How to Install & Run Microsoft Works on Windows 10

Now you can install & run Microsoft Works on Windows 10. Those who have never heard of Microsoft Works should know that it has been around since 1987.

Is Microsoft works free download for windows 10? It is a word processing software, which is a Microsoft product.

This is a program that was used in the place of Microsoft Word because there is a difference in cost between the two programs.

Moreover, Word and Works have two separate file formats. The format for Word documents is DOC or even DOCX, and Works has the WPS format.

How to install & run Microsoft Works on Windows 10?

The last version that was developed of Microsoft Works was 9.0, after which Microsoft didn’t carry on with its distribution and development.

Microsoft works for windows 10 64 bit and Microsoft Works can still be bought from online stores, but no one is sure as to whether they are compatible with Windows 7 and other versions or not.

If you are using Windows 10, and you want to use Microsoft Works, then there are a few methods you can try.

Executable File

  • The first thing that you need to do is get the Microsoft Works installation CD.
  • Run the CD on Windows 10, and then open the folder that contains the executable file for the software like Reset The HP Recovery CD Builder.
  • You might find it in Program Files, right-click on the executable file, and then choose the option of Troubleshoot compatibility.
  • This option is going to choose the appropriate compatibility mode for the user, and when the process is completed, the user should click on Try Recommended Settings.
  • Then, under the heading of ‘test compatibility settings for the program’, click on Test the Program.

Now, the user will get access to the Microsoft Works application, and they can see the user interface on their screen.


For this, the user has to download a converter called ‘Microsoft Works 6-9 File Converter’.

  • When the user downloads this software, it lets them edit and save files in the Works Word Processor file format. If the user wants this fix to work, then they should have Microsoft Office installed as well on their PC.

There are other online converters available as well if the user doesn’t want to install the software. Still, having confusion about how to install Microsoft Works 8.5 on Windows 10?


When Microsoft Works first came to Windows, it had multiple features that were helpful for users.

For example, it had a word processor, people could make spreadsheets for their business, and they could develop a database.

When users stored their information on Microsoft Works, the software gave them the auto backup and recovery feature as well. They had access to a dictionary and a calendar as well. However, there weren’t many editing tools, and the spreadsheet wasn’t compatible with Excel macros.

The user interface of the software mainly remained the same. There is a Task Launcher on Microsoft Works, which allows the user to focus on their task and not the application.

The user has to click on the fitness tracking template, and the Works spreadsheet would launch an activity log, for example for Aerobics, so that the user can fill it.

There are some Microsoft programs that Works can detect, but not all of them because of its limitations. Perhaps, the best feature of Works is the dictionary that the user has access to.

If they don’t understand a word and would like to see a quick definition, then this feature comes in handy. There is a pop-up screen, where the user can search for a difficult word and see its definition.

There are also parental controls on the dictionary, to limit the definitions that the user sees, to family-friendly ones.

Office of Works

Users who have used Microsoft Works, know that it has limited features. Several programs work on Office but not on Works.

For example, the user can access OneNote, Outlook, Access, Publisher, and PowerPoint when they have Microsoft Office installed on their computer. However, Works offers only a few applications like Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Portfolio, and Task Launcher.

Many of these applications are the previous version of the current Microsoft Office applications.

Whenever someone is about to upload a document on a website, to submit a form or a CV, that website would always ask them to upload the file in Doc or Docx extension format.

This is because, the Microsoft Word extension has become a standard for most websites, which means that even if someone does make a document in Works, they have to convert it in Word format.

Even though Works was cheaper compared to Office, it didn’t have the many features that Office did. This is why, most people prefer to use Microsoft Word features and not Works. However, if someone is a beginner, and is just starting to use Word-related documents, then they would feel more comfortable with Works before they move on to Word.

Microsoft did discontinue Works, which is the reason users stopped using it or looking for it. If Microsoft Works stopped updating, then that would be a drawback for the user, as they won’t get any new features, and the old bugs won’t get fixed.

Microsoft Works Last Release

In 2007, Microsoft Works released a version of Works, where the user had access to a free office package, which was supported by ads. The package offered word processing, spreadsheets, and a chance for the user to enjoy making slides. The code of the Microsoft Works was taken from the older versions of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Works is perfect for beginners, but the file format is not compatible with any website today. However, if someone wants to download Microsoft Works on Windows 10, then they can easily do so if they have a CD.

There are still online retail stores, which offer the executable file of Works for users. The main problem that users would face if they are using Microsoft Works is that there are no updates of the software, which means even if a problem arises, they won’t get much assistance from anyone, and no developer would be available to fix minor bugs.

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