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What is YouTube TV? Here’s everything you need to know

YouTube TV is Google’s live TV streaming product designed for people who want to cut bones and dig into their cable or satellite subscriptions.

It is the only live streaming service that includes PBS stations and content, and its selection of more than 70 traditional cable and broadcast channels is growing regularly.

Hulu, Netflix, and HBO are not the only ones who have a streaming product for customers and now YouTube TV is available. YouTube TV is a Google live product, which is designed for those who want to ditch their cable or satellite subscriptions.

YouTube is similar to Hulu+Live TV and At&T TV NOW. It is a live streaming service, which offers customers PBS stations, and content. There are about 70 traditional cable and broadcast channels for customers, and all they have to pay is $50.

Google has done a lot to make sure that their streaming service is completely different from that of its competitors. The most notable feature of YouTube Live is the cloud-based DVR.

YouTube Live is not just for those who want to watch live channels, but even PS4 users can benefit from this service. It is the only live TV streaming services that would work on PS4 and this is an alternative to Sony’s PS Vue.

For those who have never used a live TV streaming service before, they would appreciate a guide, which can tell them all about what YouTube TV is, and why they should buy a subscription.

Many people are tired of the limited channels they receive on their cable tv. Moreover, the cable can become damaged sometime, while an online streaming service, can be used anytime and anywhere.

YouTube TV has portability and reliability, which is why most customers find this as an attractive service.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV

This live service was launched in the year 2017. At first, live TV was restricted to only a few locations in North America, but in 2019, the company expanded.

Now, YouTube TV is operational in 210 markets and has expanded the number of channels as well. People can now see channels like ABC, NBC, and CBS. The content that YouTube tv apk offers, is amazing.

Even though some people think that YouTube TV is part of YouTube, it is part of Google. Google operates these two things as separate entities, and there are areas where the two services cross over.

If people want to access YouTube and YouTube TV live, then they would nee two different apps on their phone.

When YouTube TV was launched, it was not compatible with many devices. However, YouTube TV is now available in 4K TVs, which are manufactured by Samsung, LG, and Sony. Even Hisense, TCL, and Vizio manufacture 4K TVs.

When 2019 was ending, Google stated that its TV streaming service has about 2 million paying subscribers, and the number continues to grow.

Supporting devices

There are many devices on which users can play YouTube TV. This is the only live TV streaming service, which users can play on PS4, as of February 1, 2020. The other devices on which you can run YouTube Live TV are as follows:

  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Chromecast
  • Fire TV
  • Roku OS
  • Xbox One

Features of YouTube TV live

YouTube TV

There are many features of YouTube live, which make it an attraction for customers. The first such feature is the unlimited Cloud DVR. Even though this is a service that other live TV streaming services offer, Google gives the user a more natural experience.

With this service, Google will let you record live content, as much as you want. The content will be stored on Cloud DVR, for nine months.

This completely changes the storage dynamics, and limitations, as the competitors of Google, have imposed on users.

The main problem with the Cloud DVR feature is that it can substitute the recording of the user, with the on-demand version.

Normally, this won’t be a problem, but this aspect means the user can’t skip commercials.

Even though some networks listed on the YouTube tv code live list have agreed to not show commercials to the users, some don’t want the users to skip ads.

Multiple Users

The multiple users feature is more prevalent in streaming services like Netflix. However, YouTube TV also offers users to watch on multiple screens at the same time. The user can create six sub-accounts for his family, and three family members can use the service at the same time.

However, the drawback of this feature is that, if the users want to see more screens at the same time, there is no higher plan or the option to upgrade the existing plan.

Even though three streams for the same family can be sufficient, some would want more.

With other streaming services, users use profiles with only one master account. However, when someone wants to sign up for YouTube TV, then they use their Google account.  This way, the user doesn’t have to create a new account.

As a Google account is associated with the YouTube TV subscription, the user gets a personal experience, as compared to a streaming website.

For example, when people are using the same Netflix account, and they login to a master ID, then they can see the activity of other people as well. This is seen as a drawback of Netflix, as people get to spy on each other and see what the other person is watching.

On the other hand, YouTube TV is different and doesn’t let anyone see what you are watching. This is because the user signs up from his email ID. Even though people are using the same service, but they are not using the same ID.

Video recording

Like in the old times, when someone wanted to see a tv show, but couldn’t stay at home, they used to put the TV on record and then leave home. The same feature is available on YouTube tv zip code but with a twist.

If some old episodes or seasons aired before the customer had a chance to record, then they can easily see the old shows with the on-demand feature. It is the best way to watch shows that you used to, but are not available on any platform anymore.

Voice Control Feature

This is a pretty cool feature on a TV streaming service. If you have a Google Home speaker, and you use a Chromecast device for watching YouTube TV, then you can use voice control functions.

You can select a TV channel and watch it live, you can start a specific show, record it, or use the playback function.  All these things can now be voice-controlled, and you never have to worry about using a remote control, and finding where it is.

There is a simple method through which you can set up Chromecast and the Google Nest.  First, you have to set up your Chromecast device, or you can set up the Google Nest Mini (2nd generation) device.

Then, you need to link the Chromecast with the device, using the Google Home App. As the Chromecast is now set up, you can easily control YouTube TV using voice commands.  For example, you can say, ‘Ok Google, Pause’ and it will pause the movie or channel you are watching.

Android device

If you have an Android phone, then you can easily watch YouTube, TV, by minimizing it.

This will work on Android phones because they mostly support multitasking. However, as for iPhones, this usually not work, but if you have an iPad and it supports multitasking, then you can easily play YouTube TV on it.

Offline viewing is not available

As YouTube TV wants to bring live channels to customers, they don’t allow offline viewing. This is a huge drawback of these TV services because it is supported by other services like Hulu+Live TV.

If you don’t have a network connection, then that is bad news for you, because you can’t download content for offline viewing.

If someone has to travel a lot, and they have a subscription to YouTube TV, then they will have to spend a fortune on mobile data charges.

Content Options for Users

YouTube TV has some of the same channels that other live services have, like At&T and SlingTV.  However, the biggest difference between these services and YouTube tv download that, Google offers users all-in-one pricing.

If they don’t have a channel that you want, then you are not getting your payment back or part of your payment back. However, in February 2020, Google announced that these limitations are getting smaller.

Google further announced the HBO and Cinemax are going to be added to YouTube TV ad premium add-ons later in 2020. Moreover, HBO Max will be available on the YouTube TV platform, when it is launched in May.

This is going to be a great advantage for Google when all these channels are added. This will surely give them a competitive edge over At&T TV Now and Amazon Prime Channels. Even Hulu doesn’t have access to these channels.

If YouTube TV offers customers more than70 channels, then the price they are asking for a subscription would be worth it.

The channels on YouTube TV would be more than any other streaming service, and the customer will have access to more. As of January 2020, YouTube TV has the list of following channels available for the user:

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • Fox
  • NBC
  • ACCN
  • AMC
  • Adult Swim
  • BBC
  • Animal Planet
  • BBC world news
  • BTN
  • Bravo
  • CBS Sports
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • Cartoon Network
  • Cheddar Big News
  • Cheddar Business
  • CornetTV
  • Discovery
  • Disney
  • E!
  • ESPN
  • Fox business
  • Fox News

There are many other big names available on YouTube TVs, like MLB Game of the Week, Freeform, Food Network, and HGTV. If a customer is getting so many choices online, and in much less price, with more content, then why won’t they cut off their cable?

There are other add-ons available on YouTube TV, but the customer has to pay for these add-ons. They include AMC Premiere, CuriosityStream, Fox Soccer Plus, NBA League Pass, Showtime, Shudder, Starz, and Sundance Now.

User Interface of YouTube TV

The user interface of YouTube TV is very simple and straightforward. There are some minor changes in the interface, as software on which it is working changes.

However, most of the time the interface remains consistent, whether you run it on the console, desktop, or on your mobile device.

10 Best Tips for Using YouTube TV better

YouTube TV

If you have brought the subscription to YouTube TV, then you need to know how to use it better.

You can use YouTube TV almost everywhere. Whether it is your Android phone, iOS tab, Chromecast, Apple TV, or Xbox One, you can watch YouTube TV anywhere.

Tabs Available on YouTube TV

There are three main tabs available on YouTube TV, library, home, and life. The library is the place where the user will find shows or sports teams they have added to their account. The library section also contains the DVR recordings of the user.

The Home tab of this app recommends shows to you, based on your past references and what you have added to your list. The Live tab shows what is happening on the channels that you can watch on YouTube TV.

Customizing the Live Tab

The live tab can easily get cluttered, and you will find live channels there, which you don’t even watch. In such a case, you can change the order of the channels, or even remove some that you know you don’t want to watch.

First, go to the Live tab and then select ‘sort’ and ‘custom’. Tap on the red checkmark that you see on the screen, and then remove the channel that you don’t want cluttering your Live tab.

You can drag and drop the existing channels to reorder them, by making a list of preferences. When you choose the custom list on every one of your devices, then you will no longer see the channels you have removed.

Family Sharing

You can share your YouTube TV account with your friends and family members. Each member can make their list of favorite TV channels, set alerts when their favorite shows are live and DVR library.

To share the account with family, Simply tap on your profile photo, then settings, and choose family sharing options. You have to use a Gmail account when you first sign up on YouTube TV.

Notifications & Push Alerts

When you see a show’s page on the YouTube TV app, you will see a bell icon and a plus icon. Tap the bell if you want to get push alerts of a show, that becomes available on the Live tab.

The plus icon will also add the show to your library, and you can record any episodes that you want. You don’t have to manage the DVR, and YouTube TV doesn’t impose any restrictions on the storage limit.

If you want to add more than 10 shows, you can easily do so.

Commercials on YouTube TV

Most of the time, when people DVR shows, they can skip commercials. The controls on YouTube tv promo code are similar compared to YouTube’s video app.

For example, if you double-tap on the right side of the screen, then you can skip ahead 15 seconds.

A single tap brings up more controls that the user can benefit from, like going back 15 seconds or pausing the show completely.

Search Option

With the help of the search option, you can add shows to your library and even search movies that are available on demand.

The app even lets you add shows and movies to your account DVR. Whenever you have the time or you are in the mode, you can come back and watch a movie.

Dark Mode

If you are using YouTube TV on your computer, then there is a dark mode available on the app. In case you are using Apple TV, then the dark mode is available on it by default.

If you want to enable dark mode on your computer, then you have to first click on your profile icon, and then choose the Dark Theme option from the list of given options.

Next, you can click on the switch to the theme you want the option given. If you don’t want the night theme, then you can easily disable it.

Kid-Friendly Space

Users can make YouTube TV a kid-friendly space, as it limits content for them. The older audience can enable filters to access the content.

For this, they have to first click on their profile icon, go to settings and from there, choose the filter option. They can toggle the switch to on position. When the filter is enabled, then the user will have the following choices to limit rating:

  • TV-Y
  • TV-G
  • TV-Y7-FV
  • TV-G
  • G
  • PG

Pros of YouTube

There are so many advantages of using YouTube TV. The biggest advantage is that people don’t have to pay for cable anymore, and they can get access to more channels, then they would get otherwise.

Moreover, if a person doesn’t want to watch a channel, and consider it a distraction, then they can simply remove that from their YouTube TV app.

Further, people can watch TV by sharing the same subscription, and they can watch the channels, shows or movies, on different devices. If you are leaving the house, then switch off your tablet, and keep watching what you were, on your smartphone.

The best part of streaming on YouTube TV app is that if I am flawless. The buffering doesn’t take much time, even if the internet speed is 13 Mbps, or even faster for HD videos.

There are 70 channels that YouTube TV offers, and there are major sports channels available as well. If someone likes to watch multiple sports, then they can do so by buying a subscription on YouTube TV.

You can get six accounts with just one subscription, and three screens can work at the same time. The voice control feature eliminates the need for remote control.

You can pick a channel, choose any playback option you want, just with your voice. This is a very attractive feature for those, who have Google Home because it functions with voice control.

The variety of videos and content that YouTube TV is adding to their database is amazing. It offers a crisp picture quality for users, and there is nothing better than having every good channel in one place.

Imagine, having live news on the go, not just from one station, but multiple stations.

Just like the YouTube app, people can delete or pause their search and watch history, if they want to hide it from others.

Moreover, if they want to spend less data on YouTube TV, then they can easily change the video quality, just like they do in the YouTube app. The video quality can go down to 360p, and this will reduce data consumption, greatly.

Cons of Using YouTube TV

YouTube TV is offering users the best platform for all their streaming needs. They are making it possible for customers to watch all the good channels in one place. However, there are some shortcomings to this TV app as well.

The current price of a one-month subscription is $50, and this is higher compared to the competitors. Moreover, even if a person doesn’t watch that many channels, and only need a few, they are pretty much paying for all the channels in the list.

Even though Google has stated that YouTube TV app would be offering more content soon, but asking for such a price when they don’t have HBO or PBS yet, doesn’t seem like a budget-friendly option.

The offline viewing option is the biggest drawback of buying a YouTube TV subscription. Not everyone has a Wi-Fi connection with them all the time.

Unlike YouTube, the TV app doesn’t let the user download shows for later viewing. If you are traveling most of the time, or don’t have a 24/7 Wi-Fi connection, then this is not the right app for you.

Another problem with the YouTube tv apk for Android tv app and that is something Google should focus on, are genres. There are many genres on YouTube TV app, but the problem is that the user cannot search for these genres.

These options are only available in the search section. For example, first, they have to click on shows, then comedy and the screen will show them narrower options like dark comedy and documentary.

Verdict: To Buy or Not to Buy?

However, YouTube TV is still the best app out there, and if it adds more major entertainment channels to its list, then it can gain the upper hand. The best part of the app is that it lets you share others, but everyone logs in from their account.

This helps protect the privacy of what each family member or user is watching. It is best to get a subscription of YouTube tv app for Android tv rather than watch the same old channels on cable.

When the cable goes off because of a technical issue, the cable technician takes a lot of time to come. The hassle and the headache that the users can protect themselves from, would be an attractive thing for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouTube TV app free?

YouTube TV is not free, and it costs $49.99 per month for users.

Is the YouTube tv app on FireStick?

YouTube TV app is not available on Firestick, and users can download it from Amazon Store if they live in the USA. However, if they live outside the USA, then the app is not supported.

Is the YouTube TV app on Roku?

If users want the YouTube TV app on Roku, then they can add it through the Streaming Channels menu.

However, not every Roku player is compatible with the YouTube TV service. If it is compatible, then the user can watch about 70 channels on their Roku player.

Is the YouTube TV app on LG?

If the user has an LG TV that was released in 2017 or after that, then the YouTube TV app will work on it. The main condition here is that the LG TV should be a Smart TV.

If someone wants to install the YouTube TV app on LG TV, then they have to simply go to the LG Content Store, and search for the app. They can download and run it, once they have found it.

Is the YouTube Tv App on PS4?

YouTube TV is available on PS4, and it has become the first third party live TV subscription for the gaming console.

If you want to download YouTube TV on PS4, then you can easily do so through the PlayStation Store. The first month is free for every customer, after which they have to pay $50 per month. They can cancel their subscription anytime they want.

Can I pause YouTube TV live?

YouTube TV allows you to watch live channels on its app. If you want to pause it, then you can, and even use the digital video recorder feature.

Is YouTube and YouTube TV app the same?

YouTube and YouTube TV app are not the same, and you have to download the YouTube TV app separately.

How many locations you can watch YouTube TV apps?

The YouTube TV app is only available in the United States. You can share the same subscription with six people, and run three screens at the same time.

The interesting thing here is that the people you are sharing your YouTube TV subscription with, they should be in the same location as you.

If I have DVR my shows, then can I skip the commercials?

There have been complaints from YouTube TV users, that even when they use the DVR option, they are still unable to skip the commercials.

Now, Google has made deals with several major networks, which will give customers the chance to skip commercials, when they DVR their shows. The current DVR settings let the user skip ads on both NBC and Fox.

How long do the DVR shows remain in the library of the YouTube TV app?

The DVR shows remain for 9 months in the DVR app. However, if you have watched them, and no longer need them, then the shows can be deleted as well.

If you want to view your recent recordings, then they are available at the bottom of the screen.

Do I need to use a remote for YouTube App?

The best part of the YouTube app is that it comes with a voice remote app feature.

The users can send commands to their YouTube service, with the help of Google Home speakers.

However, if someone doesn’t have access to the Google Assistant device, then they can use their mobile app to get chatty with YouTube TV.

Should I buy a YouTube TV App subscription?

If you are unsatisfied with your cables and the channels you have access to, then you should buy the subscription of a YouTube TV app.

This way, you will have access to 70 channels. However, if you are buying a YouTube TV app, then you should assess your streaming needs first.

Do you have time to watch the channels that the app shows you? Do you need shows and movies that you can stream with convenience, or you need live shows?

Answering these questions will help you decide whether you need a YouTube TV app or not. Some people don’t watch TV much, or they don’t have the time to.

Moreover, paying $50 for TV subscription and the channels that they don’t even watch, might feel a bit too much for people. AmazeInvent easy ways to help you with critical problems.

Is YouTube TV better than Hulu TV+?

The one reason why YouTube TV is better than Hulu+ Live is that it has more channels.

However, Hulu+ Live’s price is more than YouTube TV, while the former costs $54.99, the latter costs $49.99. There are no storage limits on YouTube TV DVR, but Hulu does have storage limits. This makes YouTube TV a better choice compared to Hulu+ Live.

What is included in YouTube TV?

Popular YouTube TV channels include AMC, Bravo, FX, and the USA.

It offers a wide range of 24-hour news networks, including BBC World News, CNBC, Fox News, and MSNBC. The latest YouTube TV channels include CNN, TNT, Adult Swimming, Cartoon Network, TRTV, and Turner Classic Movies.

Is YouTube TV a good deal?

The bottom line is that looking for a live TV streaming service to replace the YouTube TV cable television package is one of the best options.

For $ 49.99 a month, you get a lot more – a robust channel lineup, unlimited DVR, and easy-to-use app on every major platform.

Is YouTube High Definition?

Although YouTube TV supports 1080p resolution at 30 seconds per second, and up to 720p at 60 seconds per second, some channels are still not offering higher frame prices: 60fps currently on ESPN channels, Fox and Fox is limited to sports channels, and the Big Ten network so if you’re watching sports, news, or conversation.

Which is better, Hulu or YouTube TV?

Bottom line: The features of these two services are quite similar, so it depends on what you get when it comes to DVR storage and simultaneous streaming.

YouTube TV has a slight edge, while Hollow On Demand offers much more in terms of content.


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