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How to Unblock Facebook Account

Facebook completely changed the way people used to interact with each other.

Facebook has really become a social networking website, where you can meet new people, get in touch with old friends, and follow your favorite celebrities.

It is a place where people can buy and sell things, and instant message with each other.

However, Facebook sometimes block an account of a user, for a number of reasons. Even though in commonly used term it is called block, it is basically disabled.

Unblock Facebook Account

In case the person’s account is disabled, then they will see a message informing them about the action. However, if they don’t have a disabled message, and can’t login, then they have a different problem to deal with.

Reasons for Disabling or Blocking Facebook Account

There are a number of reasons why users are blocked or disabled from using Facebook. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • The user has posted content, which doesn’t align with the Facebook Terms
  • They have used a fake name, or stolen someone else’s identity
  • They continue to behave with others in a way that, violates the Community Standards of Facebook
  • User is harassing another user
  • User is contacting other users to advertise a product and continues to do so
  • They are running their account in a way that, it is not as per the terms and conditions of Facebook

What to do?

Now that your account has been blocked or disbanded, what can you do?

If you think that Facebook has made a mistake in blocking your account, then you can go to this page, here and fill a form, requesting the website to review the decision.

Most of the people who had their accounts blocked by the Facebook state that, the website took action when they post their political opinions on their accounts.

Facebook faces a lot of criticism by people, who post about violent struck areas and get their posts or accounts blocked.

However, Facebook has a very strange policy, as most of the violent accounts go unnoticed, like the pro-Nazi accounts. They only get blocked when the whole Facebook protests or the news make headlines.

It can be a really bad feeling to get your Facebook account blocked, especially if you have not done anything wrong.

For most people, Facebook is a source of entertainment and a way to keep up with other people.

However, for others, Facebook is a tool of activism; it is a platform where they can raise slogans, and talk about their political opinions. Facebook activists can actually raise awareness among other people, about what they believe in, in terms of politics.

To make sure that your Facebook account doesn’t get blocked, don’t abuse people online, or be the anonymous troll.

If websites don’t take action against people who abuse others online, then such websites won’t be able to create a safe space for the users.

Read the Facebook rules, and make sure to follow them, especially when they tell you not to harass someone.


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