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How To Level Up On Steam [ Fast, Free, Bot ]

Who doesn’t like a level up on steam? Whether it is a game or just Steam, players would love to get access to higher levels, bonuses, and extra slots on their friend’s list.

There is a Steam user leaderboard, where the players can see who has the most levels, and who is on the top. For those who want to know how they can do free steam level up bot, there are many things that they can try out.

How to level up on Steam for free?

  • It is not possible to level on Steam for free, because the players need to do multiple things to level up, and they all involve purchases:
  • They need to craft badges, and these badges are crafted when the players trade their cards
  • A game will only give the player a half set of badges, and the player has to either trade or buys the rest
  • The badges are available on the Steam marketplace
  • When the user gets a crafted badge, they will get 100XP; when the player can collect 500XP, then their level goes up

How to craft badges on Steam?

There are four easy steps through which the user can craft a badge:

  • First, gather all the cards to make a set.
  • Then visit the badges page.
  • Look for the game whose set is complete.
  • Extend the game and then click on the big craft button, which is in blue color.

If you want to see the cards that you have or don’t have, simply go to the badges page, and then under the Badges in Progress tab, select a badge.

  • This will show you the card set, the ones that you already have, and the ones that you don’t.

When you craft a badge, the main question is what do you get out of it?

  • You will get an emoticon item that is created for the game and can be used in chats.

There will be a background item created for the game, which can be used in the Community Profile.

  • The player will get a chance to earn a discount coupon for either a different game or DLC.
  • Lastly, the best thing that the user will get out of crafting a badge is an increase in 100XP, which is most likely to give them a level-up on Steam.

How to level up on Steam without spending money?

 The best way to level up on Steam is by buying cards or crafting badges. However, it is not possible to level up without spending money.

  • Getting a level up on Steam is very important because it is a great way for one to show that they are very much invested in their Steam account.
  • When the level goes up, then the user will get to customize their own profile, and add more friends to their friend list.

Apart from the craft badges, the user can also buy many games. If they buy games, then the chances of their level increasing would go up.

  • Usually, those who play games at the start, buy games. For example, if someone buys a Sharp-Eyed Stockpiler, then their XP will increase by 246.

Another way to level up is by completing the Steam profile. You are going to free steam level up bot. You need to complete the profile, and even the requested challenges.

  • This is the easiest way to boost the account. There are many tasks, which the player has to complete and they will reach the Bonus 5 Levels.
  • The more tasks they complete, the better it will be for their account.

The next thing that a player can do is use Steam Sales. During the Holiday season, there are sales events where players can buy as many games as they want, at a cheaper price.

  • They can even buy trading cards or with the help of their craft badges.
  • If you can translate and help the Steam community, then you can get a badge worth 100XP.
  • In case you know a little about developing, you can get a badge of 500XP.

There are community moderators who need help, The steam level-up bot is free, and if you help them, then that will give you a badge of 500XP. However, you have to prove that you can be helpful, and you need to be active as well.


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