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How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos With URL

YouTube is a very popular and interesting social media website. People can post whatever they want to on YouTube.

It can post videos regarding anything they want to, and with the number of people on YouTube, they are bound to get recognition and views.

When you want to watch a video, but you don’t have time at that moment, you are going to mark it as ‘Watch Later’. However, before you get to watch it, it might get deleted.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos With URL?

Some people panic when this happens, as they are not able to watch their favorite video. There is no reason to panic because even though a video is deleted, people can still watch it.

Watch Video with a URL

Before I tell you how to watch a deleted YouTube video with a URL, you must know about the concept of the Internet Archive.

This archive is a catalog for collecting websites, since 1996. It is a system, which has saved a website’s layout and data. Internet Archive has enormous amounts of data. It has about 10 billion web pages worth of material from websites.

When the user goes to this website, he would be able to find snapshots of his favorite website. In this case, the user needs a deleted YouTube video and they can easily get it from archive.org.

Just follow the steps below, and get the video you want:

Before going to the archive, if you have played the YouTube video for a few seconds, then the link of the video may be in your Viewing History.

  • Login to your Google account on a browser, and then search your history, and you will surely find a URL.
  • It could be that you have shared the video on a social media account, but it got deleted from YouTube.
  • You can still get the URL from that shared video.
  • Go to the archive.org website now, and paste the URL link in the search bar.
  • Press return, and you will surely find the video on the internet archive.

You will also be able to see the details of the video, but you won’t be able to play it from there. Right-click on the video, and find the option to download it.

This method is effective, because the Internet Archive is very active, and it crawls the internet frequently. However, if you need an easier way to do this and that too, without the URL, then keep reading this article.

Deleted YouTube Videos without the URL

When a YouTube video is deleted from one channel, it will always be available somewhere else.

Most people download good videos, as soon as they see them, and even upload them elsewhere. Now, just follow the quick steps below, and gain access to the video that you want to see:

  • Open Google, and in the search bar type the address of YouTube and then ‘+the name of the video’
  • Google will crawl and look for relevant videos, from not just YouTube’s database but other video websites as well. Other video websites include Dailymotion and Vimeo
Watch Deleted YouTube Videos with URL
  • If you already know that the video you are looking for was shared on Facebook, then in the search bar replace YouTube with Facebook
  • When you find the video, you can either download it directly from there or paste the URL of that video on the archive.org website.

When you see a video on YouTube, which you would like to see later, then remember the hashtags around it. If you remember the official hashtags, then you can easily find the video on Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms that support hashtags (including Tumblr).

Many online websites let you download videos from video websites now. For example, if you want to watch and download videos from Dailymotion, then it is very easy to do so.

  • Similarly, YouTube videos are easy to download as well, despite the restrictions that the website has put on browsers.
  • If you discover that the video you wanted to watch, is deleted, then don’t panic!

There are so many ways you can try to find that video, or just download it from another platform. You can ask the uploader to send you the original video, too.

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