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Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: Which is better

People have become so used to seeking help from online maps, to reach their destination that they no longer remember routes.

Online maps, which direct people the road to choose and the turns to take, can be really helpful for those who have a weak memory.

In fact, they can be helpful for those as well, who are new in town, and would like to explore the place on their own, without getting lost.

Origin of Google Maps and Apple Maps

Google Maps started in 2005, as a simple map that offered directions to the people to move from one place to the other. However, now Google has evolved and became something extraordinary.

If you have used Google Maps, then you will know how it tells you about traffic jams, the best route to your destination, and sharing location with others.

The sharing location feature of Google has really made some people safe, who travel by cabs and feel unsafe when there is no one with them.

Simply share location with your family, and they will know on which road you are, and how much time you are spending there.

As for Apple Maps, they launched in 2012, but the initial reviews of the app were not really good. This is because, the maps were inaccurate, and the users didn’t get proper directions from it.

However, 8 years later, and the company has truly built its service. In 2015, it was the most used navigation app by Apple users.  This was also because the app came in built in, and was a default one. However, the company kept on updating and improving the maps offered to the users.

Apple Maps

The main issue that Apple Maps faced initially was that they were trying to put together too many resources in one mapping app. The reason why this worked for Google Maps because, they collected information from their own sources, and that is something Apple didn’t have in 2012.

However, over the years, Apple has come up with new maps as they have sent mapping vans around the continent with giant radar equipment. Even though there are locations that need some improvement, it is a vast advancement from where they were in 2012.

The advantage that Apple Maps have over Google Maps is the visual appeal. It has a very pleasing look, and it really helps people with its clear navigation screen.

There are no distractions when you are looking to find a gas station or a restaurant. There is also an automatic night mode available for the user, which will adjust the screen so that it will become easier for the user to read the screen.

If the user of Apple Maps has stored an event in their calendar, then the Apple Maps will send them a notification about the traffic situation, through the very same app.

This can be really helpful in case someone is thinking about leaving late as the distance is short, but the app notifies them that there is a traffic jam situation, and they should leave right away.

In the recent iOS 11 updates, Apple Maps has indoor maps of selected malls and airports! This is something new, and worth having on your phone if you are a tourist and new to the place. The app displays restaurants, elevators, and even bathrooms, so you won’t have to worry about browsing or feeling lost in a new place.

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The lane guidance feature has also been updated, and users will never miss a lane or turn again. Instead of writing what a location is, Apple Maps uses color-coded locations like a knife and a fork for the eatery, so that the user will know right away that it is a restaurant.

Moreover, the maps will also feature speed limits for different roads, and this is definitely going to be helpful for users.

The difference in Google Maps

Even though Apple Maps have become really advanced and improved over time, they are still not as accurate as Google Maps.

If you check the same address in two maps, you will notice the accurate data that Google provides particularly the name and location of different businesses. Google has comparatively a longer list of businesses, but Apple Maps can still provide directions even if they don’t have the business listed.

Apple Maps doesn’t warn the user about any roadway obstructions, unlike Google Maps. Google Maps tells the user about road conditions and even speed traps.

In Google Maps, you can easily download maps for offline use, and this could be helpful if you are going to a place where you don’t get any reception or Wi-Fi signals. However, if you are using Apple Maps, you can’t download maps for offline use.

The most important difference between the two, which shows that Google Maps is superior, is that Apple Maps is basically only available to iOS users.

Google Maps is available to everyone; those who find Apple Map inaccurate, they end up downloading Google Maps. So far, Google Maps is the superior app between the two, because of the way it updates information regarding everything.

Be it a salon, or a restaurant, or a gym, Google Maps has information about each and every small and large business. Apple Maps is doing well, and it is taking a page from Google’s playbook by sending their vans to update maps, but in terms of data, they are still behind.

However, this doesn’t mean that iOS users would download Google Maps right away. In fact, because of the pleasing look of Apple Maps, iOS users are becoming more and more comfortable using the app.

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In a few years time, with the kind of improvements that Apple Maps are making, and the features they are adding to maps, they will be somewhere near Google Maps, and might even cross it.

However, for this, they have to make more accurate maps and make sure that these maps are available for offline use as well.


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