How To Connect Bluetooth To Another Phone?

Bluetooth is the most famous wireless transmission data, two devices such as your phone and earbuds, your speaker, iPad, and one keyword.

This is one of the largest technologies in the world and can easily share data without too many problems.

connect Bluetooth to another phone

You can be on a bus full of crowds, but just because of the Bluetooth earphone connection to your phone you can avoid all the noise.

Pairing Your Bluetooth With Phone

  • In the Home screen, select the menu key.

setting app

  • You will see the Bluetooth option, click on it, and switch it on.
  • You will see plenty of devices to pair with, click on the availability and make a pair with it.

pair it

  • The Bluetooth device has to be activated.

That’s how you make a pair of them, and that’s how you can share all the data, documents, photos, songs, and anything else you want to.

Problems of connecting with phone


Sometimes there may be so many problems when pairing peripherals because they will have restricted code.

  • You will need to enter the same code if you are using the phone’s Bluetooth and Bluetooth device.
  • After confirming their codes, you can pair up with them.

Must Activate Connection And Remove Previous Devices

Activate Connection

If you still have problems with pairing, it’s because your device might be connected to another old Bluetooth device. Some devices are so simple that they will remain connected even after switching off the phone.

If you do not want to use this old device, you can deactivate the pair to avoid future problems, because it may keep disturbing you, again and again, every time you try to connect a new device.

Android phones

Android phones

You are going to know how to connect Bluetooth to another phone using Android which is pretty simple and easy to do.

  • On Android phones, you can press the pair and click forget it and that’s how you can get rid of it.
  • Some of the devices can pair with a lot at a time, but if you have issues with it, you can touch on the reset in the configuration.
  • This makes it easy to connect to more than one Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth Devices Must Be Nearby

Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth is brand new and smart when you want to wander around while enjoying music with it.

  • Sometimes it’s frustrating because of a couple of pairs.
  • You need to get them not too far away if you want them to keep in touch.

Keep Both Devices Charged before Connecting

connect Bluetooth to another phone

Both devices need to be charged because some Bluetooth devices have battery stuff, If the battery is low, Bluetooth will continue to warn you that your Bluetooth unit has a 5% battery.

To prevent this, you need to charge your Bluetooth device before you sign in with another device. Bluetooth devices depend on hardware and software, so if one of your devices doesn’t work, it means it doesn’t speak your regular Bluetooth language.

Whether it’s a headset, an earphone, speakers, a mouse, a keyboard, a laptop, or whatever. Your device will have a single profile to express what it can connect, if you are not sure, just check the user manual. This may help ahead: here

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