How to View Friends Old Snapchat Stories

Snapchat is the most well-known platform of all time?

It allows you to upload photos at any time and you can even put a timer on these videos and photos for how long they will last there. Snapchat also provides you with many filters to make your face look better.

It helps you to create creative content as much as you want. There are many reasons why this application is the most attractive of all other applications.

Snapchat gives you the possibility of saving your photos as a memory.

You can view these images at any time without getting rid of the internet connection, it is not always important to save all your pictures in the gallery on Snapchat, because it gives you a memory option where all your images can be saved forever, except if you delete your account.


Sometimes when you get bored or cry and just want to let someone know about it, you just add a picture of yourself and send it.

Every moment will be saved. Snapchat also provides you with an optional sequence where you can compete with your friends. However, sometimes you just want to revisit these moments and memories that you or anyone else shared.

In this article, I will help you to find a way to see your old shots on Snapchat.

You can also retrieve your old pictures in advance without being alarmed in the future. There are two ways to collect old pictures.

Now it depends on you who snap you want to recover if you try to keep the pictures you will receive in the future or present then you take the less challenging path. it’s so easy to keep a record of photos because there are a lot of apps specially made for that purpose.

I know that some people say that you can simply take a screenshot of these pictures and they will be saved but that’s not a better option because that’s a bad idea.

Snapchat notifies others when you take a screenshot of their stories or chat. but there are ways that you can do it and the sender wouldn’t know about it.

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View Friend’s Old Snapchat Stories

Save stories an application where you don’t need to connect to Snapchat and it won’t let the other person anyway. But that person wouldn’t know about it if you were taking a screenshot.

You can use this app to capture videos or images without being worried as you are restricted with a screenshot.

However, this application is specially designed for the Android version. So, it was an app that can be useful for you without getting in too much trouble.

iOS screen recorder

This application is not specifically designed for Snapchat, but it can do your job. This application can save your screen and makes a video file.

No matter what you recorded, you can simply view these snaps at any time as they can record what you want on Snapchat, even if it is chatting with foreign friends of the family or one person in particular. We can record their stories without them knowing.

  • The first thing to verify Snapchat memories is that there is a map icon on the left side of the save button.
  • This is where you can simply click on it and your memories will show up.
  • If you still can’t see a memory, keep reading.

Now if you want to revisit a snap that’s already expired, you can do it, but it will take a little longer than before.

No matter how much Snapchat exists that steps are deleted once they are expired, but this is not the case and this is not true because these pictures will always be in your phone cache.

  • Connect your Android device to your computer via USB and then open the Phone drive.
  • In the complete drive, you will find a named folder with data that is primarily located in the Android folder listed at the top.
  • The data folder contains cache data from all your applications.
  • There’ll be a folder with the name com.snapchat.andriod.
  • There will be another folder in cache, labeled as recieved_image_snaps.

Any clichés that will be in the received clichés you can access it but the file type is altered so you will need to download third-party applications Studio KUMA.

The media manager is a very simple application that can assist you in reformatting files.


  • If you had an iPhone user, you can simply use a recovery tool to find all of your old shots that are lost.
  • The best utility out there is UltData.
  • You can simply get all your old photos by using it and it will help you to restore old snaps on Snapchat, no matter if they are friends.

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