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How to Add Audio to Google Slides?

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2020)

Google Slides is a new way to make beautiful presentations. If you are making a presentation for a business proposal or a classroom report, then you need this tool. Let’s solve How to Add Audio to Google Slides?

It not only creates creative presentations but also helps users edit and polish them, to give them a professional touch.

Google Slides is really helpful for those students, who want to make a presentation with their team members.

They can comment on the slides, chat and do real-time editing. This will not only save time for each team member but will increase their productivity as well.

For example, if one team member uploads a slide, then the other member can ask him to make the font bigger. When the font size is changed, then the member, who changed it, can mark that comment as ‘marked as resolved’.

Google Slide Features

Team members can give each other permission to edit and view each other’s presentation slides, or just add comments on them. The user interface of this tool is really simple, and even the slides are easy to design.

There are several templates from which, users can choose. They can even start from scratch and come up with their own presentation style. Users can easily add videos, images, and audio in the presentations, to make them more appealing.

OS Support

This tool works on PC, Mac, smartphones, and tablets. This can be very convenient for employees and students, as they can access their presentation on their mobile devices, and can practice until they have to deliver the presentation.

Edit and Save

This tool comes with unlimited revision history, which means that the presentations that students make, they are saved online.

They don’t add to the drive storage of a person, and the person can access them whenever they want, and wherever they want. This gives them the chance to edit their presentation, in case they want to add something or shorten it.

Google Slide Sharing

These presentations can be shared with other people as well. Sharing Google Slides is a very simple process. The User can assign permission to decide who can access their data and edit slides.

Moreover, if someone wants to convert their slides in another format so that they can share it with others, they can easily do so that too.


There are three packages that Google Slide has developed for users; basic, business and enterprise. Here are the prices.

The price for basic is $6 per month, per user and as for business, it is $12. As for the enterprise package, it is best for a company to call the developers of this tool, to decide on a price.

In the basic, business and enterprise packages, there are several common features, which would be available to the user:

  • Creating, editing and collaborating.
  • Google slides can be used anywhere and anytime can be accessed offline
  • Changes are saved automatically
  • Real-time collaboration option is available
  • There are a wide variety of templates available to the user
  • The user can get design recommendations if they use to explore.
  • They can give a presentation.
  • Connect with their audience.
  • Supporting other files like Microsoft Office.
  • Revision history will be available to the users
  • Templates can be customized according to the needs of the customers
  • Information rights management
  • Integrated apps and Slides API

Adding Audio to Google Slides

If a student or an employee wants to add audio to their slides, then there are several ways of doing so.

Adding audio using a Music Streaming Website

If someone wants to add audio using SoundCloud, then first they should make sure that the audio they want to use, is not copyright protected.

Add Audio to Google Slides

  • First, open SoundCloud in the browser, then go to the page that contains the audio you want to add.
  • Click on Share.
  • Copy the URL of the audio.
  • Open the presentation
  • Select the slide in which you want to add the sound file
  • Click on the slide
  • Go to Insert, which is the fourth option, from the left on the top
  • Click Insert
  • Select link
  • A text box will appear and the user should paste the link in it
  • To make sure that the audio file is working, select Present
  • Select the image that contains the link
  • A new browser will open and that would lead the user to the SoundCloud page
  • Select Play and minimize browser; return to the presentation
  • When the user wants to end the audio, he can return to the browser and press pause.

Add Audio to Google Slides

Adding Audio from YouTube to Google Slides

To add audio from a YouTube video, the user has to embed the video.

  • Go to YouTube, and open the page that contains the video you want to use.
  • Click on share and then copy the link to the clipboard.
  • Open the presentation and click on the slide where you want to add the audio file.
  • Go to insert and choose the video option.
  • A dialog box will open, and the user has to selectby URL’ option
  • Paste the URL and then choose a select option.
  • You will see a thumbnail image of the YouTube video on the slide
  • Resize and move the video on the slide, so it doesn’t take much space.
  • Select the video thumbnail and then click on Select Format options.
  • Expand the video playback list and then enter the Start and End at timestamps. This allows the user to decide when the video should start and when it should end
  • Select the option of Autoplay when presenting and close the panel.
  • Select Present to start a slide show and you will be able to hear the audio.


What are the features that Google Slide offers?

Google slide offers users to make charts and diagrams. They can insert videos, audios, objects, and shapes, as well as enable animation.

Are other presentations convertible into Slides?

There are different files that can be converted into a Google Slide format. During the conversion process, nothing will change.

How does the feature of co-editing works?

Multiple people work on the same slide. It is up to a user to give permission to another user, about what they can edit and revise.



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