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How To Download Someone’s Instagram Stories Live And Anonymously?

You really, really like someone’s Instagram post, but don’t want them to know? You like to look at their live stories, where they go places or find new stuff to eat, but don’t want them to know when you download those stories?

Well, this is possible! If you want to download someone’s Instagram stories live and anonymously, then this is like a walk in the park.

Instagram live stories can be from brands, bands, celebrities, or just Instagram users, who want to share something special with others.

How To Download Someone’s Instagram Stories Live And Anonymously?

Download Someone's Instagram Stories Live

There are different methods of downloading Instagram stories and live, anonymously.


Download Someone's Instagram Stories Live

When you are watching a video on your Insta account, on the Chrome browser, then you can directly save the video from it.

You can download Instagram live videos from the feed that you see. There is a download icon after every video, making it easier for the user to access it.

The best part is that, when you are downloading the stories and live videos, the user won’t know who has downloaded them. Some people like to download videos and pictures anonymously, and there is nothing wrong with it.

This extension gives the user a chance to search for stories by people, tags, or even places. They can download the stories that are shared with the public. When you are downloading a story, you get to choose the video resolution, and with just a single click, the video will be download to your PC. Read more: How to Change Username on SoundCloud?


StoryHoot is produced by TechUntold. The benefit of using this tool is that you don’t have to follow their Insta account to download live or stories. Follow the steps below to download an Instagram story:

  • Type the username of the Instagram account, from which you want to download content, and then press the ‘Submit’ button.
  • If the person has active stories, then this StoryHoot will show you there username, picture, and the stories that are active

Download Someone's Instagram Stories Live

  • Click on that username and button
    When the next page appears, tap on the Download button that appears below each story, and then open them in a new tab
  • Right-click on the media, and then select the option of saving image/video as, if you are using PC.
  • If you are using an iPhone, you will need to download the file manager app from the PlayStore, to get these videos in your folder.
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Instagram Website

If you don’t want to download any application to get stories and live from Instagram, then you can do it directly as well.

  • Open the story that you want to save from your Instagram account, and then when it is opened full-page, right-click outside the story.

Download Someone's Instagram Stories Live

  • The right-click will give you an option to “Save As”, or you can use the ctrl+S keys to save the story.

Download Someone's Instagram Stories Live

  • When the download is done, you will see a resource file, which has a file extension, along with the original downloaded files. This file has all the images from the page that you have saved.
  • Open that file, and browse through the images that were saved from the story you wanted to download.
  • You can select the images you want, and then delete the rest.
  • For many people, who like to upload content on their Twitter or Facebook pages, such Instagram lives and stories matter a great deal.
  • For example, if someone is running a celebrity fan page on Twitter, then downloading these Instagram stories are essential for them to run their account. Read more: How to Take a Screenshot Surface Pro 3?


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