How To Use Omegle IP Locator

VPN services promise users “anonymity” and are therefore blocked.

Therefore, users of VPN services must also be recognized and stay outside. The servers simply refuse the connections if the IP addresses used are not reported to an Internet home connection.

However, VPN servers mostly use IP addresses that have been registered in the name of the hoster.

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How To Use Omegle IP Locator?

These are also called “non-residential”.

Omegle blocks VPN services

A “residential IP address” is required.

The only way to be able to use a VPN and not be blocked by Omegle is therefore a service that also offers static “residential” IP addresses.

  • The cheapest option is to book the “Windscribe” service.
  • The Canadian provider also makes it possible to book a static IP address from the range of IPs registered on “Residential”.

Omegle blocks Non-Residental IP addresses

Your Internet provider gives you a “RESIDENTIAL IP” use this!

  • If you are not using a VPN or proxy service, then you will be using a “RESIDENTIAL” IP address.
  • Namely that of your Internet provider. (IP Check) With this, Omegle will not block you either.
  • If you are uncomfortable with the fact that the provider can also recognize you with it, then you should simply not use such platforms!

When you got banned on Omegle!

  • If your IP address has been blocked at home, then your only option is to wait.
  • Most bans imposed by Omegle only last 24-48 hours.
  • After this time you can use Omegle again.

We understand that many users feel that they have been unfairly banned and Omegle systems will certainly not operate 100% correctly, but realistically there is just little alternative to using the service again.

Use a VPN service?

Yes, there are VPN services that offer the appropriate IP addresses, which then go with it. But these cost at least 100 USD per year (advance payment) and if the IP address is blocked there too, you can hardly do anything about it and you won’t get your money back either!

In the following, we will show you a provider who can offer this type of IP address.

No, the normal VPN services that are often advertised for this such as NordVPN, VyprVPN, Surfahark, StringVPN, or whatever they are called do not work for this. You will not be able to use Omegle with their IP addresses.

So you can save this money.

Notice and false claims from other sites!

You cannot use Omegle with VPN services such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or others that other websites may recommend to you! You cannot use the chat service without a “Residential IP” address. But these VPN providers do not offer this!

Which VPN service goes with Omegle?

The cheapest way to get a “Residential IP” is to subscribe to the Windscribe “Build a Plan” plan for $1 a month.

  • A “residential IP” costs an additional $8 per month. All in all, this is not a cheap pleasure, but currently, the only way to be able to use this website is with a VPN service.

Costs for “Residential IP”

To use the cheapest VPN with “RESIDENTIAL” IP addresses you need to have an account there for $1/month and pay an additional $8/month for assigning the “RESIDENTIAL” IP address.

So together that’s $9 a month and that’s paid up front, that’s $108 a year!

Review Windscribe

I therefore expressly advise you not to do this with the purchased residential IP address, as in the following instructions!

Because if it is blocked there because of your behavior or for other reasons, then you just threw 100+ USD to the wind.

Therefore, consider whether an option would be to wait 1-2 days and then use the service again with your real IP address, but not anonymously!

Instructions – Registering a “Residential IP Address” with Windscribe

Choose a tariff

  • Choose Windscribe “Build a Plan” tariff.
  • Select location USA or Canada.
  • Choose a location to connect USA or Canada.
  • Then book a “Static IP” under “Port Forwarding”.
  • Choose Add Static IP.
  • Then select “RESIDENTIAL IP.
  • Residential IP with Windscribe.
  • These can be booked from the following countries and of course also from the USA.
  • This must be from the “Residential” area.
  • Selection of “Residential IPs” with Windscribe
  • DONE!

As a result, you have the option in the Windscribe VPN apps/software to connect to the selected VPN location and you will use a unique and static IP address that is assigned to “Residential” home access. Maybe Omegle error sonnecting to server disturbing you.

This means that you will no longer be blocked on Omegle or on other sites that check this “registration information”.

Important: If this IP address is blocked again, you must contact the provider’s service. They will usually offer you a new IP within a few days. The second/further IP address change is then chargeable! ($96 per new IP!)

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