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Fallout New Vegas Cheats, Guides, Codes

If you like post-apocalyptic games, then you are going to love Fallout New Vegas! This is a role-playing game, which is the 4th installment in the Fallout series.

The developer of these video game is Obsidian Entertainment. The background of the Fallout series takes place post-U.S. and China war and happens in 2077. It is a nuclear war, which has caused a lot of damage and destruction.

A lot of changes in the USA and all around the world. The story of this version of Fallout is related to Fallout 3. Fallout: New Vegas happens in 2281, and focuses on the New California Republic.

The plot of the Game

The main character of the game is Courier, who was supposed to deliver a package to New Vegas. However, he is shot dead by the Great Khans and is later found by Victor, a robot.

When the Courier survives, he goes back to the world, and the quest begins. The ending of the game totally depends on the actions that a gamer takes during the quests.

Features of the Game

There are so many features in this game that players will love. For example, when it comes to weapons, the player is able to modify their weapons by extending magazines, getting silencers, and much more.

The weapons are unique in this version of Fallout because they are made of different textures. They’re built in abilities can cause a lot of damage; if the player wants more weapons, then he has to complete more quests in the game.

Fallout New Vegas Cheats, Guides, Codes

Fallout New Vegas Cheats

Fallout New Vegas Cheats, Guides, Codes that players can use if they want to get ahead in the game and explore every weapon in it.

  • If you want to add special points, then type the cheat code “addspecialpoints <amount>”. The best part of this cheat code is that you can enter any amount that you want to add.
  • If you want to advance one level and skip the one that you are currently playing, then type, “addlevel”.
  • If you want the screen to show you all map markers, then type a simple cheat code, “tmm1”.
  • There are bottle caps in the inventory, and if you want to increase their number, then type, “player.additem 000000F <amount of bottle caps>
  • Most players like to choose God mode for their game, and they can type the cheat code, “tgm”.
  • If someone wants to kill a selected enemy or NPC, then type, “kill”. For enabling the ‘no-clip’ mode, the player should type, “tcl”.

These cheat codes are really helpful, and it will make the whole gaming experience more fruitful and fun.

  • If someone wants to set the weapon they are playing with at 100%, then they should use the cheat code, “player.setweaponhealthperc100”.
  • Further, there are physical locks and terminals in this game, which the player can unlock with the simple cheat code of “unlock”.

While some cheat codes are just names, others might be hard to remember. This is why, it is better to copy and paste a cheat code from this article, as compared to memorizing them.

If someone wants to customize their character, by changing their race, hairstyle, and name, then they can use the following cheat codes:

  • Showracemenu
  • Showbarbermenu
  • Shownamemenu

There is a toggle free cam mode, which the player can activate by just sending the cheat code of “tfc”.

  • If the player wants to go to the next quest target, because they are unable to play the current one, then type the cheat code of “movetoqt”.

Cheat codes can be really fun if a player wants to fully experience and explore a game.

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