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How to Unleash Rain Mercenary Risk 2

To unlock the mercenary, you need to destroy yourself with an obelisk. This is one of the most difficult tasks to complete. Phase 8 must be completed before passing through the displayed Heavenly Portal and to unleash rain mercenary risk 2.

This includes relocating the teleporter in Stage 5 and sending it to A Moment, Fractured.

There is an obelisk through which interactions destroy you, end your career, and unlock mercenaries.

How to Unleash Rain Mercenary Risk 2?

The mercenary made a powerful attack nearby, moved across the battlefield, and was invincible during his special offer. The default features are:

  • Passive-Improved cybernetics. Mercenaries can jump twice.
  • Primary: Light sword. skill.
  • Cut first with 130% damage.
  • Every 3 hits, a wider area is hit and the enemy is exposed.
  • Secondary: Whirlwind. Two fast horizontal cuts cause 2×200% damage.
  • If it is in the air, cut it vertically.
  • Utility: Brilliant assault.
  • Impressive. Flashes forward with 300% damage.
  • If you hit an enemy, you can repeat it up to 3 times.

Special: Extractor. Aim at the closest enemy and attack repeatedly with 110% damage. They can’t hit you while it lasts.

Alternative skills

The mercenary has replaced three additional features to unlock secondary, utilities, and special offers. These skills require you to complete a special challenge to unlock.

  • Secondary: The rise of lightning. Start slicing beans that do 550% damage and inflate them.
  • Mercenary-Complete the Devil’s Sky Challenge to unlock it.
  • As a mercenary, do not touch the ground for 30 seconds.
  • Utility: Concentrated attack. Impressive. Flashes forward, dealing 700% damage and revealing enemies after 1 second.
  • Mercenary-Unlocks when you complete the Flash of Blade Challenge-Use 20 skills in 10 seconds as it is.
  • Special: Cold wind. Fires a wind sword that attacks up to 3 enemies, dealing 8×100% damage. The last blow exposes the enemy.
  • Mercenary-Completes the Aether Challenge to unlock-Complete the Prism Trial as it is without losing 100% health.

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Tips and tricks

Mercenaries are very difficult to play. His playing style is very different from that of other survivors.

  • Staying in hand-to-hand combat means being exposed to more enemy attacks, and mercenaries can easily die if not careful.
  • The third hit of the mercenary’s main ability exposes the enemy.
  • This unique mercenary effect marks enemies reduces cooling when attacked by 1 second, and deals 350% additional damage.
  • You can also cancel the animation of the mercenary’s main skills.
  • After the third attack, there is a slight delay before you can attack again.
  • This delay can be effectively canceled immediately after using Whirlwind, allowing the attack to continue with virtually no downtime.
  • It’s good to speed up the attack but to some extent.

Depending on how the mercenary’s abilities work, attack speed also increases the range and speed of the abilities. It may sound good, but it can be secondary and useless.

A quick attack means that using a whirlwind on the ground makes it harder to attack more enemies. The same is true for blind assaults. Targeting blind laps can be difficult if you are moving very fast.

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