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How to Download Onlyfans App

You will be surprised to know that there is no official app for onlyfans on the App Store or Google Play store and now you need 3rd party help to download the Onlyfans app.

The users can have easy access to Onlyfans via the URL of the website. You can open the website on both Chrome, safari, and other such browsers.

Usually, the app store has a lot of safety features and review guidelines. The apps that are introduced on the Google play store can’t contain anything that violates the rules.

If Onlyfans is added to the app store it will violate the 1.1.4 section of the guidelines. In the end, it will be rejected by the review team.

How to Download Onlyfans App

Both the app store and Google Play store will promote safe apps to maintain a respectful platform. They are not going to promote content that is inappropriate for many.

Here are some ways through which you can download onlyfans app:

Steps to download onlyfans App

If you want to download the onlyfans app here is what you need to do:

  • Go to onlyfans.com on a prominent browser
  • You can visit onlyfans.com on Safari and Chrome.
  • It will be easy to add onlyfans on your homepage only if you use the ‘’share icon’’ on the navigation bar.
  • The safari browser is easy to open on your iPhone.
  • From there onwards you can download this app.
  • Add to the home screen

You can add the onlyfans app to your browser by opening up the navigation bar.

  • It is easy to pick copy and add to the home page by clicking these buttons.
  • Keep scrolling down till you reach ‘’ Add to home screen’’.
  • After that, you can add onlyfans app on it.
  • This is quite helpful if you want to visit the website with just one click.

Rename the app

  • Once you have finished adding the app to the home screen the next step will be to rename the app.
  • It will help you find the app easily.
  • Even if you don’t rename the app it is fine as onlyfans app contains only eight letters.
  • When the onlyfans app is added to the homes screen it gives easy access as an icon.
  • Once the user taps on the icon they will be directed to the onlyfans app.
  • By renaming the app you can find it easily without making much effort.

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