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How to Take a Screenshot Surface Pro 3?

Screenshots essentially have the capability of everything that happens to your desktop or smart screen at any time by just clicking the keyboard’s Print Screen key.

Here is the solution for everything about the screenshots, whether you’re using a smartphone or desktop device, a touch or type cover, using a surface pen, or the tablet itself. This article has a comprehensive walk-through, after that, taking a screenshot on your Surface is not an issue for you.

Why do you need to take a screenshot?

Taking a screenshot has become a common need of everyone, who is using smart devices and desktop devices. There is a lot of reason to record the Surface of the device.

For example, taking an image of your desktop, capturing the photos during a video conference, snapping your friends and relatives funny faces photos while a Skype session, forwarding your conversation with someone on the chatting apps, sharing of your screen from a game, saving the pictures from someone’s WhatsApp status, recording an accessible story of online programs or resources, or many more.

There are many methods to take screenshots on your Surface, but it depends on the nature of the devices and the Windows operating system.

How can you take a screenshot in Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3 devices?

There are a lot of methods to take a screenshot, here, in this article you will learn the basic, simple and highly featured ways to record the screen of the Surface 3, as well as the Surface 3 Pro devices.

Method 1

  • Holding down the Windows logo of your Surface 3 devices on the front. At the same time push the volume-down button. It is the quickest way of taking a screenshot.
  • While recording the screen, it will little dim, and then the screenshot saves in “This PC” as the Screenshots folder under your Pictures library.

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Method 2

  • One of the advance feature screenshots on the Surface 3 devices in which you can enjoy an immediate option of image cropping.
  • You have to just double-click on the top button on the Surface Pen.
  • Result in taking a full screenshot of the desktop of device that will save to the One Drive cloud in the Screenshots folder on but this method also gives you.
  • You will see the greyed-out edition of the screenshot image on your screen.

You have to use the Surface Pen to drag the pen tip from one side of your desired screen’s part that you need to capture to the opposite side of the screen’s part. Once you leave the pen tip, your screenshot will display on the new page in OneNote.

Method 3

You can take the screenshots by using Snipping Tools, as Surface 3 devices support this Window’s built-in screenshot program.

  • It is the most functional way of recording the device’s screen.
  • First, you need to go to All Apps. Next, then either type the “Snipping Tool” into the Cortana or you may search the “Windows Accessories folder” to open the program.
  • This program has a vast variety of taking a screenshot, such as taking screenshots of, either the full screen or just the select part you wish, as well as the screenshot of an active window.
  • Furthermore, you have a wide range of file formats to save your screenshots, such as PNG, GIF, JPEG, or HTML files. You can save them anywhere in your device, where you want to save.

Method 4

  • Another common method of taking a screenshot on the Surface 3 devices is to hold down the combination keys of Windows + PrtScn on your device’s keyboard.
  • The screen will record and saved to This PC in the Screenshots folder under the Pictures library.

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Method 5

  • If you have installed Microsoft one drive in your Surface 3 devices, you just need to click the PrtScn only.
  • The screenshot will save to OneDrive in the Screenshots folder of your Pictures library.

Method 6

  • If you want to record the screen of only the active windows on Surface 3 devices, you need to hold down the combination keys of Alt + PrtScn.

In this case, the screen will save again to the One Drive in the Screenshots folder of your Pictures library.


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