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How to Black Text on 4Chan? [ Formatting ]

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Black Text on 4Chan

Do you know what 4Chan is? and how to how to black text on 4Chan? It is an imageboard website, where users can go and post anonymously. There is no registration system on the website, and there are various boards with different content and guidelines.

For example, people come on 4Chan and give spoilers to movies, books, and even video games. In case someone wants to blackout the spoiler, then it can be easily done.

Black Text on 4Chan

  • Open your browser and go to the 4Chan website
  • In the option of Board’s Listing area, select a board of your interest

Black Text on 4Chan

  • When you see a comment that contains a spoiler, or any image that can spoil a show, click on the Reply
  • Fill in the information that is required, like name, email address, and subject
  • Open the spoiler tag, which you will find in the comment section, and then type [spoiler]
  • Type the words that would spoil an episode, video games, or a movie plot for the leaders
  • Close the spoiler tag by typing [/spoiler]

Black Text on 4Chan

  • The text that you wanted to mark as a spoiler, will blackout

4Chan Website

For those who don’t know much about the website, this article is going to discuss its features.

Black Text on 4Chan

It is an image-based bulletin, where there is no sign in option. Most people who come here to comment on images and topics, do so anonymously. There are boards on multiple topics like anime, videogames, music, photography, and much more.

In the categories available on the website, there are subcategories too.

  • For example, if you go to the Japanese Culture category, there are multiple topics you can explore here.
  • These topics include anime, mecha, cosplay, flash, and otaku culture.
  • Similarly, under the category of video games, users can explore multiple options like retro games, Pokemon, and RPG.

The reason why so many people are interested in this website is that they can post anonymously, and can discuss a variety of topics. For example, they can talk about traditional games, sports, alternative sports, history, and humanities, outdoors, and toys.

If you have ever used Reddit, then 4Chan is something similar to it. It has a very easy to use interface, and the navigation is smooth as well. However, there is not a search option, but still, more than 22 million users love this space.

Uniqueness of 4Chan

Uniqueness of 4Chan

In 4Chan, you can’t communicate with other participants in a thread, through direct messages. There is no chance of establishing a social relationship with other users, unless and until someone reveals their identity. The majority of the users on 4Chan post anonymously, and they don’t feel the desire to reveal who they are.

A unique thing about 4Chan is that their thread expires after a certain period of time. If a board is rated R, then it will expire sooner compared to a PG or G rated board.

This means that, if a person posted something on an R rated board, then others might not be able to see it if they log in after a few days of absence from 4Chan. The posts are deleted from the servers of the website and are even organized reverse-chronologically.

The design of the website is minimalist, which might make it difficult for nonusers to adjust to it. There are two things that every user should remember about 4Chan:

  1. It doesn’t have that many rules.
  2. It is just a forum where you can post anonymously on any topic of your interest.

Users of 4Chan

Black Text on 4Chan

The people who use 4Chan, basically comprise of Japanese young men, who are college-educated. They have an interest in Japanese cultures like comics and technology. Many users are from English speaking countries, but the website gets traffic from Germany and Sweden as well.

If you like memes, or you want to discuss anime, then 4Chan is a really good platform. In case you didn’t know, this website is also responsible for some large hoaxes, and cyberbullying incidents. There are so many funny memes that have come out of this website, like rage comics, and advice animals memes.

While 4Chan is a forum where you can find out more regarding your interests, it is a place where parents shouldn’t allow their children to be. It is mostly for mature people, who know what they are talking about, and the forums that they should explore.

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