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Top 10+ Free Game Recorder in Windows 10 [Free & Paid]

Free Game Recorder in Windows 10. If you are searching for the top best software in the world’s best software companies, then you should read the full article. Here is the result of your searching.

This article covers all the top best software from video player to video editor for the desktop to smartphones and open source to paid software.

The software makes our life easy

We live in a world that is fully controlled by the computerized system. Our work, play, and daily routine require a personal computing system, and we need software to get most of these computing activities.

The software makes life easy and most of these are very costly.  Not all, many software is open source and also supported by the vast variety of operating systems, these are easily available for everyone and most of the devices. There thousands of software available in markets for only one purpose. Here are some basic points that good software must-have.

What does good software have?

  • The software must be directly purchased or download from the real developer, and original publisher.
  • A good software usually has a Windows-based download.
  • When software has a tiered sales version, its open-source version can’t be trial-ware. It should have at least one free-for-life version.
  • Software’s features should be preferably updated in the last year or last two years.
  • There should not have advertising while running software. However, some free software depends on advertising to exist, but it should be little.

Top 10+ Free Game Recorder in Windows 10 [Free & Paid]

There are thousands of best software available in the markets, but each of them has its unique features. This article listed the top best software for desktop and other devices, such as iPhones, Androids, tablets. Here is the list of best open source and paid software.


LibreOffice screenshot

LibreOffice is another best software which is an alternative to Microsoft Office. It an open-source software, and is supported by Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

LibreOffice has almost all the essential features to increase office productivity, such as documents, databases, spreadsheets, diagrams, presentations, and mathematical formulae.

In short, LibreOffice is a free version of Microsoft Office 365. In the latest version LibreOffice, a QR code generator tool is also featured, which can quickly create any mobile-friendly links in the documents.


Following are the features of VLC media player.

  1. a) LibreOffice has the following features:
  2. b) Complete set of office application
  3. c) Supports Microsoft files formats
  4. d) Several latest templates available
  • LibreOffice preserves Microsoft file formats. An originally written Microsoft Word document can easily modify without screwing up of format.

  • It is not a cloud-based app, so you cannot edit online.

Price: Free of cost


Blender screenshot

Blender is open-source modeling, rendering, animation, and rigging and video editing software that is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

This software is designed for the 3D animations and modeling, but despite this, it is also a video editing software. Blender has almost all the basic video editing tools, which should be present in the best video editor, and enough for most of your videos to edit.

Blender editor offers various basic actions of video editing, such as video cutting and splicing. Despite this, it is also very useful to perform more complex editing tasks, for example, video masking. In short, it is a very flexible video caters, as well as editor which are useful for both basic and advanced editing purposes.


Blender Video Editor has many useful features, some of them are listed below:

  1. a) Live preview, chroma vectorscope, luma waveform, and histogram displays.
  2. b) Audio mixing, scrubbing, syncing, and waveform visualization.
  3. c) There are Up to 32 slots available for adding video, images, audio, and effects.
  4. d) Speed control, transitions, adjustment layers, keyframes, and filters.
  • Perfect for advanced video editing in which 3D animation also involved.

  • Most of the Blender’s tutorials are available for the 3D animation or modeling. Very limited Blender’s tutorials are available, which help to learn its video editing features.

Price: free of cost.

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Lightworks screenshot

Lightworks is the best software for video editing, supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It has many useful features. It is a desktop video editing software. This one is available in two versions, its free version is more than enough for most of the advanced video editing. However, it also has a pro version which is not an open-source version and has a monthly cost.


This video editor includes the following features in the free version:

  1. a) It has a high precision of video trimming.
  2. b) It features to export to 720p for YouTube.
  3. c) Multicam support.
  4. d) It supports a wide range of video file formats.

Whereas the paid version includes 4K video supporters as the main feature for YouTube and Vimeo.

  • It comes with many advanced editing features.

  • 4K video support only in the pro version not in free version and prices are too much for the pro version.

Price: Lightworks is free of cost, but pro-Lightworks costs around $25 per month.


Shotcut screenshot

Shotcut is one of the advanced video editing software which is also open-source software. It is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Shotcut is fully free software, can be used by anyone. It is downloaded easily, and everyone gets access to all the advanced and basic video editing features without any paid or upgrade.


The following are the features of Shotcut.

  1. Shotcut supports a vast range of video formats.
  2. Not only this, but it also boasts a wide collection of its tutorial videos available in the sites.
  3. It has many video editing features and was initially designed for only Linux operating system.
  4. Its 4K HD resolution support is the most striking feature.
  5. It has timeline editing ability.
  6. You don’t need to import your large video files into the editor so that it is a time saver software
  • A high-quality video editor with 4K resolution support and native timeline editing.

  • Some users require a quirky interface.

Price: free of cost.

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Openshot video editor screenshot

OpenShots is the best video editing software that is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Openshot is an entirely open source and easily accessible software. It has a lot of editing features in which the drag and drop interface is very easy to use.

The other important features included audio mixing and unlimited layers. Additionally, it also offers a real-time preview between clips while creating the transitions.


The following are the features of Openshots.

  1. a) Unlimited layers and tracks.
  2. b) Clip scaling, resizing, trimming, rotation, snapping, and cutting.
  3. c) Video transitions along with real-time previews.
  4. d) Compositing, watermarks, image overlays.
  5. e) Title templates, subtitles 3D animated titles and effects, title creation.
  6. f) An advanced type of Timeline, including drag & drop, panning, scrolling, zooming, and snapping.
  • Available with unlimited layers.

  • Doesn’t have much more video tutorials.

Price: free of cost.

HitFilm Express

Hitflilm express screenshot

HitFilm Express is a professional video editor which is featured with advanced grade VFX tools. It is a paid software.

HitFilm Express is best for beginners, film students, YouTuber with basic editing features, including trimming, splicing, and audio editing. Apart from this its free version contains 180 special effects.


The following are the features of HitFilm Express.

  1. a) Advanced types of cutting tools.
  2. b) 3D video support.
  3. c) Featured with green screen effects.
  4. d) Compositing tools.
  5. e) Many audio and video filters.
  6. f) Layers and masking.
  • Free of cost and professional video editor.

  • Take time to learn the interface. It required social media updates to install.

Price: start with 19 US dollars, but later on it may be free of cost.

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InVideo screenshot

InVideo is an online video creator, editor, and article to video converter. It is very flexible software with thousands of amazing video templates, and video editing tools which is very useful for publishers, marketers, individuals, and many other agencies.

It is available on only Windows and Mac operating systems. This one has various best features, such as video stabilization, and team collaboration.


The following are the features of Invideo.

  1. a) Brand or text overlay
  2. b) Audio tools
  3. c) Supports HD resolution
  4. d) Collaboration
  5. e) Speed adjustment
  6. f) Video stabilization
  7. g) Tools for splitting or merging
  • Thousands of latest and high-quality video templates that can easily make a quick video presentation.

  • At a time, it adds only one file, as InVideo is not an all in one video editing software.

Price: It has a cost of $7.5 / month (billed annually).


IMovie download screenshot

iMovie is an Apple-owned video editor that is intuitive to use. It is available on Mac desktop, as well as in all the iOS devices, such as iPhones, iPads. This one is open-source software and available for everyone.

It has various advanced features, such as 4K editing support, green screen, screen recording, advanced text editing, a drag and drop interface, etc. can use iMovie as it can be used as a playground by Mac users for the learning of video editing. The video can be watched on TV.


The following are the features of iMovie.

  1. a) Scene detection, speed control, reverse, advanced text editing.
  2. b) A library of different pre-made transitions.
  3. c) Video trimming.
  4. d) Audio editing, mixing.
  5. e) Split screen, green screen, screen recording.
  6. f) 4K resolution support.
  • Suitable for beginners, as it is easy to learn.

  • There is a limited feature for advanced or professional users, like import and render can take time.

Price: free of cost.

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Freemake Video Converter

Freemake video converter screnshot

Freemake is an open-source video converter, and available only on the Windows operating system. It is also a video editor with some unique features, including, modifying videos, import videos to various websites, like Facebook, YouTube, etc. It also extracts audio from the video clips, converts video clips for the smartphones.

Freemake has a wide range of video file formats and converts videos into more than 500 formats. It also creates video clips and slideshows by using a vast range of image and audio file formats.


The following are the features of Freemake Video Converter

  1. a) Convert videos in a very fast and simple way.
  2. b) Convert videos into more than 500 file formats.
  3. c) Convert movies with subtitles.
  4. d) Cutting, joining, and rotation of video clips.
  5. e) 4K resolution support.
  • Simple and easy to use.

  • Freemake installed with the lock of its some feature during its first installment.

Price: free of cost.

VLC Media Player

vlc media player

VLC Media Player is one of the best playback software which is also an open-source all types of media player. It is supported by both types of operating systems. In desktop, it is supported by Windows, macOS, and Linux, and in mobile, it is supported by Android and iOS. This software can play virtually anything in your desktop and Smartphone.

The VLC media player is a useful software to open every type of audio, as well as video files in any file format in few minutes without extra codecs.

The latest version of VLC Media Player is the free video player that can stream to other devices, such as Chromecasts. Additionally, the new version also has 360-degree video support for VR headsets.

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Following are the features of VLC media player.

  1. It can play virtually every type of media file format.
  2. It runs faster on old hardware.
  3. This one plays online radio and streaming media.
  4. This one has a complex menu, apple remote control, unfinished, play incomplete, damaged videos.
  5. It Optimizes playback with robust subtitle support, cropping, video Rotation/Flip, track synchronization, Built-in audio equalizer,
  6. Highly Customizable, and de-interlacing.
  • Supports all types of video and audio formats without the installment of any codec pack.

  • Unable to download video music, and playing 4K results in choppy playbacks in VLC.

Price: free of cost.

Filmora Screen

Filmora Screen

This is a very reliable screen recorder for gamers. It is loved by nongamers as well because the user can record a webcam video while capturing fast-paced scenes.

The user can edit videos using the many tools available; these are professional tools, making the editing process quicker. The user can communicate his own thoughts with the help of annotations.


  1. It has good new features.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Fast
  • User can record from the webcam and PC at the same time

  • The software supports both HD and 4K recording

  • The user can import 50 file formats, and export multiple formats as well

  • There are not many editing features

  • Sometimes the screen freezes, when the editing is going on

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Price: This software is compatible with Windows 10.


The new list has been already updated, many peoples are still looking for new software to start the career with that and wanna know from basic to advance. If you are searching for the best software so, are you at right! I would recommend you to read and choose from the above mentioned listed.

If you are a developer and want to download any development software that will help you in programming so, unfortunately, I didn’t mention here.


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