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How to turn off LG TV Bluetooth

LG TVs have Bluetooth built-in. This makes connecting your TV to a variety of devices simple. This might have headphones, speakers, or other portable electronics.

On numerous occasions, you might want to disable the feature, nevertheless.

How to turn off LG TV Bluetooth?

How do I turn off Bluetooth on my LG?
How do I turn off Bluetooth on my LG?

You can rapidly turn Bluetooth off on your LG TV to save electricity or prevent unauthorized connections.

  • Look down the Settings Menu. Locate the Settings menu on your LG TV to get started. A menu will show up on your TV screen after you push the Home button on your TV remote, You’ll have entry to it thanks to this.
  • Go to the Connections Option by searching. Use the arrow buttons on your remote control to navigate to the Connections option. You may change a number of connectivity settings here on your LG TV
  • Decide on Bluetooth Settings. Navigate to the Connections menu and select Bluetooth Settings. The Bluetooth functions of your LG TV can be customized and controlled here.

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Bluetooth settings

Can I turn off Bluetooth on my TV?
Can I turn off Bluetooth on my TV?

To enter the Bluetooth settings menu, pick the Bluetooth Settings option and then click the OK or Enter button on your remote control. Various Bluetooth connecting options are available here.

  • Switch Bluetooth off. You can switch your device on or off from the Bluetooth settings menu. Select Bluetooth using the arrow buttons on your remote control, and then click OK or Enter to access your device settings.
  • Turn Bluetooth off. After navigating to your device settings, use your remote control’s arrow buttons to switch to the Off position. The LG TV’s Bluetooth capability can be turned off by selecting it, then pressing the OK or Enter button.
  • Confirm the Disablement. A confirmation message may appear on your TV screen, asking you to confirm your choice to disable your device. Press the OK or Enter button on your remote control to confirm and turn off Bluetooth.
  • Ensure your device is turned off. Check on that, it is indeed turned off by closing the settings window and going back to the LG TV’s home screen. You may verify that your device has been effectively off if the screen no longer displays your device icon or indicator.
  • Re-enabling your device. You can use the same procedures to get to the Bluetooth settings menu in the future if you decide you want to utilize your device once more. Simply select the Bluetooth option and toggle it back to On to re-establish Bluetooth connectivity on your LG TV.
How do I remove a Bluetooth device from my LG TV?
How do I remove a Bluetooth device from my LG TV?

By following these instructions, you may swiftly turn off Bluetooth on your LG TV. Remember that turning off your device will prevent your TV from establishing wireless connections with other devices, so be cautious to turn it back on as necessary.

It’s important to keep in mind that the procedures outlined here are only general recommendations that should function with the majority of LG TV models. Nevertheless, depending on the individual model and firmware version of your LG TV, the actual layout and options in the settings menu may differ slightly. Consult the user manual for your LG TV or go to the LG support website for more help if you run into any issues or have trouble finding the Bluetooth settings.


In conclusion, it’s easy to disable Bluetooth on your LG TV. You can successfully unpair your LG TV from wireless devices by going to the settings menu, selecting the Bluetooth options, and turning off your device capability. Take control of Bluetooth on your LG TV with a few clicks, whether you need to limit power usage or block unauthorized connections.


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