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How to Upload 3D Models on TurboSquid

TurboSquid is the largest 3D marketplace for professionals that provides massive earning opportunities from cutting-edge specs of models and you also get your products recognized by some of the chief clients in the industry.

It is the best option for 3D artists to upload Models because it is associated with major brands like IKEA, Weta Digital, and Electronic Arts. It is officially authorized for 3D content for General Motors, USPS, and Ford.

To upload or publish a model, you first need to make a payment, and to complete these payment procedures choose an artist account from your Account pulldown.

How to Upload 3D Models on TurboSquid?

It is essential to best prepare your models for uploading and understand the information for selecting accurate products for their projects.

How to access Publisher?

On Squid.io, click on My Products and select TurboSquid. After that select publish the product to start uploading.

Follow these four steps or tabs on the publisher to upload your 3D model on TurboSquid:

Products and Specifications

Under the head of Main Product, click on the upload files to upload every individual model archive.

You also need to provide versions of all applications you used for each file format and the Renderer that you used when you created that file. Moreover, the program should also be specified.

Product Name

Select a product name that best elaborates your model which further shows up in pertinent Google searches.

There is a significant impact of good product names as major TurboSquid traffic is generated from Google searches.

Presentation Images

To upload your model, you will have to provide at least 5 preview images that will help the customer in making the best buying decision.

Search Images

For the main advertisement of your 3D model, the Search image is the tool at TurboSquid.

Customers see the Search image on the Search page when they scan for the results to view what suits their needs.

Description and License


Tags are the keywords that will assist the customers to look for your models in the Search. So, choose them very carefully that precisely apply to the model.


Like Tags, selecting the correct Category for your model is equally important to produce more sales.

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To best market your 3D model, you need to write all the fundamental information related to your product professionally in the product description section. It should be according to the viewpoint of the customers.

Product license

If your Stock Media Product represents a particular subject matter, then you need to attach notice of Editorial Use limitations for the customers.

Publishing your contact information

As TurboSquid itself provides broad and guaranteed support that also as explained under the TurboSquid Quality and Service Guarantee policy.

But TurboSquid does not let artists publish any kind of contact information whether on their product preview pages or anywhere else.

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