How to Change Random Tick Speed in Minecraft

Who doesn’t love Minecraft and would like to use a bit of trick here and there? You can change random tick speed in Minecraft. There are many video games available online, that use a program loop.

For those who don’t understand, in simpler words, it is a function that controls how often triggers in an event are updated and activated.

For example, when you talk about liquid blocks, it can be defined as the pace at which, the fluid flows. The program loop can use ticks, and these ticks are a cycle of Minecraft’s algorithm.

Change Random Tick Speed in Minecraft

The speed of Minecraft is set, and it determines how fast the tick can run. So, the question remains as to how you will change it.

  • The fixed speed of the program loop is 20 ticks per second. In order to change the speed, the command that you have to use is “/gamerule random Tickspeed</insert here the tick number you want/>

When you send this command, it will change your tick; however, remember that if the tick rate is high, then the game won’t update at a quick pace. In case you set the tick rate at 7600, then the game will update one time, every hour.

However, if you set it at 20, then the game will update every second; the difference is significant.

On the other hand, if a game updates too frequently, then the game will run slower with lag time. In case you set the tick at a higher rate, then the plants will grow faster.

Default Random Tick Speed

There is a feature in this game, that can affect random things like the spread of plants, and leaf decays.

  • This feature is called the random ticks, and in the Java Edition, the speed is set to three by default. If you are using the Bedrock Edition, then the random tick speed is set to 1 by default.
  • Note here that, you should only tamper with tick speed, in case you know how to change it.
  • This is because, if you set it at a high value, then the game would become difficult to run.
  • The fastest tick speed, in case you don’t know, is 256 ticks per second in Minecraft.
  • The default value is 20, but you can always change it when you complete different levels.

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Tick speed change manually

If you copy and paste the command given above in the chat window, the tick speed will change. However, you can also change it through settings; just follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Settings when you are playing Minecraft.
  • Click on the Random Tick Speed option, which you will find at the bottom of the settings page.
  • Click on it, and then type the new tick speed, which you want to set for the levels you will be playing.

There are so many reasons why players like to change the random tick speed.

Some of these reasons include they don’t want to wait long for crops to grow, and the forest to burn slowly. Players like it when the grass and mushrooms spread faster.

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