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How to Find Amazon Profile Link? Tips

Why do you even need to find an Amazon Profile Link? If you want to share information about yourself, the Amazon profile link comes in handy.

In case you are sharing it with your friends, then they can see reviews about products and services, which Amazon provides. They will know the products you have bought and whether you liked using them or not.

This will be beneficial for those who are looking to buy the same product. An Amazon Profile Link is also for influencers, who make their own website but don’t know which profile link to input. If they get their own Amazon profile link, then it will show brands how influential they are.

How to Find Amazon Profile Link?

If you want to extract your Amazon Profile Link to share with others, then the following are the simple steps that you can follow:

  • Log in to your Amazon account
  • Choose the ‘Your Account’ option from the ‘Accounts & Lists
  • On this page, you will see the heading ‘Ordering and Shopping Preferences
  • Select the third option from it, which is ‘Your Amazon Profile
  • Copy the URL of the account that is in the browser’s address bar

Two Views of the Profile

There are two views of an Amazon Profile; one is what others see, and one is what you see. In the Amazon profile, the user will get to see helpful votes, reviews, hearts, idealists, and followers.

Personalizing Amazon Profile Link is not an option for customers; however, if you are selling on Amazon, then you can make a customer-friendly URL.

Influencers and Amazon Profile Link

Amazon Influencers need an Amazon Profile Link because they have a verified one. When they sign up for the Amazon Influencers Program, they automatically get verified. As an influencer, people need to show that they are engaged with the products they are promoting, and that they have a rapport and reputation. With a verified profile, people can show that they can inspire others, and they have a consistent source of information about products and services.

In a Verified Amazon Profile, the user’s social identity, public name, bio, and social media links are included. If they have updated any recent content, or published anything on Amazon along with reviews, questions, and answers, even that is included.

There are many benefits that one can enjoy if they are verified.

  • First, influencers get a blue checkmark right next to their name, and this tells the customer that they are someone meaningful on Amazon.
  • They actually read the reviews that the influencer has written, and even buy the product if they strongly recommend it.
  • If the reviews are genuine, then this would further boost the authority and reputation of the influencer.

For those who like the reviews and recommendations of an influencer, they can even follow that profile. This way, they will get updates and push notifications whenever the influencer contributes anything on the website. This would be a good thing for Amazon, as they would be able to promote new products and services through trusted influencers.

Find Amazon Wishlist

If you want to find a person’s Wishlist on Amazon, then it is very easy to do so. Just follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Accounts & Lists.
  • Click on Find a List or Registry.
  • Select the ‘Your Friends’ tab.
  • If a friend has shared their wish list with you, then it would show up on the screen
  • You need to then write an email and request your friend to let you access their wishlist.

When the friend provides consent, then you will be able to access the list and see it in the same section.

Sending Gifts to Friends Amazon

  • You can send gifts to friends from your account. You just need to add gifts to your cart, confirm the selection, and then input their address.
  • If you are paying from your card, then just input their address, and they will receive the gift.
  • The customer can even remove the price details from the gift if you don’t want your friend to know the price.
  • You will also get delivery updates, so you know when they receive it, and you can check in with them.


Amazon’s profile link can be very important for people, who want to let others know how well a product does or doesn’t perform.

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