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How to Poke a Friend on Facebook?

“Poking” is a convenient and habit-forming activity that’s people like to do for passing their time. Facebook offers this simple feature to remain connected with friends. Everyone can poke to their friends in a very simple way.

It just needs to send an instant notification to friends listed peoples. In a poke, people write their names and add “poked you.” When you send this statement, your friend will get the option to remove your poke or poke you back. Learn how and when someone can poke to their friends within just a few minutes on Facebook.

Here, in this article, we are discussing everything about the poking how to poke a friend, why someone pokes their friends, what are the simple steps, etc.

What is the poking a friend on Facebook?

You should know everything about the poke before poking someone for the first time. Poking a friend means the following:

  • Sends a notification to your friend’s ID and tell him, for example, “Jams poked you.”
  • Allow your friend to poke you back, ignore your poke or dismiss the poke.
  • Send your poke on your friend’s poke page.
  • Your poke is visible to only your friend, you are poking too. Except for your friend, no one else can see your sent poke.

Why people poke each other?

Do poking means get the attention of your friends? The poking request of friends is a little bit tough to explain. It means a lot of different things. Poking your friends on Facebook is like poking your friends in real life.

Yes, it’s a more convenient way of getting someone’s attention in your life. But people often poke a person to tease him, sometimes let someone know that you’re thanking him or her.

Sometimes peoples use poke when they are missing or loving someone. When you want someone to send a message to you these all depend on the situation in which someone is doing poke.

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How to poke a friend on Facebook?

Poking need to follow the simple step. It just needs to open your Facebook account in a browser and follow along!

  1. Visit your friend’s FB profile. First, you need to just visit the Facebook profile of that person you want to poke. Search his name into the search bar top of your profile, then visit your friend’s page. You can click his name in your news feed. Keep in mind, you can only poke your friends, and can’t poke on the Facebook pages of those people who aren’t on your friend’s list.
  2. Click on ellipses or “” option. At the top-right of your friend’s profile, there is an option with ellipses or three dots there on the right of the cover photo, beside the “Massages.” Click on that option.
  3. Click on the “Poke” option. This will result to send a poke notification to your friend’s Profile. Your friend has the option to poke you back or delete your poke without replying.
  4. Visit your Poke page to see who has poked you. Facebook offers his users to view all of the pokes on the Pokes page. You can see the pokes that you sent to your friends, as well as the pokes that came from your friends, at once This Poke page has the address: Fackbook.com/pokes. This page also shows how many times and when you’ve poked with a friend.
  5. Poke back your friend. You can also poke your friend back by using the buttons on the Poke page. On your Pokes page, there will be a blue “poke” button appear next to the friend’s name who sends you to poke notification. You can poke them back by clicking on this blue button. This option is a more convenient and automatic method to poke many people at once without visiting their profiles.

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The poking of people is a simple habit adapted by Facebook users. Everyone can easily poke to any of their friends, remove the incoming poke from their friends or poke them back through the simple and easy steps, which have discussed above. Sometimes people poke your friends when they are free and nothing to do, but usually, it has some reasons, which depends on the time and situation.


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