Top 10+ Best Android Launchers 2024

Android’s dominance over other mobile operating systems is mostly due because of the customization openings it gives to its clients. Mobile launchers are the most adjustable pieces of Android.

Before we start the guide on one of the best Android launchers, we should first know what an Android launcher is.

The way you put your apps in order, the way you manage them, and also how you interact with the apps inside your Android smartphone is termed a launcher.

Android launchers enable you to make changes and customize your phone as much as you want with a wide variety of options provided.

A good bomber can completely modify your phone on a better level.

Top 10+ Best Android Launchers 2024

You can change the look and feel with different icons and themes and also add new functionality such as smart folders and search assistants. Launchers usually consist of a series of home screens, where we can arrange app shortcuts and widgets and an app drawer.

Even though, right now, your smartphone already has a launched pre-installed in it. But you will also find an endless range of third-party Android Launchers that also function even better than the ones already installed on your Android phone.

People might claim to have found the best launcher of all, but that is not possible. People use their phones differently, so there is a possibility that one bomber, the Android Launchers is my favorite, might not suit your needs.

So just in case if you have not found yourself a good launcher that you rely upon, then you have come to the right place. Here we have compiled a list of one of the best bombers that will suit and become the favorite of every type of Android phone user.

Nova launcher App

Nova launcher App

One of the best third-party launchers that you will find on the Google Play store is Nova launchers. It is swift and fast, well organized, and pretty efficient in functioning, and also does not put a lot of load on the phone itself so your screen would not work slowly.

You can work through a lot of options, from color themes to icon packs, scrollable docks to app drawer customizations, folder settings, and infinite scrolling.

One cool thing about the Nova launcher is that the Nova team never rests and is always working and adding new features to the launcher.

Though the Nova launcher is said to be older than most of us, we have been using Android. The new features, such as Sesame Shortcuts, animations, and Oreo improvements.

The app shortcuts present in Android Nougat are also supported by the Nova launcher. The premium paid version will be suggested for you because it will provide a lot of cool features the Android Launchers you can make use of and are worth trying to make your phone more customized and the way you want.

  • You can easily pinch into the screen, swipe, double-tap on the screen, and more to put your commands in effect.
  • To feel like you are ultra-organized, custom tabs and folders can have created in the app drawer.
  • Apps can have removed from the app drawer, and you do not even need to uninstall them.
  • Swipe gestures to home screen icons can have designated for custom actions to the folders.


Evie Launcher App

Evie Launcher App

Evie launcher can say to be one of the fastest Android launchers and is designed for performance. People who have used it will tell you how smoothly it runs and functions.

You get quick access to all your apps from one place, and you can also search within the apps by making use of the Universal search feature.

It can type an app’s name and find it out whenever you need it with the Android Launchers Universal search option.

You are also provided with a wide variety of home screen shortcuts and customizations. Your app drawer and folder grid can also be modified to suit your tasks.

Evie launcher will guarantee you good pace, plainness, and clarity. The fact it lets you choose from different search engines is one of the main reasons that the Evie launcher is considered to be one of the best and fastest Android launchers.

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The biggest perk of installing Evie launcher on your phone is that it is free of cost and you do not have to pay a penny to get all of its cool features. But one of the main disadvantages of the Android Launchers launcher that we found is that not many gestures can have found in the Android Launchers app.

  • Universal search will do all the hard work for you and find your apps for you and all you have to do is type the app’s name.
  • Just in case, you do not want to use the Universal Search option then no need to worry, all you need to do is swipe up, and you will get access to all your apps.
  • Import and customize layout, wallpaper, icon size, app icons, icon size, or you can also start from scratch.
  • You can easily customize your folder grid and app drawer.


Buzz Launcher App

Buzz Launcher App

The perfect example of customization is the Buzz launcher app for Android. Its unique feature called “Home pack Buzz” is a home screen customization service with more than 700,000 home screens uploaded and shared by thousands of users.

You would not need to install any other apps as it already has an inbuilt app-locker and RAM cleaner. By just swiping your finger on the home screen, you can get access to a lot of shortcuts as a wide range of gestures are within easy reach.

A neat feature is also at one’s fingertips the Android Launchers are present within the app, and you can say that it is like the love wallpapers in your Android smartphone and is known as  “Screen Effects.”

The Screen Effects feature does not replace your wallpaper with a different one, but in return, your wallpaper will be surfaced with live animations and effects such as ‘snowfall’ or ‘autumn leaves,’ the Android Launchers you will see floating on your screen.

The major downside of having Buzz launcher is that it does not go with the icon packs and themes available on the Play store. And recently the Android launcher has been causing problems and has become a bit glitchy as well.


Apex launcher app

Apex launcher app

With the excellent equilibrium of performance and features, the Apex launcher app is included in the run of the top best launchers. You can easily download the Android Launchers app from the Google play store.

The visuals of the app are quite impressive and contain a wide range of themes and icon packs. Core features include the ability to customize the home screen grid size, with up to nine screens, as well as a scrollable dock with up to five pages.

The good thing about the Android Launchers launcher app, the Android Launchers you will not find in many of the other launchers is that it is lightweight and can have optimized for both tablets and smartphones.

Apps that are not needed anymore can hide in the app drawer, and up to 9 customizable home screens can have added. Apps will be arranged in the app drawer according to the date they were installed, their titles, and how often they are used.

The pro version for the Android Launchers you will have to pay will provide you with extra cool features and more customization of apps. With the paid, you will also be able to unlock more gestures for yourself. Also, it is said to be one of the fastest Android launchers.

  • You can lock all your apps like your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your pictures and videos can also be hidden with the App lock.
  • You can also set a password or pin lock to secure your privacy just in case someone tries to breach your security and invade your personal space.
  • Customizable home screen and app drawer grid size. Custom icons, themes, and labels for shortcuts and folders.
  • You will get access to a lot of gestures and make use of quick search as well.
  • You can also back and restore to give a boost to your work.


Microsoft Launcher

Niagara Launcher

If you are someone who likes to have fewer apps and options and likes to keep the screen less distracting, then the Niagara launcher app will be the right choice for you.

Since Niagara does not feature a lot of options and features, that is what it makes one of the fastest launcher apps on the Google play store. The continuous and spam notifications will be filtered out already, and only the right ones will show on your home screen.

Your favorite apps will automatically show up in the app drawer and will be easy to find as they are present in the alphabetical shortcuts.

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Since the launcher app is focused on de-cluttering your Android space, the app comes clean with no bloatware or sponsored ads. With its smaller size, the launcher app works smoothly on lower-end devices as well.

Niagara though does not have a lot of features, options, and apps, but the layout and design are pretty impressive and worth a try for sure. But if you are someone who likes to have a full range customization option, then the Android Launchers launcher app might not be the right choice for your use.

  • All of your apps are arranged in alphabetical order, and you would have even to swipe it.
  • Ads and spam notifications will not be shown on your home screen, and you can read your texts right on your home screen.
  • You do not need to uninstall apps; instead, you can hide them in the app drawer.
  • The Niagara launcher app is free of cost and though it does not feature a lot of options still is worth trying.


Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5

Smart launcher app is a swift Android app that was fabricated by keeping the user’s needs and requirements in mind.

The latest version of Smart launcher 5 is a very lightweight app along with the addition of hundreds of new features.

Apps will be sorted in the app drawer the Android Launchers possess a sidebar, according to category. At the beginning of, setup process, you will be asked about the apps you use the most, so later the default apps pop-ups would not irritate you.

With the smart search option, you can effortlessly search your favorite apps whether they are on your phone or the web.

The navigation bar can also be hidden that will provide you with more space on the home screen. the Android Launchers feature is known as ultra-immersive mode and is given by the launcher.

The theme color can have changed based on the wallpaper by the ambient theme feature provided by the launcher app. You get a lot of adjustable icons and a wide range of cool colors.

You can also resize your widgets and get a lot more options for truly customizing your smartphone. In the free version, you will have to deal with the annoying ads that will show up in the app drawer.

The app also supports gestures. You will get extra features, widgets, and a lot more gesture controls, all of the Android Launchers in the paid version. You will have to pay $7 to get access to these cool features.

  • The theme color will be changed automatically to match it to your wallpaper.
  • You will get bigger and prettier icons with adaptive icon features.
  • Apps will automatically be sorted into categories, so they are in easy reach.
  • The Smart search feature can search for apps and contacts.
  • Ultra immersive mode lets you hide the navigation bar to get more space on the home screen.


Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft launcher, the Android Launchers had formerly known as Arrow launcher, is a very sophisticated and swift launcher with a lot of features to completely customize your phone.

The good thing is that Microsoft has worked on making it work for both Android and Windows PC. You can easily part photos from your phone, and the Android Launchers can have viewed on your desktop.

You can also open web links from mobile to Edge on PC, or start editing Office 365 documents from their PC and continue on the go with their mobile phone.

New wallpapers can have updated from Bing every other day. One home screen is decored with a Microsoft Timeline feature resembling “Google Cards.”

A contact that you have used in the recent time or a media field that was opened recently will be shown in the Recent panel.

All of the content or data on the Microsoft Launcher will be synced to your Microsoft account the Android Launchers are undoubtedly the best thing about the Android Launchers launcher app.

In other words, you can get a personalized feed, see your search results, and much more.

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The only downside you will find in using the Android Launchers is that you will not get a wide variety of options to customize your phone as offered by most of the launchers mentioned above. But you do not have to a single penny to get access to the features as it is free.

  • Your wallpaper, theme and accent colors, icon packs, gestures, and more can have personalized the way you want.
  • You can see your calendars, essential notifications, docs in a single glance in your customized feed.
  • You can customize your gestures easily. The phone can have unlocked with a double-tap and the app drawer will be shown by swiping up.
  • With Microsoft Launcher, you can sync your phone with your PC so you can access your photos and other stuff on your mobile from your PC easily.


ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher

Though the original app was cold enough and a very adaptable launcher app but it fell off track because it lacked the updates. But the new app came up as a modern launcher.

The ADW launcher two apps are very simple to use and swift as well, plus it offers a lot of options to customize your phone. The UI almost feels like stock Android. It supports a unique feature to change interface color according to your wallpaper dynamically.

ADW Launcher 2 offers a wealth of features and customization options, such as a dynamically colored interface based on your wallpaper, an indexed app drawer, transitions, icon badges, app categorization, and more.

You can change the color of your widgets. Also, it is for free, so all of the features can have accessed without spending a single penny.

  • You will find a new way to add widgets and shortcuts to your home screen.
  • You can configure desktop, icon appearance, folder appearance, and app drawer options with the visual mode provided.
  • With the fast app search option, you can find your apps in seconds.
  • Data can have imported from other launchers with the backup manager feature.


Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher

Google Now launcher is an in-house launcher app developed by Google itself. The launcher app had designed for people who do not use Google Pixel phones who do not want to use their already installed launcher and would like to experience a pure Android.

Just by swiping right on the home screen, Google cards can have added by the Android Launchers that are not applicable in other Android launcher apps. You can also adjust the design of the Google search bar right from your home screen.

Combined with the smooth app drawer, app suggestions a the top also work efficiently.

The only downside is that you will not find many customization options that can have used to personalize your phone provided by the Google Now launcher app. But you will find all the features and opportunities for free.

  • Apps will be sorted according to the alphabetical order in the app drawer.
  • Quick access to Search from every Home screen.
  • To send text messages or to play a song all you need to say is OK Google in your voice and search for it.
  • A-Z apps list, with fast scrolling and quick searching of apps on your device and the Play Store.


Action launcher

Action launcher

More than almost any other launcher, Action Launcher brought gestures to the Android home screen in a big way. In that respect, it continues to forge ahead, making its mission to tackle the shortcomings of the ‘Pixel’ launcher and open the door to that experience to all devices.

Shutters are the highlight of the Action launcher app, and you can swipe up on the icon of the app on your home screen to get that app’s widget functionality (if it has some) in a popup window.

the Android Launchers is great if you have a lot of high-functionality widget options but don’t want to dedicate pages and pages of your home screen to fit them all.

The feature, as integral as it is to the Action Launcher experience is sadly, only available in their “Plus” in-app purchase option.

  • Your calendar, date, or your next appointment can have viewed with the “At a Glance” widget.
  • The apps’ widget can have viewed by swiping the shortcut of that app due to the Shutter feature.
  • To match Material Design’s recommended icon size, icons will automatically be resized.
  • You can easily change the color of the icons and also customize your search box the way you want.
  • The Quick theme feature customizes your home screen with the color matching your wallpaper.



Above we have shared with you a big list of one of the coolest Android launcher apps along with their features, the Android Launchers will provide you with a lot of options to customize your phone on a very personal level.

Whether you are someone who would like their smartphones to have customized not a very vast level, but on an elementary level, then you should go Google Now launcher app because it will provide you with fewer options for customization, but that could be the downside for most of the people. But the good thing is that for these minimum features you will not have to spend any money.

The Evie launcher provides you with the Universal search with the Android Launchers you can search your apps on your phone. The apps will have arranged in the app drawer based on which apps have been used the most.

You have also provided a lot of features of gesture customization as well. They have also a premium paid version of Android launcher like Nova launcher, the Android Launchers will give the next level of personalization of your phone and unlock more cool features.

Your choice of the launcher will depend on what features do you prefer in your launcher if you want a complete makeover of your phone or just some necessary alterations for some change.

Hopefully, the Android Launchers guide provided above will help you choose the best and the smoothest Android launcher for you.

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