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How to Download Vimeo Videos? 3 Solutions

In this page, you will know the solution of downloading the videos from Vimeo and play anywhere. By default, it is providing to download videos directly but it will be saved in its directory would be better if it saves in our folder.

What Is Vimeo?

Vimeo, founded in November 2004, gives free video viewing services like YouTube. The name Vimeo was made by Lodwick, as a play on the words video and me. Vimeo is additionally a re-arranged word of the word film.

Unlike YouTube, Vimeo allows you to watch Vimeo videos without advertisements and download videos from Vimeo directly. To download YouTube videos, use MiniTool programming like MiniTool uTube Downloader.

How to Download Vimeo Videos?

This post offers you three ways to download Vimeo videos.

Solution 1: Vimeo directly

This part shows you how to download videos from Vimeo directly. Follow the steps below.

If you have no Vimeo account, please sign up for a Vimeo account first.

  • Stage 2. Find the ideal Vimeo video you want to save and open it.
  • Stage 3. At that point, scroll download this page and find the Download button.
  • Stage 4. Click on this button and pick the video quality you like in the spring up window. Tap on the Download button to save the video.

Vimeo is hindered in certain countries. If you can’t watch Vimeo videos in your nation, you would be advised to use a VPN. You may have a similar issue as watching YouTube videos. This post may support you.

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Solution 2: Vimeo video downloader

Vimeo has around 16 classifications, for example, Animation, Comedy, Food, Travel, and Music. Here you go.

You may tend to download music from Vimeo and listen to the music offline, however you can’t find the Download button in there.

  • Stage 1. Open the music video you want to download from Vimeo.
  • Stage 2. Copy the video URL in the address bar and open a Vimeo video downloader. Here suggest savevideo.me.
  • Stage 3. Glue the music video URL in the case and press the Download button.
  • Stage 4. Select the video quality you want and click on the Download video record.
  • Stage 5. It might carry you to another page. You have to right-click on the video and pick Save to download Vimeo videos.

Solution 3: Chrome extension

Finds a way to download videos from Vimeo quickly.

  • Stage 1. Introduce the Vimeo Video Downloader extension.
  • Stage 2. After going to Vimeo, find the video you wish to save. Tap on the Download button and pick the quality of the ideal video.

How to download or save a Vimeo video to your computer?

Vimeo is an assortment of top-notch movies, videos, and movements from individuals all around the globe.

You might want to save your preferred videos to your computer so you can watch them without being associated with the Internet or cell phones.

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Below are the steps required for downloading and watching Vimeo videos on your computer for nothing.

Download inside Vimeo

Unlike most video services, a portion of the videos on Vimeo can be downloaded to a computer.

  • The download option for a video is available.
  • Click the Download button below the video, as shown in the picture below.
  • After clicking the Download button, a rundown of available formats is shown.

The most well-known video format available for download is the SD format.

Sparing a Vimeo video utilizing another assistance

Some outsider sites permit you to enter the URL of the video you want to save to your computer and offer a video record for you to download. Below is a straightforward three-advance procedure to download any Vimeo video.

  1. In the first place, go to Vimeo and explore to the video you want to save. At the point when you’ve found the page, press Ctrl+L on your console to feature the content in the address bar, and afterward, Ctrl+C to copy the Internet address.
  2. When this address is replicated, glue that URL into the content field below by clicking inside the crate and pressing Ctrl+V on your console. At that point, click the Download Video button.
  3. Whenever done properly, another window appears displaying a preview of the video, like the one shown below. Click the drop-down rundown to the right of the green Download button to view the available video formats and quality. For most users, we recommend downloading the MP4 format. Other available formats may incorporate FLV, 3GP, and WebM. When you have selected your format, click the fitting download connect.

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Would you like to watch HD videos offline and listen to your preferred music anywhere? Attempt the previously mentioned ways to download the Vimeo videos you want.

If you have any questions about downloading Vimeo videos, share them with us by leaving a comment.


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