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10+ Best VR Headset For Movies of 2024

Virtual Reality is an artificial environment that enables you to experience an artificial environment with the help of software that makes the human brain see and sense something that is not real.

Although Best VR Headsets are not something new it’s not something you shouldn’t get excited about because it’s worth trying.

The controller in your hands, the head-mounted displays which you can term as the clunky helmets plus the headphones too, give you an extraordinary realistic effect and help you get absorbed and engrossed in the feel of the environment.

Best VR Headsets technology though not new but seems like a big thing because the largest tech companies of the world are interested in it and investing millions of dollars in it.


Virtual Reality could be explained as the three-dimensional image that is made with a synergistic combination of hardware and software which enables you to connect with the 3D world.

That is so well crafted that puts off any doubt and makes the user believe and welcome the virtual environment which is real to the user in physical ways.

Description of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality can have explained by what is the aim of using it or the way the best VR headset for pc is utilized. Virtual Reality aims to make you feel like something is real even when it is not.

The technology itself cannot create such an environment or make you believe unreal things unless it patches up with the brain.

The brain makes us believe in unrealistic Virtual Reality.

The other two out of our five senses also make up for the experience, which is eyes and ears. What is seen by our eyes and heard by our ears is made real by the instructions given by our brain? Virtual Reality is a game of impressiveness. Why One is the Best Here

The more you are immersed in the environment, the more real the feel is.

The features of the virtual environment could be from the real world or maybe completely a fabricated world.

It could have simulations from real-life like standing and walking down the streets or could have a hypothetical setting that does not hold the common physical laws of gravity and material properties as shooting aliens and sword fighting with monstrous creatures.

10+ Best VR Headset For Movies of 2024

By following the below list.

HTC Vive

htc vive vr headset

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HTC Vive when released was better than its closest competitor Oculus Rift. The main highlight of the HTC Vive that makes it better than the other headset would be its room-scale tracking.

Another thing is that it comes with two motion controllers which makes the experience much more immersive than the other headsets in the race.

Since when it first came out now, the Oculus Rift has gone through a lot of upgrades, and it kind of matches to HTC Vive in a lot of ways. VR Headsets are almost similar to it in functionality plus it also contains two motion controllers.

The Vive is still beating the Oculus because of its better feature of room-scale tracking, so it sort of has an edge over Oculus. The room-scale tracking enables you to roam around a place 4.5 x 4.5m big.

It adds another aspect to the feeling of presence that you experience while you are using it. It happens to be that with the HTC Vive you are not pressing buttons or moving the stick on your controller to walk but you are using your legs to walk. That is when you have enough room to roam or walk around and of course, you do.

The two screens used are 1080p which makes the image on the screen look neat enough. But the low resolution could b be something to be worried about because it will restrict you from being able to distinguish between the individual pixels when you will wear it.

The predecessor of HTC Vivo which is HTC Vive Pro has a better resolution and has a 78% increment in dots per inch. Also, it provides a better and crispy picture and also has in-built audio which of course the HTC Vivo is deficient in.

HTC Vivo though not the best and greatest in features than HTC Vivo Pro has an edge over it when it comes down to price. VR Headsets are cheaper than their predecessor but still more expensive than the Oculus Rift.

Keeping the price aside, HTC Vivo still offers you a good experience to give a good enough reduction in the cost.

Key features

  • Battery capacity: 960 mAh.
  • Includes two motion controllers along with a micro USB cable and a power adapter.
  • Eye relief adjustments.
  • Fully immersive experience.
  • Price $446.
  • Room-scale supports out of the box.

  • 6Dof controllers.

  • Comfort.

  • Excellent experience.

  • Bulky.

  • Expensive.

  • Hard on the neck and back.

  • Heavy controllers.

Oculus Go

Oculus Go

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Oculus is the first great name in the new technology of Virtual Reality and even after so many other companies taking part in the race, the Oculus is still a major player.

The Oculus gives rise to the new era of Virtual Reality which does not require a smartphone or a PC for an incomparable experience.

Oculus Go is good enough to be the competitor of Oculus Rift when it comes to affordable prices. Plus it also provides a quality of VR which is wireless as good as the ones which are tethered or connected through a bunch of wires.

Oculus Go has amazing visuals but comes with a limited screen door effect. It has a comfortable fit overall but the front part is, of course, going to be heavy but has a lot more features that will make up for the cons and help you enjoy the experience fully.

You can choose between 32 GB and 64 GB as it comes in two options, according to how much memory you require.

In addition to it, the content library is as big as to fit at least 1 k apps, games, or movies and experiences. It should keep on expanding as the Oculus is also compatible with the Samsung VR gear content.

Oculus go might not be as perfect as you suppose it to be.

The major flaw in it could be the heavy sitting on the face plus light leaks which could be sort of annoying and distracting at the same time. It provides around two hours of battery life for gaming on a full charge.

But its battery life to charge time ratio is not very impressive.

So if you require an easy way to get yourself immersed into the virtual world Oculus Go should be the one you would need. As the experience is better than the mobile VR headset which requires a smartphone.

VR Headsets are also more affordable in price as compared to the PC ones.

Key features

  • Built-in audio.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • Crystal clear optics.
  • VR Headsets do not require a smartphone or PC.

  • Solid hardware.

  • Reasonable price.

  • Excellent for a standalone device.

  • Bulky.

  • Light leaks through the bottom.

  • Limited motion tracking.

  • Sits heavy on the face.

PlayStation VR

playstation vr

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The HTC Vivo, HTC Vivo pro, and Oculus Rift, of course, require a game PC which might be a great and bulky investment for most people. Fortunately, that is not the case with Sony’s PlayStation VR which needs a bit more comfort to run than the PS 4.

Keeping in mind the difference between a PS 4 and a PC which is huge of course, the Play Station VR is a remarkable Virtual Reality headset. It has an amazing and responsive refresh rate and so far no problems have been detected about the headset being reliable enough.

PlayStation VR games would be quite exceptional for which is credit will be given to Sony’s backing. There were dozens available at launch, and many more have followed over its first year on sale.

One of the biggest setbacks of the PlayStation VR headsets was that their accessories were not sold along with the headsets and had to be bought separately.

Sony addressed these complaints by granting the collection of packs and bunches of these accessories along with the devices like the Play Station camera included. Still, most of these bundles do not contain motion controllers while some do.

While you should be vigilant of the accessories you need to buy and the additional charges included, depending on what pack you choose, the recent price cuts make it a lot more affordable.

Key features

  • Stereo headphones, AC adapter, and AC cable.
  • 5.7” OLED 1080p display.
  •  3D Audio with PlayStation VR means that you’ll be able to pinpoint sounds above, below, and all around you.
  • Price $235.
  • Affordable price.

  • Quality is almost equal to the PC experience.

  • Best HMD with glasses.

  • Vibrant display.

  • Fragile mechanical adjustments.

  • Confusing bundle SKUs.

  • Expensive content.

  • Spotty motion controller tracking.

Oculus Rift

best vr headset for movies

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Oculus is one of the biggest names in the world of VR headsets. It has been through some upgrades over time and has come out to be better with the touch controllers which are kind of better than the ones in the Vive. There also has been a couple of key price drops.

The Rist might not be as impressive as the HTC Vive because it lacks room-scale technology.

The cause behind VR Headsets is that with Rift you are confined to a limited space which means your tracking is single-sided. VR Headsets are because the Rift has two sensors in front of you and if you roam around the sensors will lose track of you.

VR Headsets are not the case with Vive as it lets you move around freely because of the room-scale tracking.

You might have a different feel or experience when the third sensor is added, but in comparison with the Vive, VR Headsets are believed that the Vive still is better and offers a room-scale a lot better.

Oculus Rift is basically cheaper than the Vive and offers a mid-range Virtual Reality but is still better for the ones that do not possess a large space or have a small room.

Key features

  • Ultra low-latency tracking offers unparalleled immersion.
  • Touch controllers let you interact with the virtual world.
  • Requires Windows PC and internet connection.
  • Price $399.
  • Affordable price.

  • Touch controllers are better than the Vibe.

  • VR pioneers.

  • Facebook backing.

  • Not a good room-scale.

  • An annoying mess of cables.

HTC Vive Pro

best vr headset for movies

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The HTC Vive Pro is the new VR headset to arrive with a lot of impressive features. The HTC Vive Pro resolution of 2880 x 1600, offering a 78% increase in dots per inch than the HTC Vive.

VR Headsets are the main reason that you can experience better and neat accuracy and preciseness and enjoy the textures and shadows which is of course not possible in the previous headsets.

The advantages of HTC Vive Pro do not come to an end here. The new HTC Vive Pro contains built-in headphones and new nose guards as well.

The function of these nose guards is to block the small areas where the light seeps through which the old HTC Vive lacked course. We can say the HTC Vive Pro is an evolution and better than the HTC Vive in every way.

After all these impressive features and the new navy blue color plus the game library, it has some serious setbacks. One of its major flaws is the elevated price it holds.

The cost is the same as the old version of the HTC Vive but the accessories do not come along with the VR headset. Yes, of course, you would have to buy the sensors and controllers on your own separately.

Another demerit would be the process of setting it up. Still, after all these disadvantages VR Headsets are worth trying and are probably one of the best VR headsets but might not be for everyone.

Key features

  • Dual AMOLED 3.5″ diagonal Screen.
  • Integrated microphones.
  • Resolution:1440 x 1600 pixels.
  • Steam VR Tracking.
  • 110 degrees Field of view.
  •  G-sensor, gyroscope, proximity, IPD sensor.
  • Price $799.
  • High-resolution display.

  • Blocks out light better than HTC Vive.

  • Built-in headphones.

  • Most expensive VR headset.

  • Setup is difficult.

  • Headphones can crackle.

Samsung Gear VR

best vr headset for movies

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The Samsung Gear VR has always been a respectable smartphone-powered VR headset, but it has upgraded to the next level because now it has been equipped with motion controllers as well.

The Samsung Gear VR is lighter in weight and very smooth running as well, compared to the older version. In addition to the motion controllers, VR Headsets are also equipped with a USB-C port that connects directly to the Samsung Galaxy.

If you have the latest version so the compatible phones naturally include the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, as well as the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

The Gear VR works in a better and impressive way with the motion controllers which allow you to interact with the virtual world which was not possible without them in the previous version.

The design of these motion controllers has a hint of the ones in the HTC Vive and seems to be closely related to them. In addition to these are a touchpad and trigger buttons as well.

The experience and performance of the headset could be affected by the smartphone you have used but that might not be considered a big problem considering the power behind Samsung’s higher-end handsets.

But just in case you are using an older version of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones then the experience might not be as good as the newer versions.

The Oculus Go might support Gear VR since they share apps and game libraries as well.

Key features

  • The intuitive controller comes in the box to drop.
  • Game library from Oculus.
  • Equipped with USB-C.
  • Price $69.
  • Lightweight.

  • Compatible with several Samsung phones.

  • Comfortable to wear for a long period.

  • Improved quality than the older versions.

  • Controller batteries cannot be recharged.

  • Mostly plastic built.

  • The quality depends upon the phone used.

  • It does not support devices other than Samsung.

Google Daydream View

best vr headset for movies

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If you are someone who wants to get lost in Virtual Reality, but at the same time do not want to spend a lot of money on a PC or headset, then the Google Daydream View might be the right choice for you.

It does not matter if you do not own a Samsung, an Android handheld would be enough.

What gives VR Headsets Google Daydream View an edge over other VR headsets in its low price. In addition to a recent discount, the original price has dropped down more.

VR Headsets are comparatively an easy headset to get your hands on with. Once you are into the mesmerizing Virtual Reality you can navigate easily with the help of the motion controllers.

You might not be able to get a deeply immersive and amusing experience compared to the PC headsets. But the Google Daydream View has very comfortable built and is an easy fit. Plus of course, it has a compelling price tag and is so inexpensive.

VR Headsets might not be the headset in the market but VR Headsets can have easily bought because of the price and with VR Headsets, Android smartphone owners can get into Virtual Reality.

Key features

  •  An ever-growing collection of apps and games in the daydream app.
  • Full 360-degree panoramic view.
  • Made from soft, breathable fabric to help you stay comfortable longer.
  • The view controller transforms with your imagination.
  • Price $99.
  • Motion controllers make the experience more immersive.

  • Enhanced optics provide a wider field view.

  • Setting up the process is easy.

  • Compatible with most Android phones.

  • The light seeps through.

  • The phone can get overheated if running an intensive game.

  • Heavy in the front.

  • Lacks compelling content.

Samsung Odyssey+

best vr headset for movies

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The Odyssey+ is an improved version of the original Odyssey HMD. VR Headsets are the best of the current crop of Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) offerings.

Samsung has done extensive work to reduce the muffled and grainy experience as is the common problem in most of the headsets by taking benefit of advantage of a proprietary anti-screen door effect.

Also, it comes with a great resolution of 2880 x 1600 which is one of the best as compared to other headsets. It has a limited games library and it misses the growing number of Oculus and Vive exclusives.

Key features

  • AMOLED display.
  • Resolution:2880 x 1600.
  • 110 degrees field of view.
  • Refresh rate 90Hz.
  • Price $259.
  • Complete system cheaper than the Vive.

  • Easy to set up.

  • Same resolution as Vive Pro.

  • No screen door effect.

  • No wireless option.

  • Tracking is not precise.

  • Limited game library.

Oculus Quest

best vr headset for movies

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The Oculus Quest is a standalone headset that provides full room-scale tracking. In addition to it, it does not require any PC or smartphone to let you experience Virtual Reality, so that way you can roam around the room without any obstruction.

The Quest erases friction better than any VR system to date.

VR Headsets are also equipped with a Snapdragon 835 chipset which is of course not better than the PC but still, that is what we aim to do. It offers a sharper OLED screen and also contains full 6DOF motion controllers with dual controllers. it has the same touch controllers as Oculus Rift S.

The PC-based collection which is the bigger Oculus store present in Oculus Rift S is not provided by the Oculus Quest as it has limited mobile software like the Oculus Go.

But still, there is a lot more to experience in it which is worth your attention.

Key features

  • VR is all in one and requires no PC.
  • Award-winning Oculus Touch controllers.
  • VR Headsets are easy to set up.
  • VR Headsets contain a limited but awesome game library.
  • Features a guardian that helps you stay safe and prevent you from tripping into things.
  • Price $399.
  • Reasonable price.

  • Solid motion tracking without external sensors

  • Wireless design.

  • VR Headsets contain a sharp OLED display.

  • Just two hours of battery life.

  • Confined to the Oculus store only.

  • VR Headsets could be uncomfortable sometimes.

  • Less efficient than the wired headsets.

  • Might require a smartphone to set up initially.

Lenovo Mirage Solo

best vr headset for movies

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The Lenovo Mirage has been an amazing revolution in the world of VR headsets. VR Headsets kind of gives you the experience like the Google Daydream View without requiring a smartphone.

VR Headsets let you move around freely because VR Headsets are inside out tracking sensors of 6DOF.

The major perk of Lenovo Mirage Solo would be its comparatively lower price than the PC requiring headsets.

If you are looking to get into the virtual world with a low budget, then Mirage Solo might be just for you.

The process of setting up is often very time requiring and tricky but that is not the case with Mirage as VR Headsets are very easy to set up. it comes with a USB-C cable and a charger and of course a motion controller in hand is a must.

VR Headsets have been designed with simplicity and impressive functionality which provides an enhanced experience.

Plus the headset is surprisingly so comfortable to wear for a long period. VR Headsets are mostly made of plastic and have a compact design.

Key features

  • Standalone headset so no need for a smartphone or PC.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile VR Platform.
  • Features 6 degrees of the freedom movement.
  •  New library of WorldSense-powered experiences.
  • Price $400.
  • Highly immersive experience.

  • Easy to set up.

  • Highly interactive.

  • Full moving freedom.

  • Wireless set up.

  • Limited library of games.

  • The lenses introduce image quality issues.

  • Controller tracking is basic.

  • Comfortable for short sessions only.

Valve Index

best vr headset for movies

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Valve Index features an LCD with a resolution of 1440 x 1600 per eye.

Also, it has a 120 Hz display which can have elevated to 144 Hz and has a higher refresh rate in comparison to the Vive Pro.

VR Headsets have also equipped with the Valve controllers and base 2.0 version which has to be set up across the room. The process of setting it up across the room could tricky and painful at the same time.

Any updates could cause a connection issue and you might be finding a new flaw every time you use it.

Above all the problems and demerits has a huge price tag attached to them. No one would want to buy something so expensive but that does not even function properly.

VR Headsets are debatable how Valve is better than the Quest because Valve has better specs than the Quest but the Quest provides more comfort. So whatever you choose depends of course upon your requirements and needs.

Key features

  • AMOLED display.
  • Resolution:2880 x 1600.
  •  Refresh Rate: 120Hz.
  • 130 degrees field of view.
  • Index controllers.
  • Price $1000.
  • High resolution.

  • One of the best tracking systems.

  • A higher refresh rate of 144 Hz which no other headset feature.

  • Great off-ear audio.

  • Expensive.

  • Cumbersome setup.

Key features of Virtual Reality

The basic key features of Virtual Reality are as follows.

Virtual world

The virtual world could be defined as the is a fictitious 3D environment that separately prevails from the real world. The visual elements combined with some computer graphics and software are used to create the medium of course.

The interactions experienced by the user are defined by a set of rules given by the creator.


Virtual Reality immersion is the impression of being present objectively in a non-physical environment. The hypothetical world is sort of different as these are cut from the real world on a sensual level.

They grasp your attention by completely blocking the sight of the real world while the headphones play an essential role too by doing the same thing it does, therefore fully engaging the user in the virtual space.

Immersion fully envelopes the insight of being present. At VR Headset’s point, the human believes to be somewhere like are not and acts accordingly which is achieved by intellectual and subjective means.

Being in the state of total immersion means that all of the senses are engaged and engrossed enough to create the feeling and recognition of being in a place VR Headsets is imaginary and does not exist in real being non-physical.

There are two basic types of immersion which include:

1. Mental immersion- which is a deep intellectual and mental engrossment, which does not make you feel like that the environment is virtual.

2. Physical immersion- which is achieved by physical engagement with the virtual space.

Sensory feedback

For the complete influence and effect of Virtual Reality, we require as many of our senses as possible to be simulated. The senses include our eyes, ears, and touch.

Properly stimulating these senses requires sensory feedback, which is achieved through integrated hardware and software. Virtual Reality is an illusion.

If you move your head in the virtual world or walk, you will be given the illusion that you are moving your head or walking. You do not have to push a button to walk but you walk for moving from that place to another.


The aspect of interaction is essential for Virtual Reality to work and influence properly so that the user feels natural enough to interact or engage with it. The response of virtual space is as crucial as the engagement of the user.

If the Virtual space responds in the same natural manner, the brain will stay in the sense of immersion. But it does not the brain will instantly detect the unnatural and imaginary manner and that will decrease the sense of immersion.

Picking up the swords or loading the rifle should feel like you are doing it in real.

Advantages of Virtual Reality

Advantages of Virtual Reality

Following are the benefits brought to you by the virtual reality technology:


By making use of Virtual Reality experiences we can produce designs of complex task performance behaviors that may prove to be fatal to life.

So instead of putting a noob who knows nothing about how to drive a car, behind the steering wheel, VR Headsets are better to just make him put on a headset and headphones and make him drive a virtual car.

So even if he crashes into a pool, he will still be fine and alive and not even slightly injured. Virtual reality can prove to be helpful in these kinda things and no damage will be done to the human or any property.

The virtual reality simulators are so realistic that they provide such an immersive experience that the medical students can even perform surgeries and test their skills without the need of any patient.

Virtual Reality equips you with a safe and sound environment in which you can learn advanced or even basic skills.

But still these immersive are quite different in the feel as compared to encountering the real world so it might have its flaws.

Help and healing

Military service members can make use of Virtual Reality in a very effective way. Simulation of traumatic events can help them work through those after-effects of traumatic stress disorder which occur after the battle.

The demerit of the deadening effect of the games and entertainment which also uses virtual space becomes an advantage when the military service members are placed in a Virtual world compatible with the actual environment and circumstances of the after combat and helps to mold themselves and make them tolerable to disabling stressors.

Virtual Reality can also prove to e effecting in handling and treating phobias especially the one that involves the fear of a thing or being near to an animal or a specific type of environment.

VR also guarantees in providing physical rehab of patients equipping service members with skills in a clinic-like setting which can be helpful before moving on and working in the real environment.

VR can be defective if it becomes too realistic and way quick to simulate the experience even before the patient can tolerate it.

Entertainment and Gaming

If you are a die-hard fan of games then VR is just for you. If you are someone who wants to get in the game and live in it better get yourself a VR whose headset and headphones give you a living experience so you can play the game by yourself rather than just pushing buttons furiously on the controller.

Wearing the VR headsets for a long time can wear you out and exhaust you. Producing and supporting VR experiences can demand extensive programming resources above and beyond the basic entertainment experience.

If it which enables you to view has some flaws like it lacks the dimensional clues and it does not adapt to the user’s movement of the head, the person can suffer from motion sickness in that case.

VR can lead to benumbing effects that intrude on the ability to distinguish between the real and virtual worlds and react to them. It may also include choosing Virtual life experiences in real life.

Architecture and Planning

Designers can make use of Virtual Reality in construction and urban planning to envision the results of expected development and restoration.

The early versions made use of VR combined computer-aided design with geographic information systems to produce a virtual world in a Web browser.

Meanwhile, enhanced reality projects virtual information onto a real-world scene, incorporating new graphical objects or adding notations.

Meetings and consultation

Imagine the online conferences, everyone is sitting in a room full of people and there’s not so the big screen on which you see your boss on a Skype or video call trying to convey his ideas and ask you’s too, basically trying to engage all of the employees at once.

That is the past story but now with the help of Virtual meetings which may be like the Facebook live session, you can have digital employees sitting in a digital room.

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So rather than barely being able to look at the screen and participate in the meeting, you can be there and feel like these are all real even though the person might be sitting miles away from you.

As we all know that the freelancing economy is building and rising to its heights with every passing day, the virtual meeting has turned out to be a rule and rather than an exception.

You would have to insist on the client for the meeting just to make sure he thinks you are desperate enough for the job and can convince him.

Ease and accommodation

Virtual Reality can prove to be a great help in a lot of ways. Virtual Reality can save the organization and companies a great amount of money which was either spent on tours just to meet for an hour or so.

The tours are although essential to grasp the client but at the same time could prove to be a waste of great money. So no need to worry virtual reality is here to help you out.

You would not have to travel to some other place just to make decisions and complete projects that require your presence.

You can do all of it just by being at home, sitting at your table, and sipping coffee or you can do it from your office desk as well.

All of the best VR headsets for pc within less time and a great amount of money saved and easy access to things without you being present at the place.

Virtual Reality has proved to be a great convenience and has opened doors for virtual marketplaces, where you can easily virtually try out the clothes and accessories present in the virtual shop and decide what will look better on you or your house.

Virtual tours

If you like to visit places, virtual visiting could be just for you with more information about the place and great graphics, your trip can have beneficial and comfortable without spending a huge amount of money on actual physical tours.

Virtual tours could be more amazing and interesting while making use of Virtual Reality where the user and envision the place more efficiently and can interact with the virtual world.

Virtual Reality benefits the tourists making them more enthusiastic while interacting with a place virtually just because of better immersion.

Disadvantages of Virtual Reality

The following could be the possible demerits of using virtual reality:

Video quality

One of the biggest demerits of virtual reality could be the quality of the video player. Most of the Virtual Reality format is in stereo and the hardware is just able to fully support it and get along with it.

The quality of the video player is sometimes so bad that it comes out as grainy and muffled and makes it seem like it was shot that way and in such a bad quality but of course, it was not.

Lack of flexibility

The lack of flexibility could be explained by imagining yourself in a classroom. Being in a classroom makes you open to suggestions and advice plus you can brainstorm and come up with new ideas and questions too.

Unfortunately, the same case is not with Virtual Reality. With the Virtual Reality headset, you can make use of and go through all the sessions which are programmed in the software.

You can not think out of the house or bring something to your vision by just imagining it. It requires programming to see what you imagine and the Best VR Headsets are not that easy. So there is no scope for positive interaction.


The quality of virtual reality environments being addictive cannot be ignored.

For a person who has been exposed to these spaces for such a long time, even in the experimental stage, VR Headsets can prove to be something you might not be able to stay away from. In extreme cases, users find themselves preferring the virtual world to the real one.

Not so many people are into Best VR Headsets technology and VR Headsets a small number of people have been reported to be addicted to Virtual Reality, imagine if more people get access to the technology how large would be the impact on people’s life.

Most people are getting addicted to video games and so much sci-fi stuff. Users can even get addicted to drugs by Virtual Reality working as an influence in a negative way.

Unproductive human interaction

Another major disadvantage of Virtual Reality would be an ineffective human connection. As seen in the classroom, the environment of the class compels you to speak up before the audience stimulates you to interact with a human or your classmates.

Sadly, Virtual reality limits your interconnection and interaction with the people, that is mainly because in the virtual space VR Headsets are only you and the software interacting with each other in the most narrow and restricted ways.

Virtual Reality sickness

The longer exposure to Virtual Reality can cause a sickness termed Virtual Reality sickness. As you know that the Best VR Headsets have two LCD monitors, each of them of either of your two eyes.

These two small LCD monitors create a stereoscopic effect as the Best VR Headsets cover your eyes all over and create an illusion of an artificial environment.

So once you wear them, you can get fully immersed into them for a small time your connection with the real world is cut off.

The longer you look and focus on the screen more the chances you have a feeling of nausea and discomfort. Best VR Headsets ‘ feeling is termed as Virtual Reality sickness.

Burden on eyes

The Best VR Headsets we use in Virtual Reality are limited to a small space and we can only see the minute area of the two LCD monitors.

We can not see through the Best VR Headsets and we feel a bit disconnected from the real world because of the limited access provided to us by the VR headsets.

As we are compelled to focus only on the small area of the headset to look at small details of Virtual Reality, we blink less to concentrate and pay more attention to it.

As a consequence of VR Headsets ‘ term concentration and focus and less blinking the outer part of our eyes becomes dry and our eyes become strained.

Huge security risk

Virtual Reality can put your security at risk. A good example could be the AR game Pokemon Go, which is a shred of evidence that a stranger could just intrude into your personal space without your permission just to chase a game character and crack your security.


Individuals that have a disorder such as amblyopia in which there is an imbalance in visual strength between two eyes or have other conditions in which it becomes hard to focus or inhibits focusing or depth perception or normal 3D vision may not experience 3D effects of VR headsets.

People with such disorders are more prone to headaches and eye strain when using VR gears as they put too much pressure to focus on the thing to be seen and still can not see it properly.

Expensive equipment

As Virtual Reality technology is still in the developmental state not many people have been able to buy it and experience it as VR Headsets are quite expensive in terms of price and technology.

So sadly not everyone will be able to experience VR as VR Headsets are not in everyone’s reach and quite a lot of people will be left out just because of the high cost.


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