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How to Cancel a Disney Movie Club Membership

The Disney Movie Club is a program that offers a wide choice of Disney movies, many at limited costs. By joining the Disney Movie Club, individuals can receive exclusive offers and costs on Disney classics.

They can also browse a variety of other movies from Disney’s creation companies. After selecting several movies, individuals can easily cancel their membership in the Disney Movie Club, whenever wanted, with the accompanying steps.

How To Cancel a Disney Movie Club Membership?

  • Step 1: Review your membership agreement. The offer that you accepted when first pursuing the Disney Movie Club will indicate the number of movies that you should purchase at the regular Club cost to satisfy your agreement. Most membership agreements require the purchase of five movies at the Club cost. ..
  • Step 2: Purchase the number of titles required by your membership agreement. These titles must be purchased at the regular Club value, which starts at $19.95 per DVD.
  • Step 3: Call a Disney Movie Club Cast part at 1-800-362-4587. Educate him that you might want to cancel your membership. A cast part will be available to assist you Monday through Friday between 9 am and 9 pm, Eastern time. It’s best to be clear, succinct, and to the point. Be clear that cancellation is your final choice. ..
  • Step 4: Save your confirmation indicating that your membership has been canceled. After canceling your Disney movie club membership you will receive a letter in the mail affirming that your membership is not, at this point active.

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Does Disney Movie Club charge month to month?

As a Disney Movie Club part, all should simply buy 5 movies at standard Club costs in the following two years (beginning at $29.95 per DVD and $29.95 per Blu-ray), in addition to delivery and preparing of $3.95 for the main title in each request, and $1.49 for each additional title in that same request.

Is the Disney Movie Club justified, despite all the trouble?

Diagram. To put it plainly, the Disney Movie Club is wonderful speculation for those that purchase Disney movies on DVD and Blu Ray.

You see yourself purchasing at least 9 Disney movies in the next 2 years, you may save a good amount of cash over the long haul.

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What’s the catch with Disney Movie Club?

However, similar to all good deals, there is a catch. You should purchase 5 full-valued movies through the Disney Movie Club throughout the next 2 years.

Movies purchased through other merchants, for example, Walmart or Amazon don’t tally. When you purchase 5 full-evaluated movies, you have fulfilled your membership duty.

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How can I return a movie to Disney Movie Club?

While restoring your item to Disney Movie Club, you should utilize the original packaging.

If you can’t, use a strong corrugated carton. Add the packing slip and attach the arrival label at the front of your delivery to speed up the procedure.


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