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How to Connect Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard to Computer?

To connect Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to computer or mobile device running Windows, Android, or Chrome: Press and hold the “PC” connect button for 3 seconds.

Press and hold the “i” connect button for 3 seconds.

The light with the connect button flickers to tell you that the keyboard is ready to be paired with another device.

Logitech keyboards are wireless keyboards and are manufactured for replacing stock keyboards. Stock keyboards are those that come with your computer and get pretty hard to use after a short while.

The reason why people prefer wireless keyboards is that the offers more range of motion, as compared to wired keyboards. These wireless keyboards come with a USB receiver, which can be directly plugged into a computer and connects to the PC keyboard to get input.

So, why use wireless keyboards, when you have keyboards installed on your laptop and PC?

There are many advantages of using a wireless keyboard, which attaches itself to your device. If you can’t make up your mind about getting a wireless keyboard, then do read the benefits below.


Unlike a regular keyboard, you can take the wireless keyboard anywhere you want. It offers the user more mobility, as the user can put the keyboard on their lap while working, or in a bag while going out.

If the wireless keyboard is using radio waves to communicate, then it doesn’t need to see the wireless adapter.

You can take such a keyboard away from its adapter, without fearing that it will stop working. However, if you have an infrared keyboard, then it needs to be in the viewing range of the adapter.


With a regular keyboard, there is a wire attached to it, which means more clutter on the desk. When you get a wireless keyboard, then you don’t have to worry about a long cable, which might get wrapped around other things under the desk.

If the user wants to use their desk for another purpose, then they can move the keyboard out of the way. This means that a wireless keyboard doesn’t take up much space.


The Logitech wireless keyboard works with all those devices, which support an external keyboard. They are compatible with Windows, Android, Mac OS, and iOS.

It connects with the main computer or laptop through Bluetooth. If you have Bluetooth on your device, then you can easily connect this wireless keyboard.

The best part of this keyboard is that the user can add it to three Bluetooth devices, at the same time! However, before doing that, the user should make sure that the device works.

The benefit of getting the Logitech software is that you get to set up shortcut keys on it. For example, if you have some common commands like taking a screenshot, you can easily set this shortcut using the software.

Further, when you use the software, you can even enable and disable some keys. If you have Caps Lock on, then it will show on the screen. When the keyboard needs new batteries, then it will show a warning on the screen as well.

Logitech keyboard can be used with Android tablets and smartphones as well. This keyboard will give you a really good typing experience, and you will get to choose from 13 international keyboard outlets. If you don’t wish to use the wireless keyboard while using an Android device, you can simply switch it off.

Connecting Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard

If you have bought a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard, but don’t know how to connect it with your computer, then you need not worry.

It is a very simple process, which only requires a few steps. When you get the keyboard, you will notice a USB receiver with it. Put that USB receiver into a USB port, which you will find on your computer.

When the user is using the Logitech keyboard for the first time, then he needs to install the device drivers. However, the user doesn’t have to look for any drivers, as the instructions to install them will appear on the screen right away.

If you have used a wireless keyboard in the past, then you won’t be asked to install any drivers. In some cases, the user has to download the Logitech unifying software that comes with the keyboard.

Click on Start, then all program, Logitech, unifying, and lastly Logitech Unifying Software to launch it.

When the screen asks the user to switch the keyboard one or off, there is a slider on the keyboard that can be pushed to on. You can find the slider underneath the top right corner. The position might vary, considering the model you have of the keyboard.

The Unifying Software will then detect the Logitech keyboard. When the software detects the keyboard, you will see a confirmation message appear on the screen.

To test the keyboard, the user should type a message, and then click on yes, if it works. Before buying the Logitech keyboard, the user should make sure that it is compatible with their device.

More simple and helpful guide I found: here

Unable to Connect the Keyboard

Connect Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard to Computer

If you are unable to connect the Logitech keyboard to your computer, then you need to check for the following things:

  • Check to see if the batteries need replacement.
  • See that the keyboard is properly paired with the PC or the device you are trying to connect.
  • The Bluetooth of the device you are trying to connect to should be on.
  • Both devices should be on and not off.

It is very easy to connect a Logitech wireless keyboard with a PC or any Android device, because of Bluetooth. However, you will be surprised to know that people don’t like to buy wireless keyboards, mainly because of two misconceptions.

The first misconception is that wireless keyboards are slower as compared to regular keyboards. However, that isn’t true. The typing power of a wireless keyboard is not different from that of a regular keyboard.

It depends on the brand that the user has bought for the keyboard; usually, the quality is what impacts functionality. Those who buy Logitech, won’t face this problem.

The second misconception is the configuration. Most people believe that it is very hard to configure a wireless keyboard with their device.

However, it is very simple for users when they follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Specifically, in terms of Logitech, they won’t face any hassle in configuring the wireless keyboard.

How do I connect my logistic wireless keyboard to my computer?

Plug the Logitech USB receiver into an open USB port on your computer.

If this is your first time using a wireless keyboard on your computer, you’ll be prompted to install a device driver. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver on your computer.

How do you connect a logistic Bluetooth keyboard?

  • Go to Settings and Networks and select Bluetooth
  • Select the name of the login tech device from the list of devices available to you and click Paste.

Where’s the connect button on the wireless keyboard?

  • Press the “Connect” button on your keyboard.
  • Although the location of this button varies by keyboard, you can usually find the “Contact” button anywhere on the sides or top of the keyboard.

How do I pair my logistic wireless keyboard?

  • On an Android device: In Settings > Wireless & Networks, tap Bluetooth and verify that it’s enabled.
  • When a list of Bluetooth wireless devices appears, select the logic keyboard K480 and click Next. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing.

Where is the connect button on the logistic wireless keyboard?

  • Press the power switch to the “ON” position to connect your keyboard.
  • The power switch is located either below the keyboard or above the keys.
  • The green LED light should be turned on when the keyboard power is on.

How do I connect my Bluetooth keyboard?

  • To enable Bluetooth, just go to Settings > Bluetooth and tap the slider button “On“.
  • Then, turn on your Bluetooth keyboard and put it in paired mode.
  • This usually goes into pairing mode when you turn it on, although some keyboards may require additional action – check your manual if you’re not sure.


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