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How to Change Color of Tracks in Logic

If you are here looking for how to change the color of your tracks in Logic Pro, you are just at the right place. Because this guide will help you with how to change your track colors in Logic Pro. Without wasting any time.

Let’s get started.

How to change color of Tracks in Logic?

First of all, you must have knowledge about color regions in Logic Pro. So, in Logic Pro, the appearance of the region is that they are round rectangles that are in the Track area.
They represent the recordings and also the added media files which are in the project. They also act as a container for audio or MIDI events.

There are five types of regions, the names of those regions are below:

  • Audio regions.
  • MIDI regions.
  • Drummer regions.
  • Folder regions (mostly referred to folders).
  • Pattern regions.

Now by default, each of the region type has a different color. For instance, the audio regions are blue in color, MIDI regions are green, whereas Drummer regions are yellow. While pattern region is also yellow, and the folder region is dark green. You can easily unlock the audio track in Logic pro.

Let’s change the color

You can also change the color of one of more regions by following these simple steps given below:

  • First of all, select the region or regions you want to change in Logic Pro.
    If you select all of the regions on a single track, and not the regions on other tracks are selected; then coloring them changes the hue of all of the selected regions. This will also change the color of the chosen track’s channel strip.
  • Now go to Logic Pro and then Preferences and after that display, then click on the Tracks tab.
    (If the Region Color popup menu is set to ‘As Track Color’, then you cannot change the color of regions individually).
  • Now click on one of the selected regions.
  • Then go to Name and Color, and then Show/Hide Colors from the shortcut menu (or you can press Option C)
  • Click on the Color which you want.

Now if you want to simply change the color of the track you want to follow these simple steps:

  • First of all hold ‘Ctrl’ button and then simply click on that particular track number.
  • You will see a drop-down menu, now locate the option which says “Assign Track Color”.
  • Now, you will see a color option, just select any color from that, and it is all done.


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