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How to Track Amazon Registry Gifts

Amazon.com is an American multinational technology company. Amazon focuses mostly on e-commerce. It also has cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and digital streaming.

It is referred to as “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the whole world”. And also it is one of the most valuable brands. It is one of those Big Five American information technology companies, which includes, Apple, Meta, Alphabet, and Microsoft.


The founder of Amazon is Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos is one of the richest people in the whole world. He found Amazon in his garage which is in Bellevue, Washington. It has various subordinates which include Amazon Web Services (that is cloud computing), and Zoox (that are autonomous vehicles. Moreover, it has Kuiper Systems (satellite Internet), and Amazon Lab126 (which is a computer hardware R&D). The other subordinates of Amazon are Ring, Twitch, IMDb, and Whole Foods Market.

The Whole Foods Market was obtained by Amazon in the year 2017 for an amount of 13.4 billion US dollars.

The line of products on the Amazon website contains various media which including books, music CDs, DVDs, videotapes, and software. It also includes baby products, consumer electronics, gourmet food, and groceries. You can also find beauty products there, health care items, industrial supplies, and kitchen tools. Moreover, it has jewelry, watches, garden items, music instruments, sports materials, toys, and games, etc.

Amazon also has a separate retail website for some countries and it also provides the international shipping of some of its products to some countries. The online delivery of the company took started in November 2020 dedicated to prescription drugs.

The service also offers discounts that are up to 80 percent for generic drugs. Whereas, a 40 percent discount is for the branded drugs for the Prime subscribe users.

How to track Amazon Registry Gifts?

If you are here and looking for the answer on how to track Amazon Registry Gifts, you are just at the right place.

Here we will guide you on how to track your Amazon registry gifts.

  • Firstly, Amazon will notify you when something is bought from your baby registry. You can easily track its progress from the account that is under “Purchased”.
  • If not this, you can also choose to go to the “Orders” page in your account.
  • Select the appropriate order that you want to track, and then track the package.

How can you find out who has sent you something from Amazon?

  • Just simply go to the “Thank You List & Returns” page on your Amazon account.
  • This list will show you all of the names and addresses as well of all the people who have purchased some items from your baby registry.


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