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Instagram User Not Found? Here Are the Reasons And Fix

When you click on a username on Instagram, usually their profile opens. However, you might face an error of ‘Instagram user not found’ sometimes, and this happens due to some reasons.

Instagram User Not Found Reasons

This issue is also the most reported one on this social media platform. When an account gets bigger, this issue starts appearing frequently, because of the never-ending bugs. Or something Instagram user not found behind reason?

Reasons for Error

  • When you get the error “User not Found”, then consider the following reasons before panicking:


The first cause of this error could be that you have mistyped the username of the person.

  • Usually, Instagram usernames are hard to remember, because each person has a unique one.
  • They might join two things and then make a username, but it could be hard to remember.
  • Thus, you need to try out different spellings of the username you remember and see if any combination works.


The second cause of this error could be that the person you are searching for, changed their username. If you are in touch with that person, then you can ask for their new username. However, if you are not, then there are other ways of finding their account.

  • You can look for their old comments on your post or the pictures that you saved on Instagram, which belongs to their account.
  • When you open old posts, you are most likely to see their new account. However, if no interaction has happened, then you can do a normal search on Google.
  • Most likely, a search result would appear if you remember their email address correctly, or the caption of a picture.

Disabled Account

At times, people get too overwhelmed by their followers on Instagram, and they no longer want to interact with others. This could be forever, or just for a while.

  • Thus, Instagram gives them the feature of disabling their account, so that they can take a break.
  • If such a situation is implemented, then other users won’t be able to send them a direct message or even view their profile name.


This is one of the causes that could be embarrassing for the person, who is searching for a username.

  • When someone blocks you, so that you can’t see the post on their profile, then it would give you the error ‘User not Found’.
  • There are many celebrities, who block followers that leave hate comments on their pictures.
  • This is simply to prevent them from spreading a negative vibe on their profile.

Instagram Banned the Account

If an account violates Instagram’s terms and conditions, then Instagram can ban that account.

  • This happens when an account frequently abuses or threatens other accounts, and gets reported.
  • Once an account is reported for a serious offense, then Instagram will consider that report and take action accordingly.
  • In case Instagram thinks that the user did violate the terms and conditions of their app, then that account can get permanently deleted as well.

Delete Account

The last reason why such a thing might happen is when a person deletes their own account. If someone doesn’t like the app anymore, don’t want to share their pictures, is being stalked, or don’t feel safe on Insta anymore, then they will delete their profile.

  • Deleting their profile means that, nobody would be able to access their account anymore.
  • If a user has posted any pictures or videos in the past, and no one else is tagged in them, then those would be deleted as well.

Fixing Instagram

While there is no single way to fix this issue, there are a couple of things that a user can try.

  • First, they should confirm the username from the user, or look for their old posts. However, if the username is not the issue, and the other person has not blocked you either, then update Instagram.
  • It so happens that people switch to manual updates for applications, but forgot to update them.

When an app comes with an update, then it doesn’t mean that the app only has new features.

It might have fixed the old features as well, and this includes removing bugs. Thus, such a simple action can solve this problem, and you won’t have to see the error again.

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