How to Change the Background on Echo Show

Many people get bored of the background on the Echo Show and they desperately want to change it. Knowing this kill might not be an exceptional Alexa skill but it certainly will allow you to give your Echo show a brand new and visually appealing look.

By changing the background, you can personalize your device and can also incorporate your images into the Echo show. Smart home products can intimidate.

How to Change the Background on Echo Show

If you add a personalized image in the background, then your Echo Show will look more appealing.

Tips and tricks to use Alexa in an Echo Show

If you have chosen, Amazon’s smart display then you can easily change the background to a personalized image of your choice.

You can also change the background while you have the Echo Show (2nd gen) and the nightstand-friendly Echo Show 5.

  • Smart displays come with many different features.
  • The Echo Show shows the users a detailed weather report and can also allow them to start video calls.
  • You can also catch up with shows on Hulu.
  • It also allows you to download the Food Network Kitchen app, and enjoy taking the live cooking classes that are offered by the top celebrity chefs.
  • The simple interface of the Echo show allows you to take control of the devices that are compatible with Alexa.

You can also adjust the brightness of the smart lights and can also completely change the temperature on your Echo Show.

You can also set the Echo Show and display the image of your choice. It can change the image that can make you smile. The digital photo frames can be customized with the look of the Echo Show.

How to change the background picture on the Echo Show?

Here is how you can change the background picture on your Echo Show:

Make sure that the image you want to display is saved on the camera of your smartphone. If you want to change the display saved in the camera roll then you should save the image in the gallery of your smartphone.

This will help you to make the process of changing the image faster. If you want to change the display of your Echo Show to a recent image, then you can use any kind of picture that you have saved on your phone.

Step 1:

  • Open the Alexa app.
  • Choose the three horizontal bars that are located in the upper left-hand corner.
  • Open the side menu.
  • Open the Settings, and then Go to the Device Settings.

Step 2

  • Select the Echo Show device that you want to change the background of.
  • The Echo show will be listed in the list of the enabled devices by Alexa.

Step 3

  • Scroll down till you see the setting option that is available on the Home Screen Background.

Step 4

  • Select the photo that you want to change your background as well.
  • You can choose the images that are available on your smartphone.
  • The images will appear on your next screen.
  • This will allow you to change the size of the photo.
  • The picture is able to fit the image on the Show’s screen.

Step 5

  • Press Upload.
  • The photo will appear on the Echo Show’s display.


There’s no limit as to how many times you can change the background of your Echo show display. You can change the background of your Echo Show as many times as you want to.

If you have a favorite image that you can want to display as a background on your Echo show, then you can do so easily by following the steps that we have mentioned above.

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