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How to Cancel Discord Nitro [ Mobile, PC, Mac]

Even if you don’t buy Nitro, you will still have access to many features like group calls and making as many servers as you want to. Here you will know how to actually cancel Discord nitro.

Nitro Classic

In Nitro Classic, the user can enjoy the following benefits:

  • They can upload their GIF avatar, and set themselves apart from other users on Discord
  • They can choose their own four-digit tag
  • If you want to use custom emotes anywhere you want, then this becomes possible with Nitro Classic
  • You can screen share high-quality videos, like 720p @ 60fps
  • The file uploading cap increases to 50 MB
  • A Nitro badge will appear on your profile, which other kids will obviously be jealous of


Nitro basically gives you chat benefits:

  • You can upload more, like about 100MB files
  • The quality of the video becomes better
  • You can easily power your server with 2 server boosts

The benefits given above show why people buy Discord Nitro; however, if for some reason they want to cancel it, then it is very easy to do so.


If you want to cancel it, despite the many benefits, then login to the Discord Nitro app, and then follow the steps below:

  • Click on Support
  • Choose the option of Help & Support, which you will find at the top of the homepage
  • Click on ‘Submit a request’
  • Tap on “Help & Support” (this option comes under ‘what can we help you with’)
  • Again tap on “Account deletion request” (this option comes under ‘type of question’)
  • When you see a form on the screen, just fill it and then submit

Cancel Renewal

In case you have Discord Nitro on your Android phone and want to cancel its subscription, it is very easy to do so.

  • Go to Google Play Store, and then tap on subscriptions.
  • The screen will show you the apps you have paid for and subscribed to.
  • When you see Discord Nitro on the screen, just tap on cancel subscription.

Usually, Google Play Store charges a subscription fee automatically, but if the account connected with Google Play doesn’t have sufficient money, then it will wait for your confirmation.

  • Canceling the subscription right away, would not charge you for the next month, and you can easily use Discord Nitro for the month you have already paid for.

If you want, you can even put the membership of Discord Nitro on hold. Just go to the main app, and make changes in the Settings of the game. However, there is only a two week cooling period, so that users don’t abuse this feature.

Refund request

  • Remember that, if you want a refund, you can request it on the first five days of the membership.
  • If five days have passed, and you want a refund, then this won’t be possible.
  • If you have purchased the Nitro membership through App Store, then you need to ask them for a refund.

Further, Discord is very strict about the refund, and if you have played more than 2 hours of the game, then the amount won’t be refunded.

These are the things that users need to remember when they buy a subscription. Buying a subscription is very easy, but if the user doesn’t like the feel of Discord Nitro, then this can turn into a huge problem.

Cancel gift

When you send a Discord Nitro gift to someone, but change your mind, you can still refund it. However, if they have claimed the gift, then there is no way to get a refund of it. If the gift stays unclaimed for 14 days, and you refund it in those 14 days, then this is possible. However, a claimed gift cannot be refunded.

At times, players even give themselves gifts. If you claim your gift, then you can’t refund it. However, if it is unclaimed, then you can return it within 5 days of the purchase date.

Discord Nitro has many benefits, but it can be costly for those who don’t have much time to play. Make sure that you are using a credit card or a payment option, which can be canceled any time you want.

You are successfully now able to cancel Discord nitro.


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