How to Block ads on Android?

Since the start of time, mankind has sought ways to avoid being attacked by ads at every single turn.

Even when the caveman of yesteryear would time after time run into cave drawings promising rounder wheels or hotter fire.

And if we fast forward a few millennia, that leads us here, and here were are with our Android devices which are being harassed at every turn by advertisements.

While there are some of the apps which have paid versions to remove ads, some do not provide such a possibility; therefore new methods of ad-blocking came into existence.

There are different types of methods for achieving quite an ad-free experience on Android, all of which are not very difficult to utilize. Now you should know that XDA is funded by ads.

Here are some of the adblocking apps which you can use to get rid of the burden of ads.

Ad Blocking Apps

This is one of the longest-running and still, a very effective method is to use an app whose only purpose is to block ads.

These following APKs will do the job, you just have to make sure that your device is rooted.


AdGuard can be easily downloaded directly from the AdGuard site and it provides you with a nice selection of content control tools.

Use the AdGuard for ad blocking, privacy protection, browsing security, and also parental control.

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AdLock is an ad-blocking solution that has options for PC and also Android. It is a simple and easy way to block in-game ads or browser ads whilst using your phone.

You will even have the choice to block the specific websites and filter all of your traffic through HTTPS secure filtering.

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This is an app that has been around here for a very long time, yet it still has the ability to function extremely well. You can just download the latest APK from the internet and then just move it to your device’s storage.

  • In your phone’s Settings,> Security just make sure that Unknown Sources is checked to on.

Then you can fire up your favorite file explorer, and then tap on the APK file, which will then begin the installation procedure. When it is installed you can then open up the app.

The first priority which you have to do is to select Download files and apply adblocking.

It will then go through its process while you can sit and rest on your seat, and when it is complete, you are all set to go. You also have the alternative to disable adblocking if you want to.

Now just restart your phone and you are all set and free of ads now.

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Adblock Plus

This is a similar app just like AdAway, this also works the same way. When you open the app, you will see the screen saying that Adblock Plus has been installed, just hit OK on that.

Then the next screen will appear which will have different options. If you want to hide the icon, it offers you a few ways to do so. The advanced settings have options to start at boot, refresh, and refresh over WiFi.

Just restart your android device and you are all good to go.

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