12 Best Anime Torrent Websites 2024

From Dragon Ball Z to Yuri on Ice, anime has changed the way adults perceive animation. Here I shared with you guys the best websites to torrent anime. Teenagers to adults watch anime nowadays, whether it is online or in the cinema.

This is because anime has appealing stories and they are often based on manga that people are already reading.

Anime websites are not easy to find; you can’t find Death Note just anywhere. This is why there are torrent websites that users can benefit from.

12 Best Anime Torrent Websites 2024

These best websites to download anime without torrent have old anime and new anime series for users that they can watch at their convenience. While most torrents would work without a VPN, some might be geo-restricted in your area.


This is on the top of the list, because of its easy-to-use interface and the many anime series that it has. Some of the most popular anime series are available on this torrent, and many of them are verified.

The user interface is very easy to navigate, and it is accessible from all parts of the world.

However, the main problem that users face on this torrent is that it is hard to find English dubbed anime shows. The upside is that it is a reliable torrent website, and the system of a user is likely to be infected with a virus or malware.

Visit: here


Best Anime Torrent Websites

This is a well-established and known torrent, which is one of the best that anime lovers can get access to. The anime series is properly indexed so that users can find out about them.

They are organized as per their name, size, data, leechers, and seeders. These filtering options come in quite handy for those, who like a particular genre of anime like action or adventure.

This website offers many torrents for the user to benefit from, and they are regularly updated as well. It not only offers the users access to anime movies, but they can watch TV shows, download e-books, and listen to audiobooks as well.

The user doesn’t have to register on this account, but they might find that the website is restricted by some ISPs. However, a VPN can be helpful here.

Visit: here


Japanese anime series is one of the best, because of the details in every animation. This website is unique because it has plenty of categories. The community on this website is very vibrant, and people discuss and upload all kinds of genres.

Users can find anime movies, adult movies, comics, games, and much more here. The torrent is updated regularly and has a very easy-to-use interface.

It is a traditional website in terms of appearance. The long list of anime titles contains other information as well like the language in which the subtitles are available, how long ago it was uploaded, and the number of downloads.

The downside of this website is that it brings the user a collection of niche content. If someone has a specific title to look for, then they should look towards the alternatives, and not this website.

Some files may take longer to download, compared to others. Even though this website is available all over the world, it might be blocked by some organizations or ISPS, which is why the user must download a VPN to run it on their system.

Visit: here

1337X-High Quality Manga Torrents

Best Anime Torrent Websites

1337X is originally a manga website, but it has many popular anime series available as well. The user interface of the website is user-friendly, and the user can search content pretty easily.

There is a special section on the website where users can find anime. If you want to read manga, which has inspired the making of an anime, then this is the perfect place to go.

This website has different types of content like movies, TV shows, games, and software. If you are living in Australia, Austria, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, then you need a VPN to access it, because the website is blocked in these countries.

Visit: here

Anime Layer

This is a Russian anime website, where the users can interact with other users and discuss their favorite anime or music.

The user interface of the website is user-friendly, and there are four main categories available; anime, music, manga, and drama. The data is further categorized by its size, date, and distributor.

All these details on the website would help a user decide downloading anime. The forum of the website is well developed, and the users can interact with other fans of the same anime. This website is accessible all over the world.

Visit: here


When you visit the Torlock website, it warns you about downloading without a VPN. The best way to protect this website is by using it with a VPN.

There are many software, games, and other things available on the website. If you need Call of Duty: WWII Digital Deluxe Edition, then this would be the place you can download it from.

When you search anime in the search engine of the website, you will get to see plenty of Japanese titles. The files are available in the raw version, and some have subtitles too.

The date of the files, their size, seeds, peers, and health are all mentioned next to the names of the anime. This way, the user would be able to make a sound decision about whether it is safe for them to download it or not.

Apart from anime, users can also access the latest show episodes and movies.

The best part about this website is that it only has verified torrents and the user doesn’t have to worry about any virus or malware. This website is blocked in Australia, India, and the United Kingdom, and the users should use a VPN when running it. However, there are ads on this website, which can be very annoying for users.

Visit: here

Anime Ultime

Best Anime Torrent Websites

This is a really good and efficient P2P anime community, where users can find complete anime series. Anime Ultime is a French website and is designed by anime fans.

The community on this website is highly active, where something new is being discussed almost every day. It has a user-friendly interface, and the home screen shows a selection of anime torrents, which the user can sort through. There is a top 10 list of popular animes on the website, where the user can find what everyone is watching the most.

When using this website, make sure that you have Adobe Flash installed on your computer. This website might use up more internet data, compared to other torrents. Most of the anime series are in French, but you can also find English subtitles. This is a really good website, which is available worldwide.

Visit: here

The Pirate Bay

Best Anime Torrent Websites

This is considered the king of anime torrents, because of its easy-to-use interface and collection of anime series. The Pirate Bay is an old and reliable website, which isn’t cluttered like others.

There is a search bar on the homepage, where you can search for an anime that you want to see and apply the primary filters.

The process of searching and downloading anime from this website is very easy. However, the user has to download a VPN to get access to this website, because it is banned in most countries.

The peer-to-peer sharing features are very helpful in running this website, and the user gets access to movies, music, games, and software as well.

Visit: here


This is a powerful website and a P2P tracker. This website is well developed, as users can get access to different categories. They can download content from raw, anime, drama, DVD, manga, music, AMV, non-English and other categories, very easily.

There are many P2P files on this website, and the user will find something interesting to download, whenever they explore it. The website has an online community, which users will enjoy very much, as they get to discuss their favorite anime with other users.

The user can sign up on the website, even if it is not necessary. The user can also join this website through their Discord account and is very much worth their time if they love anime.

Visit: here


Best Anime Torrent Websites

This website is developed and maintained by true anime fans. It is available worldwide, and the main content that it features is anime movies and TV shows. The most interesting part of this website is that to join this community the website’s team will have to send the user an invite link. Otherwise, the user won’t be able to join this anime community.

The developers of the website are those who want to ensure that, the community only has anime fans. The user has to go through an interview, and then they will gain access to a massive community of anime torrents.

To join this website, there are two channels on Twitter, where the user can contact the team. Even though the process of gaining access to join the website seems a bit tedious, but the content that they offer the user is worth the extra effort.

Visit: here


This is considered one of the best anime torrent websites on the internet. It has advanced filtering options, which makes it easier for users to download anime. It is a really old torrent website, where users will find movies, TV shows, games, applications, adult content, and even music.

One of the reasons why this is a popular website is its easy and clean, user-friendly interface. The website makes it very easy to look for anime and other content, and it even displays the size and age of every torrent.

This website used to be known as Meganova, which was a popular torrent website back in the day. However, it is now an updated version, where the user gets access to more anime TV shows.

Shana Project

Best Anime Torrent Websites

For advanced P2P users, this is the best anime torrent website. It has a very intuitive user interface, with a library of rich content. The most unique thing that users will find on this website is the number of niche communities.

The user can download torrents, and they need to seed them for some time as well. This feature is applied to the website because it is a good way of creating a sustainable community. It doesn’t have any limitations, and the user can download as much content as they want to.

This website is like a treasure for anime lovers, and it has TV shows as well as movies available too. These anime shows are sorted alphabetically so that the user can keep track of their favorite torrent.

If the user registers on this website, then they would be able to keep track of the anime they have downloaded. However, the signup process is optional.

Visit: here


Anime is really fun to watch. Even though some people consider anime as cartoons and a waste of time, it is a good time pass, and the content is always worthy of watching.

Anime like Hikaru No Go and The Death Note is popular, because of their interesting storylines. The style of anime has developed in the last few years and is no longer limited to Japan.

Each country has its version of anime and style, and they try to show their cultural values and the plotline in as much detail as possible.

The young generation is not the only one who is a fan of anime; there are many adults who not only watch anime but buy relevant merchandise as well. Such loyal fans of anime would want to watch online, but there are many restrictions they have to face on websites.

Thus, the best way to browse an anime website is by downloading a VPN and making sure that the VPN allows you to run that particular website. Enjoy watching anime on these torrent websites!

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