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How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS4

Tired to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4? Many video games are designed to play with high-end headphones, and if you’re playing on a console you’ll want to have a pair of wireless headphones.

Whether you’re an overnight gamer who doesn’t want to mess around with the rest of the house, or just want to get involved in the process as much as you can.

PS4 is an exciting thing for those, who love high definition games. Imagine, playing a game where you can see every detail, and it is exactly like being inside the game.

It provides you with an immersive experience, you have never imagined before.

Sony released PS4 and PS4 Pro, for passionate gamers and they are not that different from each other. These differences will help a user decide, which one they want to buy for their gaming experience.


The PS4 Pro’s GPU is very powerful, twice as much as PS4. GPU is an integral part of PS4 because it runs 3D games very smoothly. While PS4 can run at 1.84 teraflops, the PS4 Pro can run at 4.2 teraflops, and that is a huge difference.

While both have the same memory, but PS4 Pro is quicker, and the user can get 1 GB more memory when they buy it. Sony has reserved this memory for non-gaming activities like you can stream Hulu and Netflix using your PS4.

PS4 can play HDR videos, and PS4 Pro can play 4K videos. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi specifications are pretty much the same for these devices.


For those who have never seen 4K videos, they might not be able to tell the difference between the quality of images in both versions. In PS4 and PS4 Pro, there is not much difference, except the lighting of the scene.

PS4 Pro has some pixels and supports 4K resolution, which is why the screen will look more realistic compared to PS4.

PS4 Pro gives users the chance to use multiple items in their games, to create such details that they can get it in PS4 original.

This upgraded version is truly an immersive one, but also expensive. If someone gets a PS4 Pro, then they need a monitor or TV that supports a 4K resolution.

If they don’t get one with a 4K resolution, then they won’t be able to fully enjoy their PS4 Pro. This is why, it is best to get the PS4 original, as it will provide the user with the same specifications and a good gaming experience.


There is a misconception that the games people buy for PS4 original, they can’t play it in PS4 Pro. Sony has made sure that every game made for PS4, works in PS4 Pro as well.

PS4 games are expensive, and it could be a problem for passionate gamers to find them at a cheap price.

When Sony was releasing PS4, they released multiple games as well. These games include ‘The Last Guardian’, ‘The Last of Us Remastered’, ‘The Rise of the Tomb Raider, and ‘Resident Evil 7’.

Gaming Monitors

Those who don’t want to play games on their TV, get gaming monitors. There are so many monitors available in the market that the user will become confused about which one to buy. Some of the best gaming monitors include ASUS ROG Swift, Acer Predator, and BenQ.

When buying a gaming monitor, users should always consider their specifications, and then analyze their own needs. For example, BenQ EL2870U has a screen of 28 inches, and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

The resolution that the gaming monitor offers is 3840×2160, and a response time of 1ms. The refresh rate of this monitor is 60Hz, and the weight is 16.87lbs.

These are the specifications that matter; also, users should make sure that monitors have built-in speakers. However, even though most monitors have built-in speakers, people still like some extra sound, and they end up buying Bluetooth headphones.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS4?

Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS4

To connect a Bluetooth headset with PS4, the user needs to buy an audio cable, which comes with a built-in microphone.

Most Bluetooth headsets, nowadays, come with this cable, so that won’t be a problem for the gamer.

Follow the steps below:

  • Take the Bluetooth headset and the PS4 controller.
  • Connect them with the audio cable and the built-in mic.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth headset.
  • Open PS4.
  • Open Settings in PS4, go-to devices, and then Bluetooth devices.
  • Select the name of the headset that you want to connect to the PS4.
  • Go to devices.
  • Tap on Audio devices.
  • Click the Output Device option.
  • Select the Headset connected to the controller option.
  • Click on the Volume Control option, and adjust it according to your needs
  • Click Output to headphones and then select the All Audio option.
  • The headset is connected to PS4, and it has started working

Using a USB Adapter

This is another way of connecting a headphone to a PS4. Take the USB adapter and then insert it into the USB slot of your PS4.

Switch the Bluetooth headset on and then go to the audio settings in your PS4. Click the Output Device and then select the USB Headset option.

  • The screen will give the user an audio adjustment option, and they can set it accordingly.
  • Click Output to Headphones and then select All Audio.
  • The headphone is now connected, and you can start playing your games.

Dongle & PS4

If you want to use a dongle to connect your Bluetooth headphones with PS4, then this can happen as well.

First, buy a dongle with a wireless microphone, as it will receive the Bluetooth signals.

Insert the mic into the PS4 controller, and the Bluetooth Dongle in the PS4 USB slot. Switch on the dongle by pressing its button, and do the same with the Bluetooth headset.

In the PS4 audio settings, in the output devices option, choose USB headset and then repeat the same steps as above. The Bluetooth headphone will connect to the PS4, ad that is as simple as that!

PS4 is a treat for gamers because it allows them to go on different adventures, within their home. They can even play movies on their PS4, and they will find that experience, fascinating.

Gamers love PS4 because of its high definition specifications, and also because it gives them the chance to play with other people.


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