacturers.

Almost all of those android smartphones have been designed to be hard to root.

This is only because if it was easy for you guys to root your smartphones when you want extra access, it may be also very easy for another person to root out your smartphone and get the same access to your smartphone.

This is why only for your security, these phones are a little tricky and hard to root.

There are some models of Android smartphones that are specifically hardened to prevent any unauthorized access (this means rooting as well), such as the BlackBerry KEY2, and on the other hand, we have some smartphone models that are designed to be safely and easily unlocked for full access, such as the Google Pixel 4.

As I have already mentioned that there are more than 12,000 different Android smartphone models, I cannot cover rooting methods for every single model.

This is why I will be covering up the rooting method for only some of the most used, most bought, and the most common types of Android smartphone models.

Make sure that you activate USB debugging mode and Install Apps from Unknown Sources on your smartphone.

Using iRoot for Computer

Root My Android Phone

This is one of the best and simplest methods that you guys can apply for rooting your android smartphone. There is no doubt that iRoot is one of the most popular root software available on the internet.

iRoot software is available for everyone in 2 different versions, one of them is for PC and the other is a one-tap Android app version.


  • Download, install, and open iRoot PC Client on your PC.

Root My Android Phone

  • Connect your android smartphone to your computer through a USB cable.
  • Click on Connect Device on the screen of your computer

Root My Android Phone

  • Install the driver for the specific model of your smartphone.
  • Once your smartphone is detected successfully, click on Root to begin the rooting procedure.
  • Your smartphone will prompt you to restart after getting rooted successfully.

Using KingoRoot for Computer

Root My Android Phone By kingroot

This is another popular and free rooting software for all Android smartphones. KingoRoot is also capable of one-click rooting too.

KingoRoot software has a high success rate for rooting for Android versions from 2.3 up to 7.0. But for version 8 and above, it is quite difficult then.


  • Download, install and open KingoRoot software on your PC.

Root My Android Phone

  • Connect your Android smartphone to your computer through a USB cable.
  • Click on the Connect device option on the screen of your computer
  • Once your smartphone is detected by KingoRoot, then click on Root to start the rooting procedure.
  • Your smartphone will then prompt you to restart after rooting completes.

Using dr. fone for Computer

Root My Android Phone By dr.fone

If you want the best and friendliest way to root your android smartphone, you should check out dr. fone – root software for this. The one-click root feature of this software makes this software one of the greatest and dr. fone supports rooting the latest Android versions as well.

It doesn’t matter that you want to root a smartphone or a tablet of yours, dr. fone will root all your Android devices very easily.


  • Download, install and open the dr. fone software for PC on your computer.

Root My Android Phone

  • Connect your Android smartphone to your computer through a USB cable.
  • Once connected, click on Start to start the process. The program will find your smartphone and prepare a proper way to root the smartphone that you have connected.
  • Click on Root Now to start the rooting procedure for your smartphone.

Root My Android Phone

  • While your smartphone is in the rooting process, it will pop up a message to ask you if you would like to root the smartphone. You will have to tap on Confirm to continue the rooting procedure.

There is much other software that you can use to root your Android smartphones.

You can use SuperSU Application for computers, KingoRoot application for Android devices, One Click Root application for Android devices, Root Master application for Android devices, and many more others as well.

Rooting your Samsung Smartphone

Root My Android Phone

For rooting Samsung smartphones, you will need to use a program called Odin.

Odin is a low-level firmware flashing tool that can push image files to your storage and then overwrite existing images. As a Windows computer user, you will also need appropriate USB drivers.

If you guys are using a Mac computer for rooting purposes, the software that can flash the image is called Heimdall. Both of these software functions essentially the same and they both carry the same risk as well.

Remember that if you try and flash the wrong image or a bad image, your smartphone won’t be able to start. But this situation is often recoverable because there is always a chance for you to ruin your android smartphone or tablet.

One thing you should remember is that your warranty is voided the moment you begin with this rooting procedure.

Rooting your LG Smartphone

Root My Android Phone

There are several methods for LG Smartphones to install the files that are needed for rooting.

Some of the models from LG, mostly the international models are completely bootloader as well as unlockable and it is trivial to push the files through a custom recovery only, while on the other hand some models are locked up much tighter this is why they require some special tricks to boot them up.

As compared to Samsung smartphones, carriers have a lot of influence here with the LG phones, so most of the new LG smartphones that are sold in the United States are pretty much difficult to root.


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