How to Stream Phone Games on Twitch

The entertainment and gaming industry is at its peak. Gamers have thousands of video games to choose from. However, we can bring our gaming experience to life for our audiences too.

Doesn’t this sound exciting? Most gamers use twitch to get a good gaming experience.

Twitch is one of the most prominent streaming services on the internet today.

Here is how you can stream phone games on twitch.

Streaming with the Streamlabs app

The Streamlabs app is available on both Google Play and App store. You can easily download it on any of the devices. The download will be free and you can live stream your games in simple steps.

If you choose to use this app it will help you share your broads on YouTube and other platforms.

You can start using this app by signing in to your Twitch account. It will help you make your gaming experience bigger and better than before.

Streaming With Mobcrush App

You can stream your phone games on twitch using the Mobcrush app. It will be easy to start your stream or check out other’s streams conveniently.

  • When you download this app you can choose from a wide range of games.
  • You will have to adjust the broadcast settings according to your requirement.
  • When you move towards the control center it will help you press the ‘screen recording’ button according to your choice.
  • Once you end the live broadcast you can enjoy playing video games directly on twitch.

Streaming Mobile games on Twitch with a computer

When you are streaming mobile games on twitch with an app it can have some restrictions. If you want your experience to be bigger and better try streaming mobile games on twitch with a computer.

  • You can connect your smartphone with your computer and start live streaming conveniently.
  • All you need is to select twitch as your destination where the live stream will happen.
  • Click on the start streaming option and add all the media sources that you want inside.


One of the most popular games is available for streaming on Twitch. Many games have their mobile versions too. You can play all the entertaining games that include hearthstone and Minecraft.

It will help you achieve your goals in real-time. Similarly, you have the option to play with millions of other players globally. By following the simple rules mentioned above you can make your gaming experience entertaining!

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