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7 Best Auto Insurance Apps In 2024

To make all this process of insurance much convenient and quick for you to get access to, lots of insurance companies have designed and introduced their applications to take care of all the problems you face while registering and buying insurance.

These applications can be searched and installed on your Android smartphone. Surely these applications have been saving people’s time and people love these services provided by all these insurance companies who have provided their official applications.

7 Best Auto Insurance Apps In 2024

Some of these applications are said to be much focused on making better connections with your friends and family members.

And some of these auto insurance mobile applications are made to simplify and ease up the process of accessing and analyzing the status of your insurance.

Applications for home insurance provide you with all the detailed information about the current status, payment dates, and everything about your house insurance.

Allstate Mobile

Best Automobile Insurance Apps

This application namely, the Allstate Mobile application is a free app you can find, download, and install on your Android smartphone. This Allstate Mobile application is certainly one of the best and most popular car insurance applications out there.

Allstate Mobile application allows all the customers of their services to do everything they want to do.

This application lets you pay bills, get roadside assistance whenever and wherever you want, put forward claims through the feature of the QuickFoto Claim system, find an agent for assistance, and many more things just with the help of this application.

You get a locater in this application that locates parking and a gas finder as well. If ever needed, you can view your documents also, at any time and any place.

This Allstate Mobile application has recently rolled its Drivewise system into this official mobile application. The Drivewise of this Allstate insurance company gives good drivers the chance to lower their rates.

The merge of Drivewise into the mobile application was a little buggy first, not every time though. It works great and never disappoints the expectations of its customers.

This Allstate Mobile application is a quick way to have any time access to one of the most trusted insurance services providers.

You will be in good hands and feel safe with these features of the Allstate Mobile application:

  • Drivewise: You can earn good rewards for safe driving
  • Insurance ID cards: The glovebox digging ends now
  • View Auto Coverage: You will be able to know how you are being protected
  • QuickFoto Claim: File claims in a camera flash of your smartphone
  • My Agent: You can have access to the information of your agent
  • Gas Finder: It helps you in locating gas stations and comparing their prices as well

All these features and great services provided by this Allstate Mobile are surely very impressive and make this application worth considering.

Geico Application

Best Automobile Insurance Apps

This Geico is an auto insurance company that is situated in Maryland, United States of America.

GEICO stands for “Government Employees Insurance Company” and this is the 2nd largest auto insurance company in the United States of America, as State Farm stands in the 1st place.

Geico has been doing an impressively wonderful job at providing great insurance services to all the people who are willing to get it.

It sells these great insurance policies over the phone with the help of its hired local agents which are known as GEICO Field Representatives.

This application namely, the Geico App was on the list of most popular insurance mobile applications in the year 2018 and it still is being used mostly by people because of its great services and excellent features.

The mobile app of Geico is one of those car insurance applications that doesn’t overdo it, as you can do all the basic stuff very easily such as paying your bill, viewing all the documents related to the insurance policy you have applied for, and even making some edits to your policy.

Geico Insurance agency is the most popular and well-known auto insurance provider in the world. It is well known because of the awesome customer services it provides you all with.

There is one interesting fact about this Geico Insurance provider that whenever you call them, you get to talk to a real person rather than some robot. People have admired and loved this feature of Geico Insurance.

In the year 2017, this Geico Insurance topped almost every insurance company and was listed in the list of BEST INSURANCE APPS 2017. It still holds a good position and is used by many people.

If you want an insurance application for your mobile which is very easy to explore and use then this Geico Application is the one you should go for.

The overall usage and all the functions of this Geico Insurance application work easily without troubling you in any manner and it even has Material Design.

Farmers Insurance (Farmers Mobile App)

Best Automobile Insurance Apps

Farmers Insurance Group is an insurer group of automobiles, homes, and even insures small businesses that a farmer does for a living.

Not only these, but it also provides the customers with many other insurances and financial services that people are really happy about.

This Farmers Insurance Group is a well-known group in the whole world, just because of their great insurance policies and all other services they are providing to the farmers.

You can manage everything about your insurance easily with the Farmers Mobile App.

It has many popular features like the other mobile applications from other insurance companies which include viewing bills, making payments, reporting claims, getting quotes, and more, all on the go.

Here’s all that you guys can do with the help of Farmers Insurance services and Farmers Mobile application.

You can review your bills, do all the payments and you can even manage the payment methods and:

  • You can access ID cards for your auto and home policies
  • View all the documents regarding the policy you have got for your Farmers coverage.
  • You can start to file a claim right from your phone and you can even track its status. I found this Farmers insurance as the first-ever company which lets you track the status of your claim.
  • You can request and ask for roadside assistance for help like towing, changing a tire, or charging a battery at any time and any place.
  • Just while sitting at home, you can get a fast quote for Auto, home, condo, and renters coverage online.
  • You can even find contact information for your supporting agent which is assisting you.

It is really easy to use this Farmers Insurance Mobile Application which can have found easily on the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.

Esurance Mobile

Best Automobile Insurance Apps

This Esurance auto insurance is well known for its user-friendly website, its interactive and great, innovative, and convenient mobile applications.

This Esurance insurance company is said to be best for the type of people who love to have straightforward insurance needs, prefer to get some quotes online, and manage their policies.

There are 43 states in which Esurance is offering its services of auto insurance and homeowner coverage in 31 states out of these overall 43 states.

For overall performance stats, Esurance auto insurance company has earned 4.5 stars out of 5.

The mobile application of Esurance insurance company has been improving very well lately. You can apply and perform all the basic tasks on this application easily, such as paying your bill, viewing all document files related to your insurance policies through the application.

The main motto of this Esurance insurance company is to provide its customers with the capability to have easy access to their services. This mobile application of Esurance provides all the necessary information to the user in a very nice laid-out package.

For people who want to use and love the simple interface and only necessary documents to watch, this mobile application is used very common amongst these types of people because this app does the job perfectly for you.

If you want to have access to some services like roadside assistance, and digital forms of all your insurance-related documents on the go whenever you want.

And if you want to file an accident report in the form of pictures taken from your phone, they will accept these reports immediately.

It has been known that this Esurance Mobile has been a little buggy for a lot of people, but the app has been improving day by day as the company is still working on these bugs.

No matter what, still this is considered as one of the Best Automobile Insurance Apps services providing companies.

State Farm App

Best Automobile Insurance Apps

This State Farm insurance agency is acknowledged very well throughout the whole world as it stands in the first position as the largest car insurance providing company in the United States of America.

This State Farm is ranked in a good position amongst the most user-friendly insurance companies that people have used.

With the help of this application of State Farm insurance company, you can easily access all the information relevant to your insurance policies with a few touches of your fingertips.

The very first moment you will access this app and have a look at it, you will find it very attractive as it uses Material Design as well. You will be impressed by the fairly simple usage of this application once you get used to it.

You get to control a lot of things with the help of this application, such as you can control your auto, home owner’s auto, renter’s auto, and condo owner’s auto insurance.

This application has gotten into banking a little bit as well, with features like depositing checks and many more.

Though, this app is something a little different than all others but has a lot of features. It is a little heavy no doubt, but it is nice to have all those features with you sometimes.

There are many other impressive features but one of the best parts of this State Farm application is that you can make the payments with the help of android pay, so there is no need to type all your card details on this application every time you want to pay for something.

This app will save a lot of your time for sure and will give you a much easy way to access the services of the State Farm insurance company.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.

Best Automobile Insurance Apps

It is no surprise that Liberty Mutual offers a broad range of coverage types as they are the fifth-largest property and insurer of the casualty in the U.S and have over 100 years of experience in the insurance industry.

They are the insurer of choice for many of the people who are looking to protect their homes, cars, motorbikes, boats, pets, rentals, businesses, etc.

Liberty Mutual’s insurance of car coverage options is far-reaching also.

The insurer offers you some benefits for its insured, which include a variety of discounts and also digital tools. But when you are digging into Liberty Mutual reviews, you should expect to find reports of challenges when filing is claimed.

If you are willing to put some extra effort when you need to file a claim, you may find that Liberty Mutual’s coverage options, discounts, and user-friendly online system make them a great and ideal fit for yourself.

Let’s discuss how Liberty Mutual help you insure your car, well they have different car coverage options, which includes coverage for:

  • Medical payments for you and your passengers
  • The body injury liability
  • Property damage
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Uninsured motorists
  • Accident forgiveness
  • Better car repayment
  • Replacement of new car
  • Gap coverage
  • Replacement of the original parts
  • Roadside assistance

This insurance company has so many coverage types and a wide variety of discounts also, Liberty Mutual may be an ideal choice for covering your car.

But it is surely worth noting that you should expect at least a small headache if you need to file a claim with Liberty Mutual.

Liberty Mutual is recently working on the company’s technological improvement and innovation. Nowadays, you can easily file your claim online or from the Liberty Mutual mobile app.

They also offer The Liberty Mutual Claims Valet Service, from which they will send a driver to do both, deliver your replacement car when your car is being repaired, and take your car to the shop for you. (if it is drivable)

And also, Liberty Mutual makes it very easy to track your claim and the payment easily comes your way from your online account.

This is just a small sample of describing the way Liberty Mutual controls the website and mobile apps to make your life an easier one if you are insured.

In addition to filing and tracking claims, you can digitally direct your policies, pay your bills digitally, and get your ID cards digitally.

When you are shopping Liberty Mutual coverage options, your rates will be different which will be based on where you are living, what you drive, your driving record, and more.

Progressive Corporation

Best Automobile Insurance Apps

The Progressive Corporation is an American insurance company. This company is one of the largest suppliers of car insurance in the U.S.

The company takes insurance of motorcycles, boats, RVs, and commercial vehicles, and also offers home insurance through selected companies.

Progressive has been extended internationally and worldwide as well, offering car insurance in Australia also and Best Automobile Insurance Apps.

The company was founded in 1937 by two persons, Jack Green and Joseph MM. Lewis and the Headquarters of Progressive are in Mayfield Village in Ohio.

Progressive Corporation was recently ranked at No. 99 in 2019 in the Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.

With over 13 million policies in force, Progressive is one of the largest auto insurers in the United States of America.

Progressive Corporation’s first and foremost offer is its service through the internet or by phone and through independent insurance agents.

Progressive Corporation’s Agency business sells insurance from more than 30,000 independent insurance agencies and progressive agents where the customer can easily quote their policies as they want and then contact an agent to complete the sale.

In December of 2009, Progressive Corporation announced that they were now selling car insurance in Australia also and they initially named it Progressive Direct, then it was renamed and rebranded as Progressive in 2011.

The progressive marketing campaign is offering quotes of its competitors including its quote. This was the first major insurer auto policy from the phone and through its website.

In September of 2007, Progressive started to offer Pet injury coverage, which offers coverage for dogs and cats that are hurt or injured in a crash or an accident and it is included at no additional cost or payment with Collision coverage.

This company functions in three segments, Personal Lines, Commercial Auto, and Another indemnity.

The Personal Lines segment is liable to write insurance for private passenger automobiles, motorbikes, boats, and recreational vehicles from both an independent agency channel and a direct channel.

The Commercial Auto segment is liable to write primary liability and physical damage insurance for cars or automobiles and trucks which are owned by businesses mainly from the independent agency channel.

The Other Indemnity segment offers professional liability insurance to the public banks, principally directors, and officers liability insurance.

It also offers insurance-related services, which mainly offer policy issuance and claims to adjust services in 25 states for Commercial Auto Insurance Procedures / Plans. The company was ranked 164 in the Fortune 500 in 2011.

As for the history of this Progressive Corporation, it was founded in 1937 by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green as Progressive Insurance Company. It took its starting in 1956, the company was found its role ensuring more risky drivers.

It brags and shows off as being the first auto insurance company to have a website, allowing customers to purchase policies through the site, and then later allowing the use of mobile browsers and smartphone apps for rating and managing policies.


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