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How To Block Twitch Ads And Timeout On Twitch

Ads, be it Twitch or any other website, has become increasingly annoying. When you are watching something or trying to type something, an ad on Twitch starts playing and this could be really irritating for the user so let’s block Twitch ads.

As the popularity of the platform is surging, they would surely want to serve ads to earn an income. However, installing an Adblock may not be the problem to the solution.

This is because, when someone is playing a stream, then Twitch plays an ad in that very same stream. It could be difficult for the Adblocker to recognize which is the ad, and which one is the stream.

Thus, a more creative solution is needed for blocking ads on Twitch. A major problem with ads playing on streams is that they are very loud, sometimes even louder than the stream itself.

How To Block Twitch Ads?


One of the regular users of Twitch has found a solution to the problem. It might not work on every ad that you see in the stream, but it is so far the most effective method. Just follow the steps below:

  • Open Ublock
  • Go to Settings and click on Activate Advanced options
  • There are 3 cogwheels next to it; click on it
  • Go to the User resource location, and delete all the words; put this link in it. Here
  • Close the tab, and then go to 2nd menu My Filters Lists
  • Empty caches, and then click on update
  • Close the browser and restart it
  • Check your Twitch channel now, and hopefully, no ads will appear.


Another solution, if the one above doesn’t work, is to try Adblock.

Adblock extension is available for major browsers like Chrome, and the user just has to install it. Sometimes Adblock might not be effective, but you need to choose the right settings for it.

  • Go to General options, and then uncheck the option of “Allow some non-intrusive advertising”.
  • There is another option that you need to check, and that is ‘Enable hiding of streaming ads on Twitch’.
  • When you enable this, then you have to restart the browser for actions to take effect.

Time Out on Twitch

There are so many commands that channel owners and moderators can use if they want to handle what happens inside the channel or chat. If a moderator wants to temporarily ban someone from a chat room, for like 10 or 20 minutes, then they can use the command of Time Out.

If you want to give someone a Timeout, who is being abusive or a nuisance, then just input this command:

  • /timeout {username} [seconds]

You can also click on the clock symbol, which you can see in chat, or the user badge of the person you want to give a time out.

There are several other commands that moderators can use if they don’t like a person being part of the chat, or just want to give them a warning.

  • If you want to ban someone, then just type the command /ban {username}
  • You can also use a shortcut by clicking on the cancel symbol, which appears in chat or on the user’s badge.

In case the moderator of the channel has to talk something important with the owner of the channel, then they can use the Whisper command.

  • The whisper command basically sends a private message to a user. For this command to work, just type /1 {username} {message}.

At times, a chat might become too overwhelming for you, because you have either lost a game or someone is being mean to you. If something like this happens, then you can use the Disconnect command. This command will simply disconnect the user from the chat server. Type /disconnect, and if you want to reconnect, then simply refresh the page.

Many other commands can make it easier for users to use Twitch. For example, if they want to use emoticons only, then they can input the command /emotionally. These commands are made for the ease of the user so that they don’t have to waste time.


The moderator of the channel will find these commands very helpful, as they would be able to control chats and the channel better. The Adblock and the Ublock options are the best ways to get rid of ads on Twitch.

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