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How to Appear Offline On Discord [ Guide ]

Tired of playing games and talking to others? Need some ‘Me’ time on Discord without alerting people that you are online? Wanna appear offline on the Discord server?

That is very much possible! You can hide from others if you understand the basic Settings of Discord.

Discords is a very popular platform for gamers, as they can stream gameplay to their friends, or just chat with them about the latest game they are playing.

The user can set their status on Discord, telling other users what they are doing. For example, it can be online, idle, or offline.

  • If you want to be on Discord, but don’t want others to know, then you can just choose the status of ‘Invisible’, by going to status on your profile.
  • Once you do that, nobody will be able to see that you are still on Discord, and you can do whatever you want to.

However, remember that while others can’t see that you are online, they can still see your activity. If you are commenting on something, then that comment will still be visible.

How to appear offline on Discord Server?

If you are on Discord, and you want to change your status, then simply follow the steps below:

  • Go to your profile picture, which is at the bottom left of Discord
  • There, you will find 4 options; 1) online, 2) idle, 3) Do not Disturb and 4) Invisible
  • Simply choose the option of Invisible

This is it! You can now use Discord, without others knowing that you are online. If you want to change back your status to Online or Do not Disturb, then simply follow the same instructions.

How to hide offline on Discord?

At the moment, there is no way to hide the offline members on Discord.

  • As per Discord, if a person has about 100 members, only then they can hide the offline members.
  • Discord customer service states that when a person’s list of members reaches 100, then the offline members are automatically hidden.

There is no other way to hide them, for now.

How to tell if someone is invisible or offline Discord?

You want to see if someone is available on Discord or offline? Then look at their status! If they are idle, then it most probably means that they are not currently using Discord, but will be back very soon.

  • In case the status is on ‘Do not Disturb’, then they might be gaming and don’t want to be interrupted.
  • If someone has set their status invisible, then they are probably offline or don’t want to appear online.
  • These pre-defined statuses pretty much show who is online on Discord, and who isn’t.

The best part about Discord is that it lets you custom set statuses as well. If you want to tell people what you are playing, or eating, then you can set a custom status and even a time limit for it.

  • For setting a custom status, simply go to the same settings where you set a pre-defined status.
  • There, you will see the option of custom status and can write whatever you want.
  • That status won’t stay there for more than 24 hours, or as per the time limit you set for it.

People at times, don’t want others to know that they are online on a platform. They might not be interested in talking, and only in playing games or reading what others are talking about on the forum. Some people might find it hard to absorb all the information that they see on different Discord Servers, which is why they might appear invisible to read what they haven’t.


Discord is a great place for people, who love the same things. For example, if you are into Chinese novels and anime, then you can surely join Discord and the many channels available there.

You will find that there are people who share the same interests, and would be willing to share the content that you have never seen before. This gaming platform is also a great place for people who make art or fan art related to TV shows, games,, and anime because they get more appreciation out of it.

Discord is an amazing website, and you can quickly get the hang of its helpful features.

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According to the Discord forum, you can get too simple ways to appear offline over the profile. here


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