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How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Sony TV

When you are planning to buy a new device then you should consider how to use the device with other devices. If you have a Sony TV, then you can connect it to your iPhone and screen mirror it on your Sony TV.

iPhone is capable of screen mirroring with a Sony TV. You can follow two methods and can screen your iPhone with Sony TV.

The Airplay is built into iPhones that are running IOS13 or higher. You just have to download the Screen Mirroring app and connect it to your Sony TV.

If you have the right information, then you can use the iPhone screen mirroring option to connect to your Sony TV.

Let’s find out more details about it.

How to screen mirror your iPhone on your Sony TV?

For the iOS 13 devices, the easiest way is to use the Air Screen TV or the Screen Mirroring App.

  • Download and install the Screen Mirroring App and follow the easy instructions below.
  • Verify that your iPhone and your Sony TV are connected to the same wifi network
  • Choose the Screen Mirroring app
  • iPhone will automatically start searching for your Sony TV
  • Select your Sony TV
  • Choose the Start Mirroring
  • Select Mirror Sony TV
  • Press OK to and connect to your TV with the remote
  • Select Start Broadcast
  • The content will start to appear on your TV screen

Screen mirroring

There are some other options available when you are mirroring your iPhone screen to your Sony TV. The easiest way is to cast from your iPhone by using the YouTube App. You will not be able to choose various options on your phone using this method. This is not exactly mirroring but it is a great method if you want to watch the YouTube content.

The Miracast App is also a great option but it is limited and will allow you to only watch restricted content. We will suggest our readers check the Apple Store specs that are listed on the app. You will also have to check the devices that are running an IOS operating system.

The iOS 13 has a lot of limitations so make sure to check all the compatibility issues before screen mirroring. Chromecast is also a great option, but it also comes with limitations and is similar to Miracast. If you download Chromecast, then you can screen mirror on your Sony TV easily. You can now enjoy all your content saved in your iphone on your Sony TV.


Screen mirroring has a compatibility issue with Sony devices and this is why it can be a bit challenging to screen mirror your iPhone with Sony Tv. But you can handle everything if you do a little research.

But in this article, we have listed all the simple and easy options that will help you to mirror your iPhone screen to your Sony TV! By following these easy steps mentioned below you can enjoy the content of your iPhone on your big Sony TV screen.


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