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10 Best Calorie Counter Android Apps – iOS 2024

The calorie counter might be the best choice to track someone’s daily foods and drinks intake to adopt a healthy lifestyle. There are several calorie counter apps for your devices.

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10 Best Calorie Counter Android Apps – iOS 2024

SparkPeople Calorie Tracker

Calorie Counter Android Apps

SparkPeople Calorie Tracker is one of the best open-source calorie counter apps. It supports only smartphones, and tablets, such as iOS and Android devices.

This app allows its users to determine the food calorie information which they take daily. You can scan the barcode of any food items with your smartphone camera or determine it manually.

This application has a vast database of daily foods, and meals that make it possible to identify any unusual meals more precisely in your daily intakes.

It’s a perfect app for the foodie peoples who wants to eat something different every day. Moreover, SparkPeople has a lot of features to potentially motivate you on your daily diet and lifestyle changes.

  • This app supports the Apple Watch, as well as the iPhone.

  • You can sync your diet data with MapMyFitness, Fitbit, Misfit, Garmin, Runkeeper, and Apple HealthKit.

  • The app might crash and freezes on older versions of iOS devices.

  • It offers detailed food calorie charts in a monthly subscription of $4.99.


Cost: the standard version is free.

Available on: iOS and Android.


Calorie Counter Android Apps

Fitbit Inc. is a USA health application that was founded in 2007. This company provides many human health services, such as sells smartwatches and scales, fitness wearable trackers, and accessories.

Additionally, this company also offers a Fitbit Health & Fitness mobile application that is best suited for all the iPhones and Androids devices. This app offers a complex tool for all the health aspects, such as heart rate, step counter, exercise tracker, etc. Besides this, this mobile app is also a food calorie tracker.

This app starts by typing or barcode scanning on your device and tracks users’ daily intake. After completing a certain period, this app present the user’s progress report, like weekly or monthly progress.

You can also sync this app with any device, such as Ace, HR, Alta, and Versa to collect you weekly or monthly data. On the aspect of nutrition, this app features all the basic tools, such as counter, water, fat, sharing, multiple measurement types, etc.

  • It provides a Complex health service.

  • It offers many calories add presets Log exercises.

  • The food database is smaller and often does not match, so only a custom food-adding facility is available.

  • It needs signing up before using it.


Availability: iOS and Android

Cost: Free, or charges $10 for the Premium version.

Lose It!

Calorie Counter Android Apps

It is also a health app that offers everything necessary for decreasing calories, set a proper weight, and achieving nutrition goals.

FitNow Inc. that is a Boston, USA-based publisher, launched a basic and open-source version of this app for smart devices, such as Android smartphones, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Lose It! app claims that you can lose the first weight, starts within only 3 days, as this app sets a lower calorie limit than other competitive calorie counting applications.

Moreover, this app also features more than 20 million meal databases, logging exercise, nutrients, syncing with fitness devices, barcode scanner, etc. the “Snap It” feature allows the users to take a photo and upload it on the app, and then the app analyzes it.

  • It offers perfect visualization.

  • Counter bar available on the top.

  • “Calories available” features by lunch, breakfast, dinner.

  • It offers too many ads.

  • The standard version does not offer useful features, so it needs to unlock the Premium version.


Availability: iOS, Android.

Cost: Free for the standard version and $10 for the Premium version.


Calorie Counter Apple Apps

FatSecret is an Australian-based software developers company. This app offers a perfect calorie tracker for Android, iOS, Microsoft, and Blackberry smartphones.

It is an open-source app that takes little space to download, like takes only 33 Mb on Android this app offers a camera to take photos of user’s daily foods, and meals to identify their daily diets.

This feature is represented by a camera icon, placed on the top-right corner of this app. It also offers a handy “Quick Pick” feature that allows the user’s to pick out their healthy foods, supermarkets, food brands, restaurant menus, and others all places that localize nears the user area.

  • There is a “Recently eaten” tab that helps to select faster.

  • You can export your file to the PDF.

  • You can set a detailed, list, or summary view.

  • It needs an account to use in which the account name is public.

  • There is a Watertracker in the Premium version.

  • Inconsistencies in regional cuisines and languages.


Availability: Android, iOS, Microsoft, and Blackberry.

Cost: Free for everyone, but cost $6.49 for the Premium version.


Calorie Counter Apple Apps

Lifesum has all the vital features of a health-tracking app. This app was launched by the Swedish Lifesum AB Company. This company has a wide range of saturated database agencies with official sources of many European countries, such as the US, Germany, UK, and Swedish.

It has also collaborated with many unity systems, like UK Imperial, EU metric, US, AU. It offers a loss of healthy meal plan, recipes, barcode scanner, weight tracking, diet suggestion, and nutrition tracker.

Additionally, has a vast database of nutrients, like carbs, protein, sugars, fiber, cholesterol, fat, etc. In an iOS 13 smart device, there is an additional option of switching to a dark theme.

  • They are incorporated with all unit systems.

  • It features with “Verified by Lifesum” to count calorie

  • It has a great UX, with 11 different languages.

  • This one does not offer any free basic plan.

  • This one  runs at startup.


Availability: iOS, Android.

Cost: it needs a monthly subscription of $4/month.

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Calorie Counter Apple Apps

This app is a German product, surely, and consider one of the best calorie-counting apps. It features a huge table of two million meals, favorite meals for fast entry, nutrition analysis, such as constituent of carbs, fats, proteins, barcode scanner, exercise tracker, the overall progress of a certain period, and more tiny bite.

These all functions help the users to maintain their logging foods, weight, and to check their daily, weekly, or monthly foods intake for a healthier lifestyle. The Pro version has an additional function of hundreds of food ratings, healthy recipes, nutrient tracking, body statistics, etc.

  • Elegant design, and easy-to-use interface.

  • It has burned calorie calculator.

  • It has additional features of the step counter.

  • Only supports the new version of smartphones.

  • Your food entry always goes into the public database.


Availability: iOS, Android.

Cost: Standard version is free and the Pro version costs $7.


Calorie Counter

MyNetDiary is the US developer app that is amongst the top three most popular apps on the US market for calorie counting, as it has over a million installs on Apple Store and Play store.

This app features all the basics tools of health care, e.g. validated meal database, fast food logging, nutrient tracking, water, and exercise tracking, etc. some additional features, such as keto, ethnic cuisines, and low carb diet planner, and its elegant design makes this app unique with others.

Furthermore, it offers some extra features, like GPS tracking while running/walking, Siri voice commands, integration of this app with other fitness wearable third-party apps, like Apple Health (iOS), Google Fit (Android), Fitbit, Garmin, Polar Flow, and Samsung Health.

  • You can measure your body.

  • It offers charts for motivation.

  • It allows social sharing.

  • This one supports only one language, i.e., English.

  • This one is not able to change presets.

Availability: iOS, and Android.

Cost: Standard version is freely available and the Premium version costs $9 for a subscription.


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Calorie Counter

LiveStrong is a US vendor popular mobile application. It has an easy-to-use interface with a vast database of two million foods. It has an elegant design with a light-red/white color scheme.

In the standard version, it offers several calorie intake personal tasks i.e., Moderate, Easy, Extreme, Challenging, and Custom.

  • It verifies all the foods

  • It creates a new option for food.

  • This one features a community tab to share ideas between the users.

  • It offers many app advertisements.

  • This one has burned calories option in only the Gold version.

  • It does not offer gamification and visualization.



Calorie Counter

A German-based app that is developed by Herzberg Development. It is the best application for a healthier lifestyle. It is an open-source app with a very pleasant design.

This one does not have any tricks, only plays ads at the bottom of the home tap.

Moreover, this app does not require signing up or personal information, like contacts number and location. Additionally, it organizes a dashboard to get everything in one place.

  • It offers 30 free interface themes.

  • It has a precise activity and the user’s body type measurement.

  • This one displays In-app ads.

  • The manual entry portion of units, i.e., grams, ml, etc.

Cost: open-source.



best Calorie Counter apps

Cronometer is a Canadian calorie and diet-tracking app that also features apple shot. It has two versions, the basic version is free and packed up, more than 80 micronutrients analysis, scanning food labels, water intake, trends and reports, and fasting timer feature.

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  • It offers unit selection, i.e., mL, grams, etc.

  • Each meal has a calories summary breakdown.

  • You can create your food.

  • It offers only an English interface.

  • You can submit your Food.

  • You can sign up by email.

Cost: Free of the basic version and $6 for the Gold version.



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