Top 5 PC Fightsticks 2024: Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Fighting games can be played using a variety of inputs, but many people prefer the use of arcades.

These handy gamepads are the traditional means by which they control the screen and beat the daylight through opponents.

Despite the rise of handheld controllers, they are one of the best ways to kick the virtual bit.

For the nerdier, similar to me, you could, in any case, perceive the vibe of the catches in your grasp. That Japanese segment, whack a billion times and still work and feel like new, quality.

Things to Consider Before Buying Top 5 PC Fightsticks 2024

Players are consigned to utilizing console gamepads and PC consoles. We have been fooled into accepting we should mess around, and in any event, battling games, with our thumbs. Our THUMBS!


If your battle stick experience is constrained or zero, we’d prescribe you to purchase a less expensive model until you make sense of things.

Since we’ve been utilizing the words arcade stick and battle stick freely, you should realize that they’re mostly something very similar, aside from the way that battle sticks are explicitly intended for battling games, particularly regarding joystick responsiveness and catch format.

They’re “calibrated” so to address convey increasingly precise contribution to request to bring the progressively sensible gaming experience to your home reassure.


In this way, fledgling players should stay with less expensive battle sticks, which is rule number one. Rule number two: be cautious about how you’re going through your cash, as these awful young men are enormously addictive.

Other than battling games, you can utilize them additionally for other arcade-style computer games, for example, Puzzle Fighter, Metal Slug 3, or Ikaruga.


Size and weight ring a bell straight away. This is significant for various reasons: do you have little hands or large hands? Where do you keep the battle stick, on your lap or the table?

In case you’re far away from the reassure, you should likewise think about link length, to link the board issues. Size issues, in every one of these circumstances.

Then again, there are mammoths like Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Premium VLX KURO out there, and this present one’s an outright unit.


At long last, there’s the modding and parts thing. In case you’re diving deep down the arcade hare opening, you might need to participate in “modding,” as in to swap the catches/joystick sooner or later.

Regardless of whether it sounds scary, modding your battle stick is simple when you get its hang.

Modding is characterized as supplanting (as in upgrading) the original parts of your arcade stick, things like the joystick, actuators, restrictor plates, plexus, Sanwas, sheets, bat-tops, diverse size fastens et cetera.

What numerous gamers don’t know is this controller despite everything that exists in 2022! Not as some overly costly, handcrafted toy for precious children with a gaming room in their storm cellar.

Top 5 PC Fightsticks 2024: Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Competition quality battle sticks, with similar segments, are accessible for each significant reassure.


Best Fightstick For PC

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The Razer Panthera is an arcade stick that has arrived at practically unbelievable status among serious gamers. As you may know, this stick is a top-notch bit of apparatus, retailing for around $200. Image source: here

However, it’s assembled and structured utilizing top-notch segments (Sanwa equipment), and highlights a magnificent 8-route joystick, alongside ten expert evaluation catches.

It merits referencing that the Panthera was explicitly planned.

For PS4, yet it likewise takes a shot at PC, and it’s good with most battling games out there.

Razer is known for making a ton of top-end gaming items, and this battle stick is the same.

It is lightweight, additional smooth when gaming, and is a component precious stick with first-rate parts as far as equipment and internals notwithstanding having catches that are adjustable for each gamer’s needs.

This arcade stick is a gadget that has been made with extremely exact particulars for gaming solace, speed, and development. Proficient gamers gave criticism to help create and ideal this stick for competition or severe play.

There was likewise a great arrangement of tests led and model models structured to land at the last bat.

That last stick incorporates various noteworthy advantages you can feel in a battling game. Above all, it utilizes real Sanwa segments.

Having parts that are found in arcades is the thing that, by and abundant, isolates modest models from those with a premium cost. Sanwa fastens, and sticks are the best parts that you will discover in an arcade.

  • Tournament grade catches

  • Impeccable Sanwa joystick that accompanies both ball top and bat top grasps

  • An excellent plan for simple modding “on the fly.”

  • Comes with a unique screwdriver for modding in the retail bundle

  • Great construct quality

  • It is costly


Best Fightstick For PC

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The HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai is a top-level battle stick, extraordinarily intended for PS3 and PS4 (likewise PC good), and accompanies Sony accreditation.

In case you’re into battling games, this arcade stick would settle on for an extraordinary decision, as it’s worked with high-quality parts and sensibly estimated.

Other than offering a phenomenal incentive for cash, the HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai comes thoroughly pressed with arcade-grade pieces and highlights, including a Hayabusa joystick, which is bursting quickly and very precise, and expert Hayabusa catches, for moment reaction and quicker incitation.

Otherwise called RAP4 Kai, this battle stick can have depicted as the standard in the business, quality astute, and it will make for an incredible buy for the two learners and battling games aficionados, as it’s been seen frequently in EVO rivalries.

The HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai is a Sony authorized middle battle to stay with observably superior quality over one of the section level sticks. The HORI Real Arcade Pro is likewise the best arcade stick for Xbox and is perfect with Xbox One.

The progression up from the battle sticks that are lower on this rundown can likewise be found in the additional capacities the stick highlights. This incorporates multi-speed catches, L3/R3, and a link that is just shy of 10 feet in length.

  • great esteem for cash

  • plays and feels premium

  • mod agreeable

  • built with arcade-grade Hayabusa parts

  • Some clients grumble about deficient hold for the base side of the unit


Best Fightstick For PC

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The Qanba Obsidian is a top of the line battling stick intended for Playstation 4 (likewise PC perfect), with a cost of under $200.

To portray it in a couple of words, the gem in Qanba’s crown, the Obsidian that is, would settle on for the ideal decision in case you’re an ordinary battling game devotee searching for a straightforward battle stick.

Manufactured utilizing top-notch Sanwa parts, the Obsidian is all set right out of the container, and in case you’re not fixated on modding, this infant has your name on it.

  • premium structure and assemble

  • Sanwa segments are Arcade-grade quality

  • compact appearance, cool structure

  • focused on effortlessness and quality

  • aluminum-made boards, strong metal ball top

  • oozes class

  • rather costly

  • not the best decision for modding fans


Best Fightstick For PC

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If you haven’t spent your youth in arcades and you’re on a strict spending plan, the 8Bitdo N30 arcade stick would make for a healthy alternative, considering its sticker price, flawless structure, and plenty of highlights.

Also, the 8Bitdo N30 arcade stick is gigantically flexible, being good with Mac, PC, Nintendo Switch, and even Android.

Mythical beast is a formally authorized Sony item, highlighting a top of the line aluminum-made monster scope inside, with LED-lighting, and, above all, Sanwa catches (OBSF-30 pushbuttons).

This battle stick overflows style and superior is intended for no-nonsense arcade enthusiasts and e-competitors (if there is something like this).

It likewise makes for a fine gatherer’s piece, being the “creme de la creme” in the “stick world.” Without a doubt.

One of the coolest things about the Dragon from Qanba is that it’s intended to be amazingly simple to mod, gloating “one-contact adjusting” innovation, for example, the top boards can have peeled off in a flash, in this way permitting you to overhaul/supplant the segments bother free, regardless of whether that is no joke “noob.”

  • cheap

  • great structure

  • very adaptable

  • top indent similarity

  • offers remote availability

  • doesn’t take a shot at PS4 or Xbox

  • can’t be utilized while charging

  • controls feel elastic


Best Fightstick For PC

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The Mayflash F500 battle stick can have best portrayed as the handyman, ace of none.

The thing is, the F500 exceeds expectations concerning cross-stage similarity (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Android, NEOGEO smaller than usual), and it’s additionally generally modest.

Essentially, this is the all-inclusive arcade battle stick, and completely adjustable, as it underpins Sanwa Denshi joysticks and catches.

Those would cost you extra. In any case, the stock parts are very acceptable, in case you’re not a bad-to-the-bone gamer, yet it’s obvious this stage is worked for modding.

The other passage-level arcade stick we would suggest for battling games, particularly on Xbox, is the KingTop.

By and by, I like to utilize the past battle stick better. It appears to be somewhat more significant to me than the KingTop, and it’s additionally upgradable and less expensive.

In any case, it wouldn’t be directly for me to forget about the central other stick inside the value run that merits are bringing home when my inclination isn’t substantial.

  • Amazing cross-stage similarity

  • Solid assemble quality, satisfactory execution out of the case

  • Affordable cost

  • Designed for simple modding

  • Makes for an incredible starter unit

  • Mayflash’s MAGIC BOOTS dongles give remote network (sold independently)

  • None truly at this cost

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