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How to Watch Handmaid’s Tale Online

All three seasons of Handmade Tail online are now available from Hulu to Bunge or Ration as you see fit.

As a bonus of 5. 5.99 per month after your free one-month trial of Hulu, you’ll also have access to all of Hulu’s content, including exclusive movies and original series such as Sheryl and Dolphins.

You would have heard about this TV series for sure from your friends or your family members who are very much into watching movies and TV shows. Handmaid’s Tale is an American dystopian tragedy web TV series.

Handmaid’s Tale TV series is created by Bruce Miller and it is based on a novel which was released in the year 1985 with the same name. The creator of the Handmaid’s Tale novel was a Canadian author, Margaret Atwood.

Handmaid’s Tale TV series was ordered by a very well known streaming service, which is known as Hulu. It was ordered as a straight-to-series order of 10 episodes.

The first-ever three episodes of this Handmaid’s Tale TV series were premiered on April 26th of 2017, and then the following remaining seven episodes were released every week on Wednesday only.

How to Watch Handmaid’s Tale Online?

It was May of 2017 that this Handmaid’s Tale series was renewed for a second season. Following this link to watch at any time.

The second season of Handmaid’s Tale was premiered on the 25th of April, 2018. And just after a month, it was May 2018 that Hulu renewed this series for a third season. The third season of Handmaid’s Tale was premiered on the 5th of June, 2019.

Handmaid’s Tale show is all over now, but for all the people who are a little bit behind, or who haven’t even started watching Handmaid’s Tale, all of you guys can still watch this show online.

I should tell you that the finale of this show was epic, as it was filled with plot twists and some great hard-hitting moments. There is no doubt about the fact that it was a perfect end to a stellar season.

Handmaid’s Tale is a Hulu-made dystopian show that was powered by such two seasons that left all the viewers craving for more of it and luck happened with them, as more came.

Handmaid’s Tale is no doubt considered as one of the most horrifying shows around in the industry. Surely it is a tough but incredible watch, it is one of the best around us. Handmaid’s Tale is a pretty big claim with the likes of Chernobyl winning over all the television viewers.

If you have watched the first two seasons of this show, I should tell you that the third season picks the story up where it left it off.

Handmaid’s Tale has always kept its excellent writing and visuals, but it has taken a twist in the story, which keeps a tight hold on to our interest.

There is nothing to worry about because no matter where you are living in the world, this article is a complete guide for all of you that will help you in knowing how to watch handmaid’s tale online season 3.

As you guys know the situation out in the world due to COVID-19, every person is requested to stay at home, right?

So, I think that this is the best time ever to catch up with this season while you are away from all the worries about work and all.

For the people who are from the United States of America

This is for all the people from the United States of America who is reading my article.

As the Handmaid’s Tale is a Hulu exclusive TV show, it is not an actual surprise for the people living in the United States of America, because it is an exclusive place to watch this show online.

Want to know the good news? It is that Hulu is offering two separate packages, this means that you guys are having a choice to make regarding the price you want to pay.

Hulu is offering a smaller package with a free month, and a week with its bigger option.

Prices for the subscription are starting at $5.99 per month with Hulu and the prices go up respectively according to the package you want to subscribe to.

For the people who are from the United Kingdom

This is for all the people from the United Kingdom who are reading my article. So, if you guys want to watch Handmaid’s Tale online you can either watch the show live on TV or catch it up on All 4 channel.

Handmaid’s Tale show is also aired on Now TV as well as on Sky, conversely, if you choose the option Now TV to watch this show, it will be a season behind because it is only showing the first two seasons of this show.

All the people of the United Kingdom and other streamers as well know that Sky is not the cheapest option available to go, so if that is where you are planning to watch this series on, I recommend you to consult Sky TV deals first for the best prices regarding their subscriptions.

For the people who are from Canada

This is for all the people from Canada who are reading this article of mine. So, for all Canadians, Crave is the best way to go for the online streaming of this show.

You can choose between two of the options, whether pay for a monthly based subscription on Crave or get an annual subscription. The thing about the one-month subscription is that if you pay for one month, Crave will offer you up a second for free.

The subscription prices vary for Crave but you can get good packages including Hulu as well for around $20 only for a whole month. Another good thing about Crave is that the entire season is available for you there to stream whenever you want.

For the people who are from Australia

This is for all the people from Australia who are reading this guide. The place for all Australians to watch The Handmaid’s Tale is SBS. Though the Episodes air every Thursday there at 8.30 PM, you can always watch them on SBS on demand then.

There is a TV streaming service known as ‘Stan’. You can find all the episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale season three there.

You get an option of signing up for a free 30-day trial here if you can watch the whole show in those 30 days’ time that will be great for you. Or else you will have to pay only $10 bill for a monthly subscription and get the services back.

For the People outside of the Countries mentioned above

You don’t have to panic at all if you are not from the countries that I have mentioned above with their respective ways to stream and watch Handmaid’s Tale. If you don’t belong to these countries, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to watch this TV series at all.

I should tell you that there is still a chance to watch The Handmaid’s Tale online and catch all the greatness it has. But for that, you will have to use a little handy trick. You guys want to know that trick right?

Well, you would have heard and even used a VPN for sure. If you use a VPN, you can get around geo-blocks and digital borders as well.

Using a VPN for this will surely allow you to gain access to the entire dramatic Handmaid’s Tale content without even having to be inside one of the countries that I have mentioned above.


You can have access to the airing of those countries by changing your IP only.

This way, you can enjoy all the content and episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale easily in whichever country you are living in right now.

You guys would be thinking about which VPN would be the best for you to use for this purpose right?

You don’t have to worry about that as well, as you guys know that I always got you covered with every possible problem that you can face in a particular situation we are talking about.

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