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How To Stop A Raid In Minecraft? [ Command ]

Minecraft is an interesting game because it makes a gamer think about creative situations. Within Minecraft, raids take place where mobs attack a village.

This mob consists of pillagers, ravagers, evokers, and even vindicators. Their main objective is to kill as many people as possible in the village. If the gamer is not able to handle this attack properly, then this could result in the death of villagers.

Types of equipment in Minecraft

Stop A Raid In Minecraft

There are several types of equipment in Minecraft, which can be used for stopping the raid. The first is the iron sword, which makes it easier to eliminate enemies because of 1)Sharpness and 2)Fire Aspect.

The villagers or those who are fighting the mob can wear iron armor, as that makes them less vulnerable. If the fighters can ensure survivability, then that would reduce the damage, especially from evocation fangs.

There are tools at the gamer’s disposal, which he can use to hide villagers underground. If only blocking doors doesn’t work, then the gamer can use certain tools.


There are vexes who are part of the raiding mob as well, and to make sure that they don’t hurt you, you need to use a shield. A shield will also come in handy when a vindicator blows. In case you want to kill enemies from a distance, then you should use a bow or a crossbow.

In Minecraft, during a raid, a player needs to make sure that he has access to nutritious food like steak and bread. This nutritious food can come in handy for regenerating health.

Moreover, a water bucket and expandable blocks are also used by players in raids. Expendable blocks can help in barricading the village houses so that the enemies don’t come inside.

There is some optional equipment also available for gamers. For example, players can use ender pearls, if they want to escape quickly from somewhere.

They can use milk to remove the negative impact on their performance, or splash potions, for hindering raiders.

To know how to stop a raid in Minecraft command? Go ahead.


Stop A Raid In Minecraft

Preparing to Defend

It is not easy to sop a raid in Minecraft, which is why a player needs to prepare the village first. Before a raid takes place, the village has to be prepared.

Stop A Raid In Minecraft

  • The first thing that the player can do is adopt the walling of the village strategy.
  • They can wall the village’s perimeter using strong blocks like wood.
  • The raiders won’t be able to stop solid blocks and cross the wall.
  • They will be stuck at finding a way through which they can enter the village.
  • To scale the wall, the player can use a ladder, and even shoot the mob using a bow and arrow.

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  • The player can set traps for the mob, outside the perimeter of the village.
  • The most commonly used traps are Lava traps and cobweb traps.
  • They can either damage the raiders or slow them down.
  • If the player can make holders surrounding the wall, then those holds can be used for trapping the raiders as well.

Villager Doorways

Villager Doorways

This is an effective way of stopping the mobs; block the houses of the villagers. This way, the vexes won’t be able to access the inside of the houses, and the player would have to deal with the raiders.

What Starts the Raid?

  • It is the Bad Omen effect that triggers the raid, and it is obtained after the villager captain is killed.
  • If a player wants to begin a raid, then they have to compromise a villager and a claimed bed with the Bad Omen effect.
  • The raiding villagers will start spawning within 64 blocks of the village, however, this depends on the render distance.

cutting gresss

When the raid starts, then it should be a priority for the player to look for raiders, and then kill them. The player rings the village bell, and this will afflict the raiders nearby. This step will implement the glowing status effect, and the player would be able to determine their location.

The three raiders that the player should focus on are:

  1. Avengers.
  2. Evokers.
  3. Witches.

Witches can heal raiders, which is why they should be killed first. Ravagers can destroy crops and evokers spawn vexes, causing further destruction.

The tools mentioned above would be the best way to stop a raid in Minecraft.

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