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How To Uninstall Groove Music From Windows 10

The Groove Music app is the patched up variant of Xbox Music introduced with Windows 8. The new Groove Music app in Windows 10 is generally impressive and allows you to buy music from the Store also.

Groove Music in Windows 10

Considering the limited number of all-inclusive apps accessible in the Store, it is extraordinary compared to other music player apps out there for Windows 10. Microsoft has been adding new features to the app with each update, yet numerous users still are not impressed with this.

Since it is the default music player in Windows 10, numerous users have set the exemplary Windows Media Player as the default music player in Windows 10 just to abstain from using this.

In the course of the most recent couple of months, many users have inquired as to whether it’s conceivable to completely uninstall and remove Groove Music from Windows 10. In case you’re one of those users who prefer to have an outsider programming or WMP as your music player in Windows 10, you can uninstall and remove this from Windows 10 easily.

Method 1

Uninstall Groove Music using Settings

Dissimilar to previously, it can now be uninstalled directly from the Settings app. Here is how to do that.

Uninstall Groove Music From Windows 10

  • Stage 1: Navigate to Settings > Apps > Apps and features.
  • Stage 2: In the introduced apps list, search for Groove Music entry. Snap-on the section to see the Uninstall button.
  • Stage 3: Click on the Uninstall button and afterward click the Uninstall button again when you get the affirmation discourse.
    • To introduce the Groove Music app again, open the Store app, search for Groove Music, and afterward introduce the equivalent.

Method 2

Uninstall Groove Music using PowerShell

NOTE: If you’re not open to utilizing PowerShell, you can utilize the mainstream CCleaner program to uninstall the app. Please allude to guidelines in Method 3 (look down to see) to uninstall Groove Music utilizing CCleaner.

  • Stage 1: Close Groove Music, if it’s running.
  • Stage 2: Open PowerShell with administrator rights. To do as such, type PowerShell in Start menu or taskbar search box, right-click on PowerShell entry, and afterward click Run as administrator alternative.
    • Click Yes button when you see the User Account Control discourse.
  • Stage 3: In the raised PowerShell brief, type the following command, and afterward click Enter key to execute the command.
  • remove-AppxPackage (Get-AppxPackage – AllUsers|Where{$_.PackageFullName – coordinate “ZuneMusic”}).PackageFullName
    • The above command doesn’t work, follow the following three steps.
  • Stage 4: Type the following command and press Enter.
  • Get-AppxPackage – AllUsers
  • Stage 5: Scroll down, find the Zune Music (indeed, Zune Music), and duplicate the PackageFullName of ZuneMusic utilizing choosing the content close to PackageFullName and utilizing Ctrl+C hotkey.
  • Stage 6: Finally, execute the accompanying order to uninstall this from your Windows 10 record.

Method 3

Uninstall and remove Groove Music utilizing CCleaner

Uninstall Groove Music From Windows 10

  • Stage 1: Download Cleaner and introduce the equivalent, if it’s not as of now introduced. Please ensure that you have 5.11 or later forms.
  • Stage 2: Launch CCleaner.
  • Stage 3: Click Tools and afterward click Uninstall to view all introduced apps just as customary desktop programs. The CCleaner is not stacking or showing introduced apps, please hang tight for some time with tolerance.
  • Stage 4: Right-click on the Groove Music app and afterward click the Uninstall button.
    • Click the Yes button when you see the affirmation brief. That is it!

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Is groove music better than Windows Media Player?

Groove is the new Music Service from Microsoft, however, Windows Media Player is a way more powerful programming to manage your music library.

I might want to illuminate you that the Music app has been replaced by this. However, you can utilize both as both plays out a similar errand or you may remove the one which you needn’t bother with.

Is groove music free on Windows 10?

Microsoft Groove Music is spic and span for Windows 10. Add your MP3s to OneDrive and you can use the Groove Music application to play your songs on different devices, as well as PCs, Windows Phone, and Xbox for free.

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Does anyone use Groove music?

Users can still download music to play it locally through the Groove application.

As a major aspect of the Groove Music shutdown, Microsoft likewise spiked the Groove Music iOS and Android applications on December 1, 2018, leaving users with the option to download documents and utilize them on the Windows 10 Groove Music apps on PC, Xbox, or Windows Phone.

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What will replace iTunes on Windows?

Apple Is Killing iTunes, But Not on Windows. At WWDC 2019, Apple reported it’s killing iTunes. iTunes will be replaced by independent Music, TV, and Podcasts applications, however, only on macOS. Windows users will keep the current iTunes application they know and (frequently don’t) love.


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