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How To Add Music To Instagram Video Post?

If you are making a story on Instagram, but you really want it to have a piece of good background music, then Instagram has added that feature for you!

When you add music to a video or story, you can express yourself better.

There are so many Instagram users nowadays, and this feature is very popular among users. Instagram has added this feature, because it knows how people like to made content nowadays, and add flavors to it.

How To Add Music To Instagram Video Post?

Add Music To Instagram Video Post

When you are adding a video to your Instagram feed, you can also add photos and pictures to it. There are Instagram stickers, that people add to their pictures and videos, to make them look more appealing.

  • Now, when they open the camera, they will be able to swipe to the Music option as well.Add Music To Instagram Video Post
  • Which is placed under the record button for convenience. You can search for a song, or choose the one that you have already saved on your smartphone.Add Music To Instagram Video Post
  • The user would be able to select the exact line from which the music should be placed in the background of the video or picture.

As soon as someone opens the story or video that you have posted on Instagram, they will also be able to hear the background music you have selected. However, in some countries, Instagram music isn’t available yet, so the user would have to check the regional restrictions.

When someone views your video with background music, they will also be able to see a sticker that will show the name of the song and its artist name. Still, receiving the questions from the audience like how to add music to Instagram video posts without copyright?

Instagram continues to add songs to their library now, and the background music option is available so far in 51 countries.

Why Add Music?

Instagram users like pictures, but they also like videos. Moreover, if you are making an Instagram story, then you should include music in the background because people are more likely to watch such stories.

  • Adding music to stories would be a delightful thing for your followers, and they would keep coming back for more.
  • If you are a brand, then this is the perfect feature for you, as you can add music that the followers can associate with the brand.

High-Quality Stock Images

If you are making an Instagram story, and you don’t have good images, then you can use high-quality stock images. There are many websites from where you can get quality stock images available for free, and use them in the story.

  • If you are making content, then make sure that it is engaging.making content instagram
  • Leave a line, which would make the followers think about how they relate to that line.Instagram followers
  • Create content that is not offensive to anyone, but is enjoyable for everyone.
  • Make sure that you never post any insensitive content, because that would give rise to conflicting debates.sensitive content

Further, if you are using Instagram to get followers, then you need to create different kinds of content.

  • Videos do engage followers, but you should post stories, reels, and pictures now and then as well.instagram
  • Make sure that the content you create is original, and not taken from anywhere else.instagram writing skills
  • If you are reposting someone else’s content, then make sure you credit them.reposting

Actually, the facts of how to add music to Instagram video posts not story yet not resolved.

Brands and Instagram Stories

Brands can use Instagram stories and add background music to those stories as well. If they want to grab the attention of customers, then they should choose a piece of music that customers are familiar with.

They can use Instagram stories to live broadcast their events, broadcasting interviews with their brand ambassador, and for announcements about flash sales. This would keep the customer interested, especially if the brand is something that they buy often.

Instagram can be a really good place for influencers, brands, or just for content consumers. If you really want to find entertainment content linked to your favorite TV show or movie, then Instagram is the perfect place for you. The artists that you love dearly, they are on Instagram, except those who don’t like social media at all!


Making Instagram stories and videos, and adding music to them is a really fun thing to do. Those who are in the habit of using this social media platform would already know about this feature.

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