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How to Stop Spotify from adding songs to Playlist

Are you having trouble because of Spotify adding songs to your playlist? Or are you having these questions as to why Spotify adds songs automatically? And how to stop Spotify from adding the songs to the playlist?

Well, if you have these questions, then you are just at the right place. This guide will answer these questions for you. It will also tell you how to stop your Spotify from adding songs to your playlist.

First of all, let’s discuss what is Spotify and how does it work?


Spotify is the name of a digital music streaming service. It provides you with access to millions of songs, videos, and podcasts all over the world, just like Apple Music.

By using Spotify, you can access content in seconds by using just your Facebook or email address to sign up.

If you do not want the monthly subscription package of Spotify, you can then sign up for a free account as well.

On Spotify, the music tracks are licensed from major and minor labels by the company.

The Spotify app is free to download, but it will show you ads in them and you will hear the ads between your songs.

How to Stop Spotify from adding songs to Playlist?

Method 1: By Turning Off Enhance Feature

  • Right on the top of every playlist, there is an Enhance button.
  • When you select that, Spotify will automatically add tracks to your Playlist. Because it thinks those songs are your favorites or suitable for you.
  • The songs which are enhanced will be marked with a bright green icon.
  • Now check to see if your enhance feature is on enabled or disabled.
  • When it is on enabled, the same songs will be added to your playlist automatically.
  • If this happens, just simply turn off you enhance feature, and it will remove the songs automatically from the playlist (it will only remove the song that was added by it).

Method 2: Purchase Spotify Premium

If you are using Spotify free version, then the songs will automatically be added to your playlist. And you may also see the ads running in the middle of the song on the Free membership of Spotify.

All of these problems have a solution and that solution is to buy Spotify Premium. Moreover, Spotify Premium provides you with some additional benefits as well which you may find attractive.

It offers you:

  • No ads.
  • The audio quality is improved.
  • Listening offline.
  • Enhance.
  • Showtime subscription.
  • And also, Listening parties.


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